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Cyberspace ‘Shadows’ Confuse Traders!

January 25, 2017

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Our money and our trading (now a ‘shadow’ of reality) is an experience which lives within this netherworld called cyberspace (our extended consciousness). Notice the above setting from Plato’s era of ‘forms’ (the Dualism of that period). Today, cyber digits and cyber images (making up our global monetary system) get revealed as equivalent to Plato’s ‘forms’. Traders, investors, savers, lenders, and borrowers all view mere ‘shadows’ (within a computer screen) as an environment which is real and meaningful. This environment, however, is much like Plato’s allegory of the cave where people viewed these ‘shadows’ as real and refused to exit the cave. Sunlight was not desired!

Mere ‘shadows’ within our computer screens (called ‘money’) confuse and deceive nearly everyone into thinking that reality is equal to these ‘shadows’. In reality, however, all these ‘shadows’ (viewed as ‘money’ within our computer screens) are illusions and deceptions perpetrated on the psychology of our marketplace (fooling nearly everyone). Our banking elite and many politicians must be ecstatic that the masses of traders, pundits, general public, and commentators accept this ‘shadow’ psychology as sound and meaningful. Illusion is now the vogue model for growing our economy and for pumping up our index markets. Today, we reached over 20,000 on the Dow Index!

The human ‘mind’ is an entity which has yet to be discovered by our leading teaching pundits and by most of our public. It’s the human ‘mind’ which is subject to these deceptions and confused market psychology. Most everyone views these cyber ‘digits’ (really ‘shadows’ of reality) as real and meaningful for national and international commerce. Trading between nations is now done mostly within cyberspace (electronically) and cyber money is what gets transferred from buyer to seller and vice versa. Mere ‘imaginary’ shadows (within our computer screens) get viewed as REAL monetary units for measuring the ‘value’ of most transactions.

We call these ‘shadows’ our money/currency and we think that these units of consciousness are real and lasting. In reality, all these ‘shadows’ are mere illusions of our psychology and they disappear and vanish with the click of a ‘delete’ button…executed by some banking authority who chooses this option. Our elite money changers may like these ‘shadows’ (of reality) for manipulating global commerce and trade but at some point down the road traders and international brokers will discover that this ‘illusion’ only works for a brief season (and then poorly). The issuing ‘shadow’ authority (now centralized and behind closed doors) will eventually get exposed as a huge Ponzi scheme perpetrated on our global markets. Many already recognize this Ponzi scheme operation.

Cyber currencies, created from the human mind, and entered into cyberspace as mere ‘shadows’ of reality will be rejected as FAKE and PHONY at some point. Illusions work for a season (as euphoria takes over sound logic) much as the Tulip Bubble illusion worked for a season over in the Netherlands in the 1600’s. A viceroy tulip could purchase five acres of land and two oxen. Everyone viewed a mere tulip (flower) as equivalent to sound ‘value’ for trading. Illusion had taken over the marketplace for a season. Today our illusions are all the ‘shadow’ digits/images we visualize (‘see’) in the mind’s eye within our computer screen. Virtual reality fools the many!

When will this illusion burst and when will our market traders wake-up to the illusion? It might be days, weeks, months, or years. My sense, however, is that a few strong voices are already waking-up to the centralized Ponzi Scheme. Central bankers and politicians may be the last to wake-up however. Ponzi finance is what they ‘feast’ upon with their daily rhetoric and their daily misinterpretations of reality. All this will continue until it ends…with a thud/thump/crash/collapse/implosion. Take a look at your ‘digits’ now (within our own computer accounts) and ‘feast’ on the illusionary ‘shadows’. These ‘shadows’ are what many view as REALITY! The END of illusion, however, is emerging rather fast!  I am:

P.S. The USA illusion can be witnessed at:

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  1. therooster permalink
    January 25, 2017 2:20 pm

    You still haven;t mentioned anything about digital units of weight that are backed by real weight . Why are you shoveling an incomplete reality ?

    Shame on you, Don . Shame !


    • January 25, 2017 2:28 pm

      Dan: Are you living the ‘illusion’? I think you are, Dan. D

      On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 2:20 PM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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