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The ‘Mindset’ of Trump…evaluated by me!

April 13, 2017

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Bombing may have worked prior to the Internet Age, but it will not work in today’s world! Trump is deceived!

Image result for trump bombs afghanistan

My sense is that our new American leader/President and our Commander-in-Chief has some serious misconceptions within his mental/spiritual make-up. What are the core characteristics of this leader as I see him:

  1. He is at core a ‘doer’ and one who desires to ‘act’ before doing any serious thinking.
  2. He likes to ‘solve’ problems quickly and move on to new problems. Remember his words prior to being elected?
  3. He desires ‘positive’ responses from his staff and colleagues (on his strategies and goals). He will denigrate his enemy!
  4. All problems, to him, are ‘solvable’ with enough energy and commitment. The art of the deal is ‘winning’!
  5. He lacks understanding about the nature of ‘metaphysical’ issues and problems. Human belief systems are ‘metaphysical’!
  6. He thinks that human nature will change with ‘might’ and ‘force’. This has not worked for 6,000 years of human history!
  7. Essentially, down deep, he desires to ‘rule’ the entire planet by ‘solving’ (unsolvable) human problems. Deception is at the core of his mindset!
  8. He has reversed his psychology of candidate Trump and has now adopted a globalist/Kissinger mindset of imposing America’s values on the world.

Is the above mindset, which I attribute of the Donald, a mindset which will lead the world towards peace, security, progress, and happiness? I would suggest, NO. First of all, human problems are much different from business/real estate problems. Real estate problems can be solved or resolved mostly in a final form. Buildings are built and then I can move on to another building or project. Human problems, however, can NOT be solved in like manner to ‘material’ business problems. Human problems deal with the inner spirit of man (one’s beliefs) and these problems can NOT be solved/resolved by ‘might’ and ‘force’ (especially military ‘might’ and ‘force’).

Recently, the Donald sent some 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria on evidence which was much less than solid. Assad denies that he used chemical weapons and Putin denies the same. Where is the ‘hard’ evidence to justify this missile attack and the killing of innocent civilians and other humans? Mr. Trump acted on images and photos and without any solid evidence from the ground that Assad/Putin used these chemical items. This is typical of a person who desires to ‘act’ and then ‘think’. This is typical of a person who likes to ‘solve’ a problem without understanding the ‘nature’ of the problem. Human problems can NOT be solved (permanently via ‘might’ and ‘force’). We have 6,000 years of history to show that his mindset is folly. Trump is impetuous and acts on emotions and images without any serious ‘thinking’ about the nature of the problem or the hard evidence.

Today, he bombs some caves and tunnels over in Afghanistan. This is supposed to create ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’ among the ISIS clan. Will this actually ‘solve’ anything? I don’t think so! What he is now doing will assure that all human problems (associated with the Middle East situation) will get MUCH worse (not better as he presupposes). Trump is deceived and immature about how to deal with human problems. Building hotels and recreation facilities and imposing his will on media programs does not transfer to solving ‘human’ (metaphysical) problems. His thinking is the problem IMO. He is using a ‘negative’ means to solve a human problem which is ‘belief’ centered. A negative means could work if he had control over people and their thinking but it is unlikely to work with religious/spiritual/metaphysical/mental/belief issues.

ISIS and the entire Middle East is a spiritual/metaphysical problem. Ideology and beliefs are at the core of all these issues over in the Middle East. Beliefs are hardened and made more dire when I/You use bombs, missiles, force, and might in our attempt to resolve these issues. Will Putin and his team bow to the Trump strategy of ‘might’ and ‘force’? I don’t think so! Will Xi Jinping bow to this strategy of ‘might’ and ‘force’? Will Kim Jong-un bow to Trump’s attempt to bomb him into submission? Will the leaders over in Iran bow to any of this Trump (insane) strategy? I don’t think any of this will work to create a ‘positive’ outcome for the planet. It will, however, make conditions/problems/issues MUCH worse. Watch and witness!

We now need to recognize that the Donald (and his team) are not leaders which will bring us progress, peace, security, and happiness. The entire mindset of the Donald is based upon the idea that HUMAN (spiritual) issues can be ‘solved’ (with his strategy of ‘might makes right’). I have witnessed this mindset for the past 50+ years and have studied history on this type of mindset. It can not work and does not work with ANY of our serious ‘human’ problems. Human beings are spiritual beings and each person is unique and different. Beliefs are at the core of human nature. ISIS, Islam, Radical Islam, Christianity, Radical Christianity, Judaism, etc. are BELIEF systems. People have hard core ‘beliefs’ which can not be changed with bombs and missiles. The entire philosophy of Trump’s America (to conquer the planet via these ‘means’) will create unimaginable ‘blowback’ and more destruction. It will NOT create a ‘positive’ outcome! Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images for the Donald to consider:

Image result for trump bombs afghanistan

Image result for trump bombs afghanistan

Image result for trump bombs afghanistan


Image result for trump bombs afghanistanImage result for trump bombs afghanistan

Image result for trump bombs afghanistan

Image result for trump bombs afghanistan

Image result for trump bombs afghanistan

Image result for trump bombs syria, false flag

Image result for trump bombs syria, false flag

Image result for trump bombs syria, false flag

Where was the ‘hard’ evidence which must be present PRIOR to any missile/bomb attack? Looking at social media photos should not be the criteria for ordering 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria (killing innocent civilians and on-site workers). Trump’s MINDSET is not stable and relevant for the International stage IMO. Prepare for MUCH worse events down the road (if this mindset continues)!

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