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Cyberspace – a ‘shadow’ (not a reality)!

March 2, 2017

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What is ‘cyberspace’? Few seem to comprehend that ‘cyberspace’ is not real in the traditional sense. Cyberspace is essentially a ‘result’ of connecting computers and their servers into a network. Cyberspace happens as a ‘result’ of this event…the concept does NOT describe anything which exists within our observable universe of objects (such as trees, houses, sun, moon). Few seem to comprehend the ‘nature’ of cyberspace and our cyber monetary system. Let’s explore this mysterious ‘inner’ concept!

What we now live with globally is a communication system which connects some 7 billion smart phones via various electromagnetic frequencies…which then transfer ‘words’ and ‘images’ from sender to receiver. The global internet system has allowed this inter-connectivity to occur for all of us. Text and images can be sent and received from any of the 7 billion smart phone owners on our planet. All this happens in real-time and at near the speed of light. Photons and our fiber optic system of underwater cables plus our above ground satellites allow this inter-connectivity to occur.

Since the early 1980’s our monetary units (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.) have been transitioning from observable space into this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. Today, nearly all our monetary units are living within ‘cyberspace’ (as digits attached to photons of light). Ones and zeros and the logic of bits/bytes has created a new cyber bookkeeping system for nearly everyone who has a computer or smart phone. It started with our Central banks in the 1980’s and has progressed down to each person. Anyone with their own smart phone computer and/or home computer now lives (to some degree) within cyberspace.

The latest estimate is that some 7 billion smart phones exist and are used on planet earth daily. Some people own more than one phone. This result creates nearly one phone per individual on our planet (we have some 7.5 billion individuals on our planet). This new communication network (now global) has changed our entire global society from ‘snail’ mail communication to speed of light communication. We call today’s communication system a ‘real-time’ system as I can call/contact/write/transact in milliseconds with nearly anyone on the planet (instantaneously).

The biggest change for people in economics, money, investing, and banking is our new ‘digital’ currencies (now created via our banking lending operations and our Central bank QE operations). Essentially, our monetary unit is now a ‘cyber’ unit which lives within cyberspace and which we witness within our computer screens as an imaginary ‘number’. Our money is now an ‘extension’ of my/your consciousness (mind)…a concept that is difficult to grasp. I can now transfer my cyber money ‘digits’ from my computer/smart phone to nearly any commercial bank on our planet (for deposit or for a payment). It’s all done electronically and the units (called legal tender money) get accepted by almost everyone. Our digital system is now worldwide.

In reality, however, a cyber ‘digit’ ($1) is not the same as a paper ($1) note (our historical money item). A cyber ‘digit’ lives within ‘cyberspace’ whereas a paper note lives within ‘observable’ space. I witness a cyber ‘digit’ within my computer screen (cyberspace) and I witness a paper note with my eyes as an observable object in space/time. The difference is huge. Cyberspace is essentially a result of interconnected computers and their servers (cyberspace ‘results’ from these interconnections) whereas observable space is where real physical objects live. Real physical objects could be classified as objects which I ‘see’ with my eyes and which are ‘outside’ my consciousness (mind).

Cyberspace (this result) is thus a ‘shadow’ of observable reality (very different and ‘inner’). It is artificial and virtual (experienced within our consciousness). I experience cyberspace with my mind or consciousness but I can not ACCESS the text/images/appearances within this space. I am now writing this missive within ‘cyberspace’. The missive words appear in my computer screen as text images as I type. These text images, however, are not living within my observable reality…but they actually live within my ‘extended’ consciousness (mind). So what is ‘cyberspace’ in reality? Think of cyberspace as part of one’s ‘extended’ mind or consciousness!

Cyberspace is an ‘artificial’ space that does not technically EXIST within our observable universe of physical objects. I can not access the word images which I am now writing. I can not access the money units which live within my various cyber computer accounts. I am technically a ‘slave’ to the actions of bankers, traders, and policy-makers who manipulate, stimulate, destroy, and create these cyber digits and prices in which I am invested. Today, the ‘price’ of silver declined some $0.75/ounce in a few seconds (a huge decline). Reportedly, some 23,000 imaginary futures contracts were ‘puked’ into the cyber market (all at once)…immediately after the close of the European markets. This was some $2 billion in notional value. Who and why was this done?

This type of cyber price manipulation has been occurring for years and the culprits continue to escape the full awareness of our authorities who continue to allow this illegal manipulation of our silver/gold prices. All this is likely approved by our elite Central bank and Treasury authorities who seem to desire to enslave the entire planet with their cyber money and financial system. If investors, traders, and media pundits understood the nature of ‘cyberspace’ this corruption might stop. But the vast majority of pundits seem oblivious to what is happening within this new space called ‘cyberspace’. Lack of understanding is the key IMO.

It’s time to wake-up folks and think seriously about what has transpired within our financial markets since the invention of the global internet system and our global cyber markets. We now live within ‘cyberspace’ (for communication and finance) and this is really a ‘shadow’ of reality. It tends to ‘fool’ nearly everyone. It is NOT real observable space and the text, digits, and images within this space are a mere ‘shadow’ of observable space. Cyberspace is a virtual space which ‘results’ from the inter-connectivity of servers and computers. Look at your own computer screen (now) for evidence. Wake-up to this ‘shadow’ of reality and its use (by the elite) to enslave us all financially. It’s time to think about this shadowy netherworld.  I am:

Some images within cyberspace to consider:

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Our financial system now lives within cyberspace and this is the ‘dark’ side as money enslaves when people are victims of select banking authorities who manipulate their survival and behavior. Is it time to wake-up to our ‘enslavement’? I think so!!!

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