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Kingdom Economics – A ‘New Model’ for planet Earth!

April 2, 2017

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Many of us are waking up to the reality that we live on a planet (essentially a spaceship within our greater dynamic universe) and that we have lived on this planet for some 6,000 years (as civilized human beings). Review our history at: for additional evidence. Many of us also view people (human nature)  as consisting of ‘saints/sinners’ who ALL are somewhat flawed to a degree. Gradually, over these past 6,000 years (my estimate) , from researching the Sumerian civilization to our current cultures, we have made huge social progress (but with many set-backs from wars, killings, fights, disease, and ignorance).

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We started our journey on this planet with essentially TWO people (male/female) and gradually over time we have added new members to this initial two (this is my Worldview of our situation). Today, my best estimate is that some 7.5 billion human beings occupy this planet called Earth. Some 200+ nations have emerged over time and we now occupy most of the land area on our planet. At the founding of America there were some 775 million people on our planet. When I was born in 1943 there were some 2.4 billion on this planet. In 1980 we had grown to 4.4 billion and we currently have reached 7.5 billion. Notice this gradual arithmetic increase over time. We have gone from less to more. Male/female population growth has been mostly exponential, however, in the past 50 years.

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The above timeline gives some tentative data which fits my Worldview somewhat: This chart assumes the human race began with two persons, Adam and Eve. Population growth was very rapid for 1656 years until the Flood of Noah reduced the population to eight persons (4 couples). The experts have arbitrarily chosen the population at the time of the Flood as 9 billion (+-). Very little data on world population is available until recent times, so a few intermediate points have been selected to provide logic. I have estimated that the world population at the time of Abraham (say 1876 B.C.) was at 5 million (+-). There seems to be broad agreement that the world population at the time of Christ/Yeshua (31 A.D.) was between 200 and 300 million. All we have, however, are human ‘assumptions’.

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My Worldview assumes that human beings did not evolve from inorganic ‘matter/energy’ as many within the scientific community assume. Life, to me, involves TWO realms. The MIND (spirit) and MATTER (inorganic substances). In reality, I am not ‘matter’ but spirit consciousness. This seems logic based upon real-time experiences. My evidence is my ‘words’ and ‘all that flows from my inner self (mind). Words, ideas, concepts, mental phenomena are derived phenomena and seem to originate within the spiritual realm. I believe your situation is similar. So what is my basic ‘model’ for our planet? My model is based on the idea that we are ALL equals (under our Creator Source as the originator/ruler/potter).

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Furthermore, reality is always a NOW experience on this planet. This means that what I experience NOW determines what is real and meaningful. My ‘past’ is merely a NOW memory and my ‘future’ is a NOW visualization/expectation. Life, to me, is lived as Successive Moments of Now (always). With our current global internet society this experience of the NOW is most meaningful. I can communicate with each and every person on this planet via our current technology. This can be accomplished as a NOW experience. So living in the NOW seems relevant and meaningful for my New Model.

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What is obvious also is that our human family of 7.5 billion is what must come first in any New Model. What I accept as foundational/core is that people come first and the needs and desires of people are paramount to marketing my New Model. People are subjective human beings with a spirit, body, and brain. As spiritual beings we are all less than perfect (saints/sinners) and we are incapable of enunciating ABSOLUTE TRUTH. We live with perceptions, assumptions, agreements, uncertainties, and changing emotions. None on this planet can enunciate FINAL/Absolute TRUTH (capital ‘T’) for everyone. This means that each of us has a somewhat ‘unique’ and limited point-of-view (perspective on issues/reality).

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Religion is powerful on planet Earth and we now live with sectarian religions/beliefs which change from speaker to speaker. All this reveals that ‘truth’ is a perspective and that ‘truth’ is subjective (less than absolute). Holy scriptures (Koran/Bible/Torah/Etc.) must be ‘interpreted’ by fallible/subjective man. Interpretations of ‘words’ differ from speaker to speaker in real-time demonstrations. In other words, experience reveals that human beings are of two natures (saint/sinner) and this ‘mix’ varies in degree but is valid for each/every person. There are NO absolute SAINTS which can serve as ABSOLUTE reference points for everyone. Real-time experience reveals this clearly to me! Man is limited/uncertain/subjective/unknowing/less than absolute!

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So ALL religions are subjective and LESS than perfect/absolute. Science is also revealed as LESS than perfect/absolute as science consists of subjective human beings and their many metaphysical ‘assumptions’. Agreements are good and proper but all agreements can change over time and with the speakers who create these agreements. Real-time challenges among experts reveals this subjectivity and uncertainty within all human endeavors and activities. My model assumes that we must live with some uncertainty, some subjectivity, and some constant change over time. The best manner to deal with this reality is a CHALLENGE SYSTEM among all human beings (continually).

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My Model assumes that the global internet and our interconnected family of people can continually ‘challenge’ each other with new experiences/assumptions so that general ‘truth’ is continually updated as CHANGE occurs. A formal and available internet CHALLENGE SYSTEM would be essential for this New Model for our planet to work. Everyone could be part of this global CHALLENGE SYSTEM as each person would be viewed as an EQUAL (within this New Model). Equality (among each human person) and a real-time opportunity to CHALLENGE other subjective perspectives would be necessary and proper for this new model to work over time. TRUTH is always desired but ‘closer to truth’ is what we must live with.

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My model assumes that there is ONE Absolute TRUTH which transcends this planet and universe and which GOVERNS this planet and universe. This Absolute Power, however, is living within the spiritual realm (YHWH is not on planet Earth) and he occupies the singular (monotheistic) THRONE room within our collective spiritual universe (called our collective ‘consciousness’). We generally call this RULER/KING the GOD of this planet/universe. The evidence for this reality is our ‘words’ and our ‘ideas’ which ultimately DERIVE from this spiritual realm and SOURCE. Consciousness, to me, is also the evidence that we live within a spiritual realm. This ‘inner’ realm is what is core to our BEING and our LIFE. Without ‘consciousness’ people would be robots and mechanical zombies (with no freedom or growth).

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Life is experienced within our inner realm (called ‘consciousness’). Life is spirit so there is no ‘origin’ of life. Life is eternal and forever. Physical death does not eliminate my inner ‘spirit’. My ‘spirit’ is immortal and lives continually within this eternal spiritual realm (in the NOW moment). My ‘words’ derive from my inner spiritual realm. Your ‘words’ derive from your inner spiritual realm. Ultimately, however, the Transcendent Logos is the SOURCE of all ‘words’. The Logos is our Creator and the Logos is our God. The ‘name’ of this SOURCE is not important. Understanding that this SOURCE is first cause is important. Cause and effect rule over planet Earth and all the people!

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To understand the above realities we can look UP into our heavens (sky) and then choose ‘names’ for each and every star within our universe. The ‘name’ chosen’ is derived from ‘consciousness’ and this reveals the inner spiritual nature of our being. We are spiritual beings observing what has been created/existed. The Logos has given us the freedom to choose a ‘name’ for every object observed and every person observed. Names give us a reference point for understanding and communication. A ‘name’, however, is subjective and can change with new agreements between people. It’s all relative and subjective within this Meta model. How do events get resolved with this New Model for our planet?

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A decentralized world system allows problems to be resolved by people within the jurisdiction where the problem originates. Leaders for resolving a problem emerge spontaneously when a problem is fully identified. There is no need for a hierarchy of decision-makers imposing fixed/mandated resolutions to reach a solution of a problem. Identify the problem and a leader(s) will emerge to resolve the problem(s). It all happens spontaneously and via agreements between those directly affected by the problem. If a road needs to be constructed, point out the problem and people will spontaneously emerge (via smart phone communication) to assist with resolving the problem. Dictatorial governments are not necessary under my New Model. Equality among people works under this New Model.

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What about our economic situation within this New Model? Do we still use ‘money’? What must happen is that all money instruments and mediums of exchange will be eliminated gradually and completely. All Central Banks will become mausoleums, holding the historical info from our past corrupt banking systems and their operations. Money, in reality, is a social ‘tool’ which emerged historically based on moral principles. If people act with a morality of ‘give’ prior to ‘take’ then MONEY is unnecessary for commerce and survival. Unlimited goods and services can emerge from the responsible behavior of people within each marketplace. Money will enter the ‘dustbin’ of history for planet Earth! Capitalism would be replaced with the Kingdom philosophy!

Some additional info/philosophy associated with my New Model:

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Planet Earth is a spaceship within a greater floating universe. The planet has existed from eternity as the Creator Source and sustainer is ‘eternal’. Re-creation (of the planet) for humans likely started some 6,000 years prior to today. Flora, fauna, matter, energy were given new meaning by our intelligent SOURCE/CREATOR as the planet was prepared for human beings. The Universe is continually in Dynamic Equilibrium. Life was derived from the ‘breath’ (spirit) of our SOURCE! The result was ‘clay’ (with consciousness) and the Source was our intelligent Potter! This new mentality is what gives my Model relevance!

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People originated from a prior intelligence which we call our Creator/Source. It all started with two people (male/female) and today we experience some 7.5 billion. Our spaceship is rotating, revolving, and changing location continually within our Greater developed Universe! This spaceship travels at 67,000 m.p.h. around our Sun and some 550,000 m.p.h. around our Galaxy. Motion is real but ‘time’ is imaginary/invented!

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The first two people can be ‘named’ Adam and Eve. The ‘names’ are unimportant…the fact of being created was important. From this simple beginning all mankind has emerged. Life begets life (the law of biogenesis). My estimate is that the beginning was some 6,000 years prior to today? The precise time is unimportant as ‘time’ was not invented until much later (after the initial creation). Our planet has existed from eternity (my assumption) but people were created (say) around 4,000 B.C. (+-).

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Cain killed Abel and this example set the tone for all advancing history thereafter. Killing, fighting, man’s rule, brokenness, and ignorance has continued since the beginning. The Kingdom of our Creator is the ONLY solution and only our Creator can install this New Model (which I am proposing). The SOURCE must act to create this New Model for our planet. I am personally impotent! My model assumes that male/female are ‘at effect’ within real-time reality!

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The destiny of planet earth and her people is the Kingdom of our God (YHWH). It is not here yet! It appears to be arriving, however (gradually). A change in ‘human nature’ is required if this model is to work and this means some ‘pain’ prior to the ‘gain’. Human nature is stubborn and determined to not allow this event to happen. The battle is between two opposite spiritual forces. We live within a ‘zero sum’ mentality at present. But the Kingdom of God must happen if a win/win world is to arise for the people! Our current trend is towards absolute ‘destruction’ of all mankind (it is our ‘mindset’ which creates this result)!

Image result for the wrath of God comes first then the Kingdom

The history of man is reaching a culmination (climax) where two forces must battle for the planet. Both forces view their destiny as ultimate. Who will survive this battle and enter the Kingdom Age? My model assumes that it is the ‘narrow’ road which leads to the Kingdom Age. The easy/broad/wide road (which current ‘human nature’ desires) leads to ‘total’ destruction of all mankind eventually (probably via nuclear war and chemical/biological destruction)! Choose this day whom you will serve is my message to those with ‘ears’!

Image result for the tribulation and the beast

One view of the coming transition/tribulation period is above. Prophecy of the last days, however, is very subjective and confusing as NONE really KNOWS what will happen. Only YHWH knows! The experts have numerous and many confusing perspectives. I hold no clear view (as of today) but believe that the last days of this human system of government is in front of our nose. The coming financial crash (now a crash of digital money within a virtual reality/cyberspace environment) is the trigger IMO. This could start in 2017 or 2018. The END of our current phony system is near! Watch and prepare!

Image result for Christian perspective is the 2nd coming of Jesus from outer space

The Christian perspective (of the Last Days) is generally centered around the idea that Yeshua/Jesus will fly back to planet Earth (within the clouds above) and eventually land on planet Earth (near Jerusalem) to set up his Kingdom or Rule. This model of reality is not quite My Model of reality. My Model is as stated above! But whatever happens is what ultimately determines reality! I am, personally, impotent to create the Kingdom System (on my effort)! I see the Christian model as a coming government of force, absolutism, mixed with much fantasy…not self-government and freedom as My Model assumes!

Image result for self government, thomas jefferson

The foundational philosophy of Kingdom Economics is the above! This means self-government!

Image result for self government, thomas jefferson

My Model has evolved from the model (and wisdom) of our founding Fathers and especially Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence. The ultimate goal of government was to assist ‘human nature’ to become ‘self-governing’. SELF GOVERNMENT (under our Creator/Source) is the core message of America’s founding philosophy IMO! Any system which leads to force, man’s rulership/hierarchy, and enslavement of the ‘individual’ is anathema to this founding philosophy! The above MODEL assumes that each ‘individual’ can become ‘self-governing’ under the leadership of our invisible spiritual SOURCE! GIVE and it shall be GIVEN unto you is the essential mantra! Accept the reality that I/You are both ‘Saint and Sinner’ and that I/You must govern oneself to achieve freedom and independence!

Image result for self government, thomas jefferson

This prior President had the core message correctly IMO. The goal of mankind is a world under self-government. Each individual must assume a ‘human nature’ which allows equality and individuality for each separate person. We are each unique and we seek to be ‘individuals’ at the core. Uniqueness means that each individual has an individual perspective/point-of-view on issues. People are subjective/unique persons. Group-think via man’s rulership is anathema to this philosophy of the individual! John F. Kennedy seemed to comprehend this reality better than most!

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Another Saint/Sinner with a message for the world. His message was similar to that our Thomas Jefferson and other founding Fathers of America! There are many others who recognize that any New Model for planet Earth must include this concept called Self-Government!

Image result for sayings of rabbi yeshua/jesus, the Kingdom of God is near

The core message of servant Yeshua/Jesus was the Kingdom of his Father (YHWH)! This concept called the Kingdom is a spiritual (inner) concept which can change one’s view of reality. Look not ‘UP’ for this Kingdom but rather ‘IN’ or ‘WITHIN’! We each have an INNER self which can internalize this concept! Listen for understanding: (Johnny Mathis). Also: Also: (the message of Yeshua’s prayer explained…some misconceptions IMO)! Why Yeshua is a servant/messenger NOT GOD is key to understanding the Lord’s prayer! I am: 

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