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Bully ‘Trump’ kills 9 (nine) Civilians in Syria!

April 8, 2017

Personally, the order to send 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria was the choice of our leader, Donald J. Trump. So, I blame the person who gives the order for this killing event. In total some 14 Syrians were killed and 9 were civilians. This mindset of killing for prior killing and death for prior death is a mindset which leads to total destruction of everyone (eventually). The mindset assumes that killing to stop prior killing works to improve our global situation. It assumes that peace, security, and happiness will emerge from this type of behavior! I say this is NONSENSE and MADNESS! The so-called END does not justify the MEANS (being used). We now have 6,000 years of history which reveals that this MINDSET is a loser.

Image result for who ordered missiles into syria

Today, our chosen leaders can just sit in an air-conditioned computer room and push buttons to initiate killing anywhere on our planet. Is this a mindset that leads to peace, security, and happiness? I don’t think so! This mindset of pushing buttons to initiate a killing event is pure evil. The American people need to wake-up to the false policy decisions which our leaders adopt to solve human problems (now ideological/mental problems). Soon our bully President (with the support of a group-think minority of policymakers) will bomb another major land area and kill thousands (all in the ‘name’ of solving a human problem). History reveals clearly that this mindset can not work! We live with psychopath thinking at the highest levels and the masses of innocent people are unable to STOP this madness.

Look at the following images and ask yourself if this madness will lead to peace, security, and happiness for our planet:

Image result for trump sits in a room in Mar-a-lago and watches his missiles hit Syria

Bully Trump gives the order and his group-think advisers watch the killing event (over in Syria) from their air-conditioned private room at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Today, these leaders could kill millions with their psychopathic philosophy to SAVE themselves (from themselves). Can we the people stop this carnage? I don’t think so! We have no options to STOP this madness (accept ‘words’). Following are MY ‘words’!

Image result for trump sits in a room in Mar-a-lago and watches his missiles hit Syria

Bully Trump and his pal from China, Xi Jinping! Can these clowns solve any of our global problems? I don’t think so! They can, however, make conditions MUCH worse for everyone over time. Human problems are INNER (spiritual) problems which transcend resolution via bombs, missiles, and other means where FORCE is asserted. But our  psychopathic leaders operate from BEHIND closed doors and are separated from the hard realities of the common people on the street.

Image result for trump sits in a room in Mar-a-lago and watches his missiles hit Syria

The Trump family is mostly insulated from the life of Syrians over in the Middle East! These leaders RULE over us from behind closed doors (mostly)!

Image result for mar a lago palm beach

Mar-a-Lago, Fllorida where our President likes to meet world leaders and make his decisions for domestic and foreign policy. Can he identify with the common people in the street over in Syria or anywhere else?

Image result for syrians being killed by us and others

Who was/were behind the chemicals which killed these innocents? Where is the HARD evidence for us to evaluate? I have not witnessed the EVIDENCE!!!

Image result for missiles dropped in syria with 9 civilians killed

USA (now Trump) strikes Syria with the push of a computer button! Kills 14 people in total. What a world we live in today! Could Damascus be on the agenda down the road? The problems will not go away given the mindset of our insane leaders!

Image result for home of Assad in Syria

Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma…with an overview of the city of Damascus, Syria (their home). Did Bashar use chemical weapons on innocent civilians or was this a ‘false flag’ event concocted by proxies? Where is the HARD evidence? The world community desires answers!

Image result for missiles dropped in syria with 9 civilians killed

Some 59 USA missiles sent to an airfield to destroy and kill. Will this create PEACE on earth? Does this MEANS create the END we desire?

Image result for missiles dropped in syria with 9 civilians killed

Four children and five other civilians killed (plus five Syrian airmen) by Bully Trump and his missiles! All this is now done with the push of a computer button from a Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The order, however, comes from a venue in the USA such as Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Image result for missiles dropped in syria with 9 civilians killed

Bombs away is the mindset of our psychopathic leaders who operate BEHIND closed doors! This is supposed to create PEACE on planet earth???

Image result for trump sits in a room in Mar-a-lago and watches his missiles hit Syria

Theresa May of Britain and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel support the actions of Bully Trump! Trump’s lady at the U.N. also supports all this killing! But where does all this lead down the road? I summit that it does not lead to PEACE or SECURITY!

Image result for Theresa May and Benjamin Netanyahu support Trump bombing in Syria

World leaders (behind closed doors) create a GROUP THINK policy for all of us! MIGHT is suppose to bring us peace, security, and happiness! Where is the WISDOM? Where is the UNDERSTANDING?

Image result for Ambassador Haley at the UN supports the Syrian actions

Nikki Haley at the United Nations has a similar mindset as Trump. Killing requires more killing! Where is the understanding and wisdom of these leaders?

Image result for trump sits in a room in Mar-a-lago and watches his missiles hit Syria

These thinkers assume that WAR brings peace! KILLING brings security!  The END (a mental vision of these leaders) will result from a negative/destructive MEANS (missiles, bombs, destruction)! What deception within the halls of ruling policymakers! This is why I call these thinkers PSYCHOPATHS! They seem UNAWARE of the consequences of this MEANS!

Image result for our global leaders are psychopaths, trump, putin, etc.Our leaders are totally deceived and unaware of their own inner demons. These demons create their THINKING and then their eventual ACTION! Who can stop this madness in the HALLS of our rulers? Their THINKING would need to change! But who can change their THINKING? Who can infuse new ideas within their inner BEING to replace their current ideas? This is the issue for today! Who is ultimately in charge of planet Earth? I am: 

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  1. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    April 8, 2017 4:39 pm

    A very sensible comments from you Don.Is this not a blatant example of terrorist act?Our forefathers went to war face to face at an agreed rendezvous.Only armies involved.Very civilized.Are they not being guided by The Holy Books when taking actions involving lives,livelihood and properties.CUI BONO?May Allah bless you,Don.


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