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THREE World Philosophies desire to ‘RULE’ over Planet Earth (and each of us)!

April 19, 2017


Image result for global enslavement coming

Today, we have some three world philosophies which desire to rule the people on planet earth. Let’s briefly review these three philosophies and their attempt to convince the public that they (their leaders) should RULE this planet and the people. The three philosophies are the following:

  1. Islam (the Caliphate concept along with Sharia Law)!
  2. Christianity (the Kingdom of Jesus concept) and their attempt to SAVE all mankind!
  3. The American political doctrine and their concept of Might makes Right!

Who will RULE over planet Earth is the core issue of serious leaders (I call them the elite) who desire to govern all the sheep on this planet. Most people have no interest in ruling others but a small cartel of elitists (within Islam, Christianity, and within Deep State Politics) do desire to RULE. We witness the various group-think leaders at work when we look at the details of each philosophy/religion/agenda. Islam desires to set up the Kingdom of Allah with a Caliphate system where their concepts of Sharia Law will rule over everyone. ISIS is one extreme of this Caliphate concept and the other might be the leaders of Turkey, Iran, and Egypt. Islam has a message which promotes rulership (under Allah) and with Sharia Law as the tool for administering compliance to this system.

Christianity has been at work since 31 A.D. with their concepts of salvation by grace and the eventual rulership of planet Earth by SAVED Christians (select/elect leaders) who worship Jesus/Yeshua as their Savior, Lord, and God. At the death of Yeshua in 31 A.D. a missionary trend started (under Paul, Peter, James, John, and others) to convert all mankind to their concepts of reality…called TRUTH. Their mindset is a gospel called Salvation (from sin) by grace and with the elimination of personal ‘sin’ via personal baptism and a new life under their Leader/Savior/Lord/God called Jesus and/or Yeshua (in conjunction with their Trinity concept). Jesus (according to the Christian philosophy/religion) died for the ‘sins’ of mankind and is currently ‘ruling’ over SAVED Christians via his spirit from the Throne room.

Eventually, SAVED Christians, will be given rulership with their Messiah/Christ and they (under Jesus/Yeshua) will RULE all of planet Earth. This is called the Kingdom of Jesus of the Kingdom of Christ (some call it the Millennium). Current events on this planet are gradually leading towards a rapture of all SAVED Christians and then a return to planet Earth (of these SAVED ones) to RULE over everyone. Select elites (Christians) will be given positions of authority and then given the right of rulership over the entire planet during this coming 1,000 year reign of Jesus, their Lord/Christ/God. All this is happening NOW and after the coming Tribulation Period (3.5 to 7.0 years) they will assume rulership over this planet. Listen to the proselytization and prophecy movements now in progress all around our planet for evidence! Saved Christians are at work attempting to sell this message to everyone!

The third group-think philosophy which is attempting to impose their program of global governance over the entire planet is our Kabbalistic/Globalistic group of elitists called the DEEP STATE and/or the SHADOW government now in Washington D.C. and within our Wall Street/Political money cartel. These elitists control most of the monetary system on this planet and with control over money they desire to impose a Global Governance System upon the people and the planet. I witness these elitists at work daily within the halls of POWER and within our cartel banking system. Some elitists to watch within this Deep State System are leaders like Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Jared Kushner, Annika Trump, Gary Cohn, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin, John McCain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, and a host of CFR, NSA, CIA, and Bilderberg agents/thinkers.

All these three group-think set of elitists/rulers (with their core philosophies) are now revealing their agendas and their mode of operation so as to enslave all mankind with their subtle/corrupt doctrines and mandates. Islam, Christianity, Kabbalistic NWO elitists (many from the Tribe of Judah) are all at work to promote their BEAST SYSTEM for our planet and for all the Sheeple. Enslavement is the outcome of all these philosophies. The Sheep (non-thinkers and accommodators) on this planet, however, are bowing to the above groups and allowing each to gain a foothold over their thinking. Gradual enslavement is happening daily and all the voting (by the Sheeple) is doing little to change the trend. After some 6,000 years of human history we now are at the END point of human governmental systems. The BIG three above sense that they can maybe assume control of the SYSTEM during this huge transition period. Watch out as all these three will lead to your total enslavement! Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for global enslavement coming

Our global elitist’s are all working for their ‘form’ of global enslavement for all mankind!

Image result for the caliphate concept

The Islamic Caliphate concept with Sharia Law is one form of global enslavement!

Image result for the caliphate concept

Allah is the God of Islam and this God is supposed to install this global Caliphate (under Sharia Law) for believers in this philosophy!

Image result for the caliphate concept under Allah

We witness Shariah Law at work today within some 1.6 billion Muslims on planet Earth!

Image result for the caliphate concept under Allah

A group-think body of believers assumes that submission to the Creator (Allah) is essential for Islam to flourish!

Image result for the caliphate concept

Islam believes in many forms of eschatology which will bring their group-think system to this planet for everyone to accept!

Image result for Christians desire to rule planet earth under Jesus

Christians believe that Jesus will descend from his Throne, rapture SAVED believers, and then set up his Kingdom for 1,000 years!

Image result for Christians desire to rule planet earth under Jesus

Many Christians believe that they will RULE over cities and countries under their leader Jesus/Yeshua in the near future!

Image result for Christians desire to rule planet earth under Jesus

Christians believe that a RETURN of their Lord (who died in 31 A.D., rose after three days, will return again to RULE planet Earth)!

Image result for the return of Jesus to ruie planet earth

The return is both spiritual and literal according to most Christian eschatology!

Image result for the return of Jesus to ruie planet earth

The return is within the ‘clouds’ above us! First the SAVED Christians are raptured off the planet!

Image result for kingdom of jesus (jesus to rule planet earth)

Jesus/Yeshua (after his return) will RULE the planet for 1,000 years (called the millennium)!

Image result for the return of Jesus to ruie planet earth

Different views within eschatology allows for various interpretations among Christian leaders!

Image result for the nwo and global governance

The politician/banker desired for a Global Governance System for planet Earth!

Image result for Kissinger wants NWO

This global politician desires for a New World Order for the entire planet (now)!

Image result for Kissinger wants NWO

This business leader also desires a NWO and global governance under Agenda 2030 of the U.N.

Image result for pope wants NWO

This global religious leader is pushing for Global Governance under the Agenda 2030 program of the U.N.

Image result for pope wants NWO

These political leaders have various interpretations of what the NWO means to them!

Image result for enslavement of mankind is coming via NWO

The global banking cartel started mostly with Paul Warburg (1910-13) and the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System!

Image result for the nwo and global governance

The basics of the NWO are the principles above. This is supposed to bring our planet peace, happiness, and prosperity!

Related image

Only President Kennedy warned Americans about the hidden plans of the global elite who rule over us! Image result for The Kingdom of God (the real message of Yeshua)

The final END game IMO is the Kingdom of our Creator God (the I AM LOGOS)! None of the above promote this KINGDOM for our planet! It’s time to start thinking for yourself on all these issues!






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