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Deception/Blindness Rule over 2.2 Billion Christians! Why?

March 19, 2017

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The above Aramaic Jew preached a GOSPEL of his FATHER GOD (YHWH) called the KINGDOM of YHWH (not personal salvation)! One must be ‘born’ of the spirit to discern this KINGDOM message! We are ALL sinners by nature and unsaved to various degrees (the NOW reveals this reality)! Christianity preaches a FALSE gospel of absolute ‘salvation’ and real-time experience reveals this to be bogus!

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Today, I witnessed a typical Baptist church which claims to represent so-called normal Christianity. This body of believers assumes that their leader (now living in the spiritual realm) is Almighty God and that they are each ‘saved’ (absolutely/completely) from their current ‘sins’ (as a result of this leader’s prior death/crucifixion around 31 A.D.).  This belief system, I would suggest, is a gross deception and a misrepresentation of the historical beliefs of their leader, Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth. In reality, Yeshua of Nazareth was an Aramaic Jew who did not view himself as God Almighty and/or the Creator of planet Earth. In reality, this humble servant of YHWH (the Creator God) viewed himself as LESS than God and one who had no WILL of his own. Do Christians preach this reality? I don’t think so!

Yeshua was born some time around 4-6 B.C., was circumcised 8 days after birth, was then dedicated to the service of the Jewish God YHWH, during his brief lifetime he worshiped YHWH (his God) at the Temple in Jerusalem, he grew in knowledge and wisdom, he then felt the need to get baptized via his cousin John around 29 A.D., he then became ‘born again’ spiritually by the Holy Spirit (descending from YHWH God), and finally he started his ministry within this area of our planet. His ministry was preaching the KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT of his spiritual Father God (YHWH) for which he eventually was killed/crucified around 31 A.D. His entire life was a service to his God/Creator called Yahweh (in Hebrew) or Elah ( in Aramaic). Various other ‘names’ could also be given. He did not desire worship or adulation or Godhood. He prayed daily to his SOURCE which we call GOD the FATHER today!

AFTER his crucifixion, however, a number of his followers began a message (of salvation) which has persisted now for some 2000 years. This so-called Gospel Message centers around the idea that ‘I/You’ are sinners and that we can be ‘saved’ by the blood of this servant/individual who died around 31 A.D. Getting ‘saved’ (absolutely/completely) is the essential message of this body of believers called Christians who think (rightly) that they can/will live eternally after they physically die. They mostly misrepresent and distort the REAL message/gospel of this messenger of YHWH called Yeshua (in Aramaic). In reality, his GOSPEL was the coming KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT of his GOD. Yeshua probably believed that this KINGDOM would arrive during his lifetime (as his philosophy was a philosophy of NOW). But, in reality, he was FORSAKEN by his Creator God (YHWH) and this ‘forsakeness’ has continued to this DAY.

The KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT of YHWH/ELAH/THE ALMIGHTY has yet to arrive for planet Earth. Some 2000 years have passed and we all still wait for this coming KINGDOM to arrive. So what is the problem? I would suggest that the main problem is that our CREATOR SOURCE has not chosen to provide this KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT as yet. It is still COMING and COMING but it is NOT HERE as of today! When will it arrive? My sense is that this KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT will arrive when YHWH desires it to arrive. This could be SOON or maybe it will be delayed further. My sense, however, is that this KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT could arrive SOON if people actually DESIRED it to arrive. The goal of all BELIEVERS should be this KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT! The results which could flow from this KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT would likely be PEACE, PROSPERITY, FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, and SELF-GOVERNMENT for each unique/individual PERSON.

The 2.2 billion Christians, however, are living a life of deception and blindness IMO as they continue to disseminate ideas which are mostly FALSE and MISGUIDED IMO. Yeshua is NOT our CREATOR SOURCE. Yeshua did not claim to be our CREATOR (during his lifetime). Yeshua was a messenger/servant of his spiritual FATHER and preached a message of FREEDOM for everyone IF people would believe in his FATHER GOD (YHWH in Hebrew). It was the message of select followers who misrepresented this servant/messenger. The main deceiver (unknowingly IMO) was this person called SAUL (later PAUL the apostle). This person did not actually KNOW Yeshua during his lifetime and his ‘vision’ experience was real but probably somewhat deceptive. Paul has deceived Christianity and the 2.2 billion followers of this religion for nearly 2000 years. Christians, however, are BLINDED and DECEIVED with their worship of the messenger (and their TRINITY Godhead). They have created ‘idolatry’ unknowingly IMO.

There is ONLY one GOD/SOURCE/CREATOR for planet Earth. This SOURCE has revealed himself to those who desire real ‘truth’ and those who desire to follow the ‘narrow’ road to life and freedom. The 2.2 billion (group-think) Christians, however, follow a ‘broad’ road of positive thinking and self-deception which is evident to me and others who take the time to discern this blindness and deception. The PASTORS of Christianity are mostly responsible as they continue to escape real challenges from the public and other thinkers who witness their deceptive rhetoric and misrepresentations. They escape challenges as they PREACH behind pulpits as if they KNOW ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ correctly. They quote scripture and interpret ‘words’ so as to promote their continuing DECEPTIONS and MISREPRESENTATIONS. They refuse public challenges within their own closed (group-think) venues. What a shame! SHAME on all these PASTORS and the deceived FOLLOWERS of these PASTORS!

The real goal of ALL believers should be the KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT of our CREATOR GOD. This was the REAL message of Yeshua/Jesus and this GOAL can not be achieved until new leaders EMERGE who can Dethrone all these deceived PASTORS and denominational supporters. A start would be for all the members within these church organizations to challenge their own hierarchies so as to challenge the blindness/deceptions/false interpretations within these group-think assemblies. There can be ONLY one supreme CREATOR/GOD for planet Earth. This Supreme person is revealed in Revelation chapter 4-5. The THRONE room of this CREATOR is none other than the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Yeshua. The clear message to me is that FATHER GOD is the singular SOURCE/CREATOR for planet Earth. Think for yourself and wake-up these deceived Christian LEADERS who operate mostly behind closed doors! I am:

Some additional images to contemplate:

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The ‘narrow’ road leads to life and life more abundantly!

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Yeshua (a sinner) was baptised in 29 A.D. by his cousin John the Baptist! 

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Yeshua was his name in Aramaic. Jesus derives from the Latin and Greek language!

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The Apostle Paul (has deceived Christianity for some 2000 years with his message of absolute ‘salvation’)!

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The followers of Yeshua were mostly Israelites and later (after his death) Gentiles!

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Yeshua followed the historical Torah beliefs but added the message of the KINGDOM (after his baptism)!

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Image result for paul the apostle did not know the historical Yeshua/Jesus

Yeshua attended the doings within the Jewish Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem during his lifetime!

Image result for paul the apostle did not know the historical Yeshua/Jesus

After the death of Yeshua a Gospel of absolute Salvation emerged (preached mostly by the Apostle Paul)! 

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Our founding Father preached the self-evident truths derived from our Creator!

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This philosopher had (what I view as) the correct view of God (our Creator)!

Image result for the throne room of god pictures

God’s (YHWH’s) Throne Room is within the spiritual realm of reality! Within us!

Image result for the throne room of god pictures

The Almighty Creator has no distinct ‘image’. The outline can be discerned, however! The LOGOS is God!

Image result for paul the apostle did not know the historical Yeshua/Jesus

The message of Kingdom Economics is that our Creator Source rules over planet Earth (Revelation 4-5). Awareness of this real-time reality is what we now need. God (YHWH) rules in the affairs of men/women. His Rulership/Kingdom is in the process of coming, coming, coming, and coming! It is NOT here at this moment as we still have men/women attempting to rule over us. Fake rulership is what I discern on planet Earth as of today! The KINGDOM/GOVERNMENT of our CREATOR is what is emerging gradually/relentlessly, however! False Christianity is attempting to DELAY this coming Kingdom with their deceptions and misrepresentations. My view! I am: 





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