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My ‘take’ on Easter and the Resurrection!

April 12, 2017

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This Sunday is the holiday called Easter. Some 2.2 billion Christians will recognize this date as a remembrance from 31 A.D. when Yeshua (I will use his Aramaic name) died and then was supposedly raised (by his Father, YHWH) three days later. This supposed event is what gives my Christian friends their core beliefs. The idea for Christians is that Yeshua was the prophesied Messiah who YHWH sent to planet earth to forgive their prior ‘sins’. The result of this event is that these believers are now ‘saved’ from their prior and current sins (upon confession and baptism) and are now Free (sin free) persons…going forward. Let’s think about these beliefs of my 2.2 billion Christian friends.

First of all, what does this concept called The Messiah actually mean? Does this concept mean that Yeshua was the Most High God (YHWH)? I don’t think so! The mistake that Christian’s make is to assume that God’s Messiah is equal and/or essentially the same as YHWH God. Yeshua’s life (he was fully human according to all our many biblical scholars) demonstrated that he (Yeshua) did not view himself as YHWH God while living on planet earth. Yes, he likely believed that select ‘words’ (concepts/ideas) came to him from YHWH God, but his behavior and actions revealed that he did NOT believe that he (himself) was YHWH God. What kind of experiences did Yeshua have prior to his baptism by his cousin John?

First of all he was born naturally (like me and you). He came out of the womb of his mother, Mary, just like I/You did. After some 8 days out of the womb, Yeshua was taken to the Temple of YHWH in Jerusalem and circumcised (as is common to all orthodox Jews and many Israelites). Mary and Joseph desired that he be circumcised in accordance with traditions derived from Abraham and later Moses. Circumcision can only be done to a fully human person. After his circumcision ritual, his parents then ‘dedicated’ Yeshua to the God of Israel (called Yahweh in Hebrew or Elah in Aramaic). This ‘dedication’ ceremony reveals that his parents desired for son, Yeshua, to be a follower of this God called Yahweh (Hebrew) or Elah (Aramaic). Yeshua’s parents did not view their son as God (the Most High King of the Universe). They viewed him as a normal son which needed to grow, learn, and develop.

When Yeshua was around 35 years of age (+-) he felt the need to get baptised by his cousin John (another Aramaic Jew). John (often called John the Baptist) then performed this ritual for Yeshua in the Jordan River (near-by). After this baptism event, Yeshua experienced some type of epiphany where he concluded that his God (Yahweh/Abba/Father) had chosen him for a ministry. After reflection, etc., Yeshua concluded that his ministry was meant to promote the KINGDOM or GOVERNMENT of his God Yahweh/Elah. He gained a few followers (called disciples) and then started his ministry…preaching the Kingdom of God (Yahweh/Father). This message was not accepted by the hierarchy at the Temple (called the Sanhedrin). This hierarchy viewed his message as blasphemy and a desire to promote himself as God.

This mistake (in understanding) by the Jewish hierarchy at the Sanhedrin eventually led to his crucifixion by the Roman governor called Pilate. The Jewish hierarchy mistakenly assumed that Yeshua wanted to be their KING and GOD (replacing Yahweh/Elah). This mindset (of Yeshua) they rejected completely…so they then worked with the Roman government (Pilate, et al) to put this zealot to death as a FALSE King/Prophet. This mistaken assumption (by the Jewish authorities and later the Roman legal system) led to the crucifixion (death) of Yeshua at Golgotha (a site just outside Jerusalem). After his death he was likely removed from the cross (tree) and buried near the crucifixion site by followers. Then is when religion started in full bloom. Christianity was born soon after this event as a host of people seemed to believe that Yeshua had been raised (called resurrected from his grave plot/tomb).

Visions (after Yeshua’s death) occurred in the spiritual mind’s of prior followers and a host of other believers around Jerusalem and Galilee. These ‘visions’ (within the human mind of select believers) seemed very real and/or virtual (next to real). Visions continued after the physical death of Yeshua (now ‘glorified’ by his God, Yahweh). These visions (we could say, glorifications) of Yeshua continued and some 2-3 years later this person called Paul (Saul of Tarsus) emerged on the scene. Paul’s vision (even though virtual/inner) was so real to him that he started a ministry based upon this vision. Paul’s ministry started with a few believers and then grew and grew over time. By the time of his death in 67 A.D. many letters had been written and many churches had been started to promote Paul’s vision and interpretations of what Yeshua’s death meant. The Christian Church emerged later from all this effort and promotion.

Preachers, teachers, theologians then emerged who promoted select teachings of Paul, Peter, James, John, Jude, Luke, Matthew, Mark, etc. to grow the religion. In time a Central Hierarchy called the Roman Catholic Church emerged. This hierarchy started promoting all kinds of doctrines and rituals to continue the religion for the common people and also to control this concept called TRUTH. Easter, eventually emerged as one of these doctrines for all the Christian believers. The idea was that Yeshua (after death) resurrected himself and then appeared to select followers with a New Gospel or Global Message (this Gospel of Christianity which we call ‘Salvation’ today). This Gospel message (given directly to followers by a ‘risen’ Yeshua some days after his physical death) was a FINAL gospel for all mankind. Everyone must be (become) SAVED, confess one’s ‘sin’ nature, get baptised, and then live a New Life (free from further ‘sin’).

Also, some time AFTER the death of Yeshua, a new belief emerged called The Trinity. This belief essentially created a doctrine where Yeshua (now ‘glorified’ and with his Father YHWH in heaven…supposedly) was elevated to the level of YHWH God (the Most High). Yeshua, essentially became EQUAL with the Jewish historical God called Yahweh…also called the Most High God of our Universe. This elevation in authority for Yeshua/Jesus created what we now call Evangelical Christianity. This doctrine called The Trinity (three god persons) became essentially ONE GOD or Godhead person. To codify this Trinity for believers a third concept/God was added called the Holy Spirit. The historical God of Yeshua (the God of the Hebrews…and God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and all the other prophets) was changed to this Trinity God concept by theologians and the Central Hierarchical church called the Roman Catholic Church.

This week we will celebrate Easter on April 16, 2017, and many will assume that Yeshua/Jesus is their God and Saviour. They will confess their continuing ‘sins’ and ‘flaws’ and assume that they are right with God (their God…this Trinity God). They will eat, drink, and be merry…and pat each other on the back to get agreement and assurance that their view of reality is correct, absolute, and final. Yeshua/Jesus is God Almighty and he sits on the Throne in Heaven. He will eventually ‘rapture’ all of these believers at the correct moment in time (into the clouds above). They will all escape the coming WRATH of the real God, Yahweh, as they are SAVED and destined for eternal life.

Yeshua/Jesus will ‘save’ them and ‘protect’ them (via a physical ‘rapture’) from the coming tribulation which eventually becomes the GREAT TRIBULATION. Jesus is God (after all) is the belief within the mind’s of these strong believers. This is what ‘saves’ them from themselves (and Satan)! Yeshua (supposedly) assumed ‘all’ their ‘sins’ within himself and this allows each of them to be ‘saved’ and enjoy ‘eternal life’ when they eventually die (physically). That is my brief take on this Holiday called Easter. I may attend a local Christian Church to observe my Christian friends at their best (especially all the fine clothing, hats, and pats). Another Easter on planet earth! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

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Image result for easter, the resurrection of Jesus

Image result for easter, the resurrection of Jesus

Image result for easter, the resurrection of Jesus

Image result for easter, the resurrection of Jesus

Image result for easter, the resurrection of Jesus

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Image result for rapture of church

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Image result for rapture of church, then tribulation

Image result for rapture of church, then tribulation, wrath of God

Image result for wrath of God, then new earth, the kingdom

Image result for wrath of God, then new earth, the kingdom

The Kingdom of Yeshua (is the assumption of Evangelical Christianity)! Yeshua is God! Yeshua is YHWH! Yeshua rules for 1,000 years (on planet earth)! The coming tribulation is necessary to establish this Kingdom for Yeshua/Jesus/God! This is essential Christianity and the message of EASTER (my ‘take’)! Is it REALITY?

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