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Some ‘Theology’ for Everyone to Consider!

March 14, 2017

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Life is much more than scientific materialism (also called ‘matter’ in motion). The ‘words’ which we all speak derive ultimately from the spiritual realm of reality. Our ‘words’ are spirit phenomena and not particles of ‘matter’. This means that we (as human beings) are more than what our science experts tell us. Modern science likes to assert that all reality is material and that ‘matter’ in motion explains all of reality. This view of reality is obviously false when one understands that our ‘words’ (concepts, notions, ideas, thoughts) are not material phenomena. Words derive (ultimately) from the spiritual realm and all one needs to do to understand this reality is listen to another person while they speak ‘words’ (to discern the spiritual phenomena emanating from the mouth of another).

Words create our reality as we think and then act upon these inner ‘words’. My mental reality reveals that word symbols and their meanings are what life is all about. I ‘think’ and then I ‘act’. Thinking is done with ‘words’ (inner mental phenomena) and ‘acting emerges from these inner ‘words’. Try to ‘act’ without first knowing what inner ‘words’ to act upon. The view of many within science is that ‘words’ are material ‘things’ which emerge from my brain activity. This is the popular view of neuroscience even though there is zero evidence that a neuron can create a ‘word’, a ‘concept’, or an ‘idea’. My entire brain physiology is impotent without my active mind (consciousness) as the originator of neuronal activity. Think upon this! I live within TWO realms of reality (inner/outer) and I presume you do also!

Theology is the study of the Logos and that which emanates from this ultimate spiritual Source.  Logos, “word”, lexis describe the inner spiritual realm.  However, both logos and lexis derive from the same verb legō (λέγω), meaning “count, tell, say, speak“. I speak and then act. Logos is the source of one’s thinking…which precedes any form of ‘acting’. What we now need to recognize is that we ALL are essentially spiritual beings who live within two realms (the material and the metaphysical). These two realms are what we need to understand going forward. Economics is based upon various ‘inventions’ which have derived from a person’s inner realm. Concepts like money, currency, value, price, inflation, deflation, prosperity, and wealth all depend upon a selection of key ‘words’ as the foundation for this discipline called Economics. Economics has a strong foundation which is based upon key ‘words’. Think upon this reality for this missive!

The ‘breath’ of life emerges from the spirit within. This spirit within then gives me/you the capability to act in the now. My suggestion is that our philosophy going forward must rest upon some theological foundation (which is basically a set of words and concepts). Capitalism was based upon a set of key ‘words’. The key ‘words’ were concepts like ‘private property’, ‘exchange of goods’, ‘negotiation’, ‘value in exchange’, ‘stable prices’, ‘sound money’, and ‘free actions for establishing prices in the marketplace’. Today, we live with a false (corrupted) system of economics which promotes greed, avarice, moral decay, price manipulations, excessive poverty, and high levels of administrative corruption within this overall system. The evidence is everywhere. Our system is broken and leading us all towards a BIG RESET (after a coming collapse of investor and public confidence).

We now need to understand the ‘nature’ of these two realms of reality  which created economics in the first place (the inner and the outer realms). Words derive from my inner realm (self). I then apply my ‘words’ to some aspect of my outer realm (observed reality). This leads to action in the marketplace and under a sound system of economics it leads to progress, prosperity, wealth, and happiness. Unfortunately, our current system is now dysfunctional and about to collapse from years of misuse and from administrative corruptions. We live within a huge monetary/financial BUBBLE today which must eventually collapse from all the internal misallocations of wealth…and from all the unsound ‘fake’ money composing our investments. The SYSTEM is now the problem and it is time to collapse this destructive system which benefits the few at the expense of the many.

Basically, all the foundational concepts of economics are derived from theological presuppositions. Words are the key to all subsequent actions within economics. It is now time to think anew about a NEW MODEL for economics and politics. We need new ‘words’ for this new model. Thomas Jefferson had it right IMO about the basics of reality. The goal of any political system is to lead the world towards SELF GOVERNMENT (under our invisible Creator as King/Ruler). One planet under our Creator is what Kingdom Economics is all about. Read these final ‘words’ from a philosopher who understood reality, economics, money, politics, philosophy, and theology (better than most). The final written words of Thomas Jefferson shortly before leaving our planet on July 4, 1826:

Image result for Thomas Jefferson, self-government, goal of declaration of independence

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Thomas Jefferson’s Last Letter

“May it [the Declaration of Independence] be to the world, what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all,) the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government.”

Comment: Notice the ‘words’ SELF-GOVERNMENT. This means that our CREATOR must rule this planet (not man ruling over man). The goal of our founding fathers was freedom, prosperity, happiness, and a life where ‘equals’ (self-government) could emerge. For this to happen there must be a desire for self-government and for a Kingdom of Equals. Kingdom Economics views this philosophy as central to any NEW MODEL for this planet! Think on this message as our current system continues its descent into its financial/political/military oblivion!

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