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Imaginary Gold Trades – Slam Prices!

February 9, 2017

Image result for dave kranzler,, manipulated silver/gold prices

One of the most informed traders on our planet when it comes to gold/silver trading is Dave Kranzler IMO. Http:// reported today that precisely at 9:54 a.m. some 3,927 gold futures contracts (imaginary gold futures trades) were dropped on the COMEX. The trades are viewed as ‘imaginary’ trades as no delivery is involved. The trades are called ‘paper’ trades as no settlement of anything physical (between the traders) occurs. These transaction(s) were equivalent to some 11.1 tonnes of gold’ (really ‘digital/imaginary’ gold). All this occurred within one minute on our electronic markets. What would be the purpose of this type of trade in today’s market? Who might be behind this price suppression scheme?

My sense is that some trader (with connections to a higher financial authority) has placed this trade so as to depress (suppress) the ‘cyber price’ of gold in real-time (and simultaneously silver which follows a gold suppression operation). The source was likely a Central Bank trader? You can access a tick chart on this situation by going to: and clicking on silver/gold charts for Thursday, February 9, 2017. This same type of trading has occurred countless times these past six years since gold topped at over $1900/ounce and silver at over $48/ounce.

The reality of all these manipulated trades is that we do not have any free markets today within our silver/gold markets. All trading is now electronic and HFT computers can use algorithms (sourced with secret codes) to accomplish all this suppression of our prices. The traders behind all this suppression have not been fully revealed to the public as no-one can trace this type of transaction to a particular trader. All is hidden behind trading algorithms and secret trading source codes which enter/exit and manipulate our prices.

When will all this corruption stop within these markets? What we need is much more awareness of this suppression scheme so that our CFTC and our SEC can look into this criminal trading behavior. In the meantime, we all need to recognize that our markets are not free and that price manipulation/suppression will continue until it finally ends. The end will come when all the physical supply of silver/gold are in strong private/foreign hands. This will come at some point IMO…and in the meantime we can purchase more physical silver and gold at much below the real market driven price (which will be revealed when the suppression scheme is discovered).

Congrats to for reporting this price corruption so that more traders can become informed and aware. Check out the article for additional details which I am not reporting within this missive. The real price of silver should now be much in excess of the prior high of $48/ounce in 2011 and gold should be much higher than its prior high of $1900 in 2011. All this manipulation will eventually catch up with the authorities behind this scheme but so far most traders are uncertain as to the who are these criminals. Keep current on the markets as change is coming! I am:


Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

For the day, a slam of some $21/ounce occurred. Notice the green tick chart line.

Live 24 hours silver chart [Kitco Inc.]

For the day, a slam of some $0.30/ounce occurred. Notice the green tick line. 

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