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Definition of ‘LIFE’ a serious problem!

February 24, 2017

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Does NASA waste our money with their imaginary pursuits? What do you think?

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The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal have reported on the discovery of some seven exoplanets within our Milky Way Galaxy orbiting a star (given the ‘name’ Trappist – 1). So what does this mean for us here on planet Earth? Some of our astronomers like us to believe that ‘life’ can be discovered on, around, or within one of these exoplanets out in the vastness of empty space. Trappist – 1 is some 40 light years out in this vast empty area which we call space (in the constellation called Aquarius). Can ‘life’ be discovered out there? Is this sound scientific logic or mere fantasy (a pursuit of misguided imagination)? Just what does this word ‘life’ describe?

Science has defined this word ‘life’ as follows: The definition of life is controversial. The current definition is that organisms maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to their environment, respond to stimuli, and reproduce. It is a challenge for scientists and philosophers to define life.[2][3][4][5][6] This is partially because life is a process, not a substance.[7][8][9] Any definition must be general enough to both encompass all known life and any unknown life that may be different from life on Earth.[10][11][12]

Let’s think about this so-called scientific definition of the word ‘life’. Does some organism which I observe within nature (our material universe) represent ‘life’ (say bacteria, a worm, a fish, or a bird)? Does a cell within some organism represent the word ‘life’. I would suggest that this word ‘life’ is not some ‘thing’ which exists within space/time (nature) but it is a word which describes my/your inner ‘spirit’. My speaking mere ‘words’ derives from my ‘spirit’ and this means that ‘words’ are spirit (life). Invisible ‘words’ which I/you speak are really ‘spirit’ units derived from our ‘spirit’ consciousness (also called our MIND).

Life does not exist as some ‘thing’ or ‘organism’ or ‘cell’ but ‘life’ describes what we ARE at the core of our being (we are spiritual beings). Consciousness can be used to describe my/your ‘life’. Words that I/You speak (which derive from our spirit consciousness) can be used to describe ‘life’. But an organism or unit of matter which are given ‘names’ like bacteria, cell, worm, carbon based matter, etc. can not be a sound definition of ‘life’. Science needs to wake-up and think logically about how we all function and live in the NOW. The NOW reveals the nature of ‘life’!

The NOW reveals that ‘life’ is invisible, eternal, spiritual, metaphysical, and that it can not be found, located, discovered, or imputed to some ‘thing’ moving on (or about) an EXOPLANET. Life can not be discovered as a ‘thing’ anywhere within our universe. Life is my/your eternal SOURCE within our being. Consciousness is the best example of the ‘nature’ of ‘life’. Words which I/You speak and communicate with are symbols, concepts, ideas, and units of our consciousness (spirit). Life describes our inner soul, being, spirit. Life can not be revealed anywhere outside our inner self.

These exoplanets some 40 light years from our planet earth are meaningless examples of discovering ‘life’. Think of these objects as stones, rocks, earth, and particles of matter. There is ZERO ‘life’ within inanimate objects. There is ZERO life within chemicals and elements that surround us. The word ‘life’ is being used to deceive, confuse, and misrepresent reality IMO. Science needs to wake-up and LOOK within themselves to discover ‘life’. Where do our ‘words’ derive from? What is the nature of our consciousness? What is a ‘name’ like Trappist – 1? Where did this ‘name’ derive from?

The definition of ‘life’ is similar to the economic word ‘dollar’. What is this unit of consciousness called the ‘dollar’? What does the unit refer to? Where is it? Who can find it? Who can discover a ‘name’ which derives from the human MIND (consciousness)? Our money is now nothing (no thing) and it is similar to this word we call ‘life’ (also nothing physical). Words are ‘no thing’ units! Who is aware of their ‘inner’ self? LOOK all around you (now). Where is ‘life’? Where is this unit of money called ‘dollar’? I suggest: nowhere, no place, not within space/time. Think – spirit (inner)! That’s my view!

Additional images to ponder:

Image result for 7 exoplanets

Where did this ‘name’ called Trappist – 1 derive from? Think on this!

Image result for 7 exoplanets

Do these scientists understand their ‘inner’ self? Where do ‘words’ derive from?

Image result for 7 exoplanets

Yes, Earth is our planet and ‘life’ is revealed by our ‘words’ (our inner consciousness)!

Image result for 7 exoplanets

Our Solar System was CREATED – it did not evolve from the imagination of science! Time was ‘invented’ (by conscious man) only a few thousand years prior to today!

Image result for what is 'life' (definition)

Think for yourself and define your ‘life’ as you experience it in the NOW!

Image result for 'life'

Yes, the word ‘life’ is within (inner). It can not be found out in empty space!

Image result for digital dollar (defined), a mental abstraction

From where did this guy derive his QE  ($$$$$$$$$$$$)? Think on this!

Image result for digital dollar (defined), a mental abstraction, says Mario Draghi

From where do these Central Bankers derive their $$$$$$$$$$$$$ (or similar currency units)? What is a $1.00, Y1.00, E1.00?

Image result for digital dollar (defined), a mental abstraction, says Mario Draghi

Prior to typing $$$$$ (or similar) into the computer screen, where did the $$$$$ originate from? Who is the human source which ‘thinks’ up the ‘numbers’?

Image result for digital dollar (defined), a mental abstraction, says Mario Draghi

Some wisdom from the MIND of the person who ‘invented’ our $$$$$ and its definition (371.25 grains of Ag). A $1.00 without a definition is what????


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