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Where do My/Your ‘IDEAS’ come from?

April 17, 2017

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Does my BRAIN create my ‘ideas’ which then creates my behavior? Is this valid…or do I have a non-physical ‘mind’ which transcends my brain?

It’s my ‘ideas’ which are key to my behavior. I would suggest that your ‘ideas’ create your behavior. The ‘ideas’ of our Commander-in-Chief (Mr. Trump) create his behavior. The ‘ideas’ of Mr. Kim Jong-Un create his behavior. Let’s think about this process of WHERE do our ‘ideas’ come from? Last week I had breakfast with a retired neuroscientist. This teacher/scientist told me that the profession of neuroscience believes that ‘ideas’ come directly from the brain. Neurons and neuronal activity produce my ‘words’ and my ‘ideas’. Ideas are physical phenomena according to neuroscience and my brain is a material/physical object (wired to create my thinking, words, ideas). Is this valid science? Is this valid philosophy? I don’t think so! Let’s think on this issue for today!

In reality, my ‘ideas’ and yours derive from the spiritual/metaphysical realm of reality. Ideas are not physical objects or things which come from my brain and my brain activity. Ideas are ‘derived’. Derived means that these units come from a source (outside my brain/skull/body). I derive my ‘ideas’ from my inner self/consciousness/mind and then transfer these ‘ideas’ to another spiritual person (their ‘mind’). This inner self/mind is non-physical and does not depend upon my brain or neuronal activity as its SOURCE. In reality, ‘ideas’ are derived from the spiritual/metaphysical realm of reality. The SOURCE of ‘ideas’ is our spiritual Creator (ultimately). From this SOURCE flow spiritual phenomena (ideas/words/visions/images/etc.) which then are ‘constructed’ by me, you, and other human beings to create our behavior.

The determining factor for my, your, Trump’s behavior (for example) are our metaphysical ‘ideas’ which we think with. Ideas are ‘derived’ from other persons and ultimately from the SOURCE of all ‘ideas’ which is our Creator. The LOGOS  (a word to describe our Creator) is the ultimate source and originator of ‘ideas’ and this makes this LOGOS the first CAUSE or source. Life operates under this principle called CAUSE and EFFECT. Logic and thinking is based upon cause and effect. Scientific thinking is based upon cause and effect. If I am the ’cause’ of my behavior (ideas) then I would be the originator or the source. I could say that I AM AT CAUSE! However, if I am not the first ’cause’ of my ideas/words/thinking, then we could say that I am AT EFFECT.

So are human beings AT CAUSE and in control of their behavior or are they AT EFFECT? If I originate ALL my thinking, ideas, and all these units derive solely from my BRAIN (neuronal activity) THEN I would be in charge and in control of all that I do. I would be AT CAUSE. But if this is not valid and my ‘ideas’ derive from the metaphysical realm (outside my skull/brain system) then we could conclude that I am AT EFFECT. So which is it? Am I at ’cause’ or am I at ‘effect’ (with respect to behavior, ideas, thinking)? Are YOU at ’cause’ or at ‘effect’? My view is that we are both AT EFFECT because ‘ideas’ ultimately derive from the spiritual/metaphysical realm (not the material/matter realm). My/Your brain and our neurons DO NOT originate our ‘ideas’! Neuroscience is misled with their science IMO.

In reality, life is determined by a SOURCE which resides beyond and outside my/your brain or our neuronal/brain activity. The evidence is our ‘consciousness’ and our ‘thinking’. The ‘words’ coming from our metaphysical MIND are the immediate source of our behavior and the ultimate SOURCE is our Creator. Thomas Jefferson was correct to say that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness derives from our CREATOR (not from elitists who think they control our markets and our destiny). Elitists desire us to believe that THEY can originate ‘ideas’ to control and enslave us indefinitely (for their benefit/goals). In reality, as we become AWARE that our ‘ideas’ derive from our Creator, we will break this enslavement process which much of science, religion, and government ASSUMES derives from THEM! Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for my brain activity

Neuroscience assumes that all my/your ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ derive from our BRAIN! Is this valid?

Image result for my brain activity

Where do our ‘ideas’ ultimately derive from? Could the SOURCE be outside/separate from our BRAINS? Give this some reflection!

Image result for my brain activity

Is brain activity creating the messages within the computer screen or do people have a metaphysical MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS which acts as the first cause/source?

Image result for my brain activity

Can a ‘dream’ image or message come from outside one’s BRAIN? Can ‘ideas’ derive from outside one’s BRAIN?

Image result for my brain activity

What causes our ‘behavior’? Are not ‘ideas’ the primary CAUSE? Where do ‘ideas’ derive from?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Behavior derives from our ‘ideas’! So what source could initiate ‘ideas’?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Artificial intelligence (and algorithms) produce artificial/virtual results. But can AI produce an ‘original’ IDEA?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Ones and zeros create our MONEY today! But what are these units in reality? Do they derive from brain or mind?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Did this man’s ‘intelligence’ derive from brain activity or from mind activity? Where did his ‘ideas’ derive from?

Image result for brain compared to mind

This scientist has great ‘ideas’. But from where do his ‘ideas’ come from? Is he a robot or a thinking human being?

Image result for the human mind vs the human brain

The human brain is amazing but it is non-functional without a MIND to originate ‘ideas’ and ‘thoughts’!

Image result for the Creator of man

The children of God are those who can differentiate between their brain and their metaphysical mind! The meta-narrative reveals our FIRST CAUSE! Man is essentially AT EFFECT when it comes to the ‘big picture’ (the meta-narrative)! 

Image result for trump's military ideas vs Kim Jong-un's ideas

Where do Trump’s and Kim’s ‘ideas’ ultimately derive from (Brain or Mind)?

Image result for we hold these truths to be self evident

Enslavement to elitists must eventually end! Self government is the American way! Think for yourself! The Future is always NOW!

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