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My ‘Brain/Mind’ made me do it?

March 6, 2017

Image result for details of the brain


Model of my/your BRAIN! What causes this 3-pound glob of matter to operate? Could it be a MIND? What do you think?

Image result for the brain defense, kevin DavisToday’s Wall Street Journal, Page A15, had a write-up on a new book by Kevin Davis entitled “The Brain Defense”. Defense lawyers are now using the science of neurology to defend criminals who murder, steal, lie, and commit other negative acts against their fellow human beings. The idea is that my BRAIN causes my behavior and that my acts (good/bad) are a result of my brain activity (neurons/synapses) and their operations (within my skull). Is this valid science? Does my BRAIN and its activity CAUSE my acts and behavior? Let’s think on this issue for a few minutes!

What science needs to comprehend IMO is that my BRAIN is not the same as my MIND. My brain, in reality, does not cause any of my acts or my behavior. In reality, my brain is a mere follower. What does cause my behavior/acts, however, is my MIND (also called my ‘consciousness’). My ‘ideas’ (spiritual units from the spiritual realm of reality) derive from my MIND and then these ‘ideas’ activate my physical BRAIN. The reality is that my MIND is in control of my behavior (not my brain or its constituents). In fact, my BRAIN can do ‘nothing’ without prior instructions from my MIND. Think of a ‘dead’ person!

What science and education needs to wake-up to is that each human being is a DUAL person (body and mind). My body functions because I have a MIND which controls my body. And my brain is part of my body. MIND initiates Brain activity! I suggest that YOU are made in a similar manner by our Creator (to me). Our MIND controls our behavior and the IDEAS derived from our ‘mind’ creates our acts and behavior. This is so simple that I am shocked that our elite educators and scientists can not discern this reality. What deception I witness within our scientific establishment daily.

The evidence of my MIND is my ‘words’ which I speak and enunciate. My ‘words’ are spiritual phenomena (not units of ‘matter’) and these ‘units’ of consciousness derive from my MIND (not my brain). My brain, tongue, and lips allow me to speak these ‘words’ but the ‘words’ are actually UNITS of my consciousness (my MIND). Is this so difficult to comprehend? It seems ‘self-evident’ to me. The above book written by Ken Davis is missing the mark: This book ‘assumes’ that my BRAIN controls (or may control) my acts and behavior (a gross deception in one’s understanding)!

Neuroscience can scan my brain and notice all the electrical activity within this structure of neurons/synapses. Various areas within my brain (light up) reveal what is being activated by my conscious MIND. Take away my conscious MIND, however, and NOTHING will be revealed. I am DEAD! This implies that it is my MIND which is central to my thinking, my acts, and my behavior (not this three-pound brain) which is a mere ‘recipient’. Wake-up Mr. Science and THINK about your own MIND (consciousness). As Socrates said in 399 B.C. – know thyself if you desire to understand thyself. It that’s simple! Enjoy! I am:

Some images which help to reveal this reality:

Image result for my brain

Image result for my brain

My brain evolved over millions of years? What garbage! Time is an ‘invented’ concept of one’s MIND (not the brain). Wake-up science! Think!

Image result for my brain

Can a brain (separated from a ‘conscious’ MIND) function? I don’t think so!

Image result for the lies of our politicians

Is DECEPTION derived from my BRAIN or my inner self (my MIND)? What is reality?

Image result for my mind made me do it! WSJ article

Where do ‘words’ (concepts, lies, deceptions) derive from? Think! Is it BRAIN activity or MIND activity? It is time to wake-up, Mr. Science, and THINK!

Image result for my mind made me do it! WSJ article

Was it her BRAIN which caused the email/server soap opera event? If so, then study her BRAIN! If not, then start to THINK about the concept of MIND!

Image result for QE operations by Central Bankers

Do ($$$$$) for QE operations come from his BRAIN or his MIND? What is a $?

Image result for QE operations by Central Bankers

Does this Central Banker THINK up his QE operations (from his MIND) or does his BRAIN automatically force him to create the trillions of EUROS for his market manipulations?

Image result for QE operations by Central Bankers

Do Yellen’s ‘words’ derive from her BRAIN neurons or does she have a MIND (consciousness) which contemplates and then produces action? What do you think?

Image result for my brain made me act and commit murder

Is it my BRAIN which causes negative ACTS and BEHAVIOR? Is this reality or fantasy?

Image result for my brain made me act and commit murder

Is it my inner ‘spirit’ MIND (consciousness) which causes my behavior and which activates my physical BRAIN? What do you think?

Image result for my spirit causes my behavior

Image result for acts of war and carnage, ISIS

Does BRAIN activity do this or could it be a MIND with thoughts, words, ideas which activate this type of behavior? What do you think?

Image result for is it the mind (consciousness) and the inner self

Out of body experiences reveal that human beings have a MIND (separate from their brains)! The evidence is overwhelming!

Image result for out of body experience

The inner self is separated from the body/brain! This happens to most everyone (dreams)! What does this imply?

Image result for know thyself

Wisdom comes from ‘knowing’ thyself! This is what I desire! Wisdom!

Image result for know thyself

Today, our internet society allows us all to grow in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge! The human mind, however, must be discovered!

Related image

Is it now time to discern our inner self? It seems obvious to me!

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