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TWO Prophets – but ‘ONE’ Creator God!

December 31, 2016

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Both Muhammad and Yeshua (Jesus) were historical prophets recognized by later thinkers as messengers from our Creator God. Yeshua was an Aramaic Jew from Nazareth, born around 4 B.C. and Muhammad was an Arabian servant, born around 570 A.D., in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Both prophets claimed to have received a special message from our Creator God (Allah/Yahweh) which was meant to be absolute for all of humanity. Today, some 4 billion people (out of the 7.4 billion on our planet) have some belief in the messages derived from these TWO prophets. The religions created from these two prophets are called Islam and Judeo-Christianity. What, essentially, were the core messages (Gospels) which were supposedly received from Allah/Yahweh (our Creator) for all humanity to comprehend?

The essential message of Yeshua (Jesus) was called THE GOSPEL (good news)…promulgated some time after his physical death. This Gospel (received during his baptism by his cousin, John the Baptist) was that the Government or Rule of Yahweh was coming (often called the Kingdom of God) and that everyone needs to ‘repent’ (change their thinking) to discern this message. His presentation of this GOSPEL, however, got confused and distorted during his ministry and this led eventually to his being rejected by the Jewish authorities (at the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem) and later this led to his being crucified by the Roman authorities (under the direction of Pontius Pilate) for claiming to have a special status with Yahweh (God).

The Gospel of Muhammad was supposedly an update to the message of Prophet Yeshua (so as to refocus humanity on the supremacy of our Creator God as the absolute authority for planet Earth) and also to promote our Creator God (called Allah in Arabic) as the SUPREME God of our Universe. The ‘name’ for the personal God of the Hebrews was Yahweh (YHWH) and this same God was called Allah (by those within the Arabic culture). During the time-period of Yeshua (4 B.C. to 31 A.D) the Creator God had the personal ‘name’ Yahweh’ for the Hebrew speaking Jews and different ‘names’ for those who spoke other languages. The personal ‘name’ for the Creator God in Aramaic was El or Elah and this same God was called Allah by people speaking Arabic languages.

All ‘names’ for the Creator God, however, refer to this ONE Creator God which initially spoke to Abraham (the person who started the concept of Monotheism). Abraham later had two sons which then created two cultures which both derived from the ONE God (Yahweh/Allah/Elohim/Father, etc.). Ishmael and Issac were these two sons and Abraham was their earthly father. Today, we have billions of believers who have descended from these two initial cultures. The two religions derived from these two cultures are today called Islam and Judeo-Christianity. We can say that all that was derived from our Creator God…ultimately came from these TWO prophets which emerged on planet Earth during periods of major change  (Yeshua/Jesus and later Muhammad). Abraham was the first progenitor for these two prophets!

America’s founding documents also recognized this Creator God as the ultimate authority of our universe. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, George Washington, John Adams and many others viewed a Creator God as the ultimate authority. America’s Declaration of Independence gives the concept of a Creator supreme authority for the ‘rights’ assumed by man (the people). We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Is it possible to reconcile these two huge religious cultures of Islam and Judeo-Christianity (now nearly 4 billion people) so that friendship can emerge among these people of God? I sense that this could be possible IF leaders (living today) would go back to ‘first principles’ and reconstruct the ‘true’ messages of these two prophets. Neither of these two prophets claimed to be the Creator God (of our Universe) and both claimed that their messages derived FROM this Creator God. Those who claim that Yeshua was YHWH/ALLAH in the flesh need to rethink their theology so as to discern his real GOSPEL. Biblical scholars, today, recognize that Yeshua was a messenger (from God) and not God Almighty (YHWH) in the flesh. Everyone who desires understanding on this issue needs to return to ‘first principles’ for full comprehension. Current scholarship is available for study on this issue!

Yeshua’s Gospel was the Kingdom of (his) God. His God was Yahweh (who lives as an invisible ‘spirit’ within the spiritual realm). YHWH was the initial source for Yeshua’s message (see the Gospel of Mark and Matthew) and his desire was for everyone to recognize that YHWH (EL or Elah in Aramaic) be the ultimate Ruler over planet Earth. Yeshua (while living on this planet) did not claim to be anything other than a prophet and messenger of his God (Yahweh). His life in Nazareth and other parts of Israel (especially at the Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem) revealed that he was an apocalyptic prophet (see current biblical scholarship on this issue) who desired that his God (YHWH) rule over all people. God’s Rule or God’s Government was his essential message and this is made clear in both the Gospel of Mark and Matthew (mostly).

Prophet Muhammad received his message around 610 A.D. and his essential message was similar to prophet Yeshua’s message of 31 A.D. (repent and submit to the Creator God) as the SUPREME BEING. Those who do not submit or repent will experience JUDGMENT at some point down the road. Yeshua received a similar message of JUDGMENT which we today call the coming Tribulation Period. Judgment and Tribulation would arrive at some point due to mankind’s rejection of these TWO prophets ‘words’. Are we now at this point in our history? Many think we are there and I tend to agree. Reality is spiritual and our ‘words’ are the evidence of this reality. Words ultimately derive from the spiritual realm and those with discernment recognize this reality. Think on the above TWO messages described above. They could be the key to your salvation going forward! Enjoy! I am:

Our TWO prophets who still hold our planet in its clutches:

Image result for yeshua

Yeshua (fully human) and a prophet/messenger of YHWH for humanity!

Image result for Muhammad, prophet of Islam

Prophet Muhammad (fully human) a messenger of Allah for all of humanity!

Image result for yahweh or allah

The Creator God with two ‘names’ (both valid) Yahweh (Hebrew) Allah (Arabic)!

Image result for throne room of god

The invisible Creator God which rules over planet Earth and our greater material/spiritual Universe!

Image result for america'a founding documents recognize a Creator God

America’s founding is also based upon the concept of a Creator God (ultimate authority of all Earth citizens)!

Image result for the judgment of god

Judgement arrives at the appointed time and place (could be soon)! It begins with the House of Believers! America was founded upon Abraham’s Creator God!

Image result for eschatology

From beginning to end all is determined by the ultimate SOURCE (our Creator God)!

Image result for eschatology

One view of Eschatological events. There are many subjective views to evaluate. The message, however, is mostly valid IMO! The End Times (God’s Judgment) is relentlessly arriving for planet Earth. Those with ‘eyes’ to ‘see’ recognize this reality!

Image result for the end times is now

October 8, 2016 could be ONE sign that the End Times is near or possibly here!

Image result for the end times is now

The End Times judgement could start in the Middle East area of our planet! Watch!

Image result for syrian holocaust

Who was responsible for the Middle East holocaust? America?

Image result for the end times is now

November 8, 2016 was a prophetic event in the mind’s of many!

Image result for obama expels russians

Sanctions (expelling diplomats) can not create ‘peace’ and ‘happiness’! Our leaders are mostly deceived about how to bring our planet ‘peace’!

Related image

Click (on image above) for signs of change (Scientific events, cultural events, etc.) suggesting Judgment ahead! and 

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  1. therooster permalink
    December 31, 2016 2:54 pm

    The wisemen were from Iran ….. never forget the gifts of the magi


  2. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob. permalink
    January 4, 2017 11:58 pm

    Jesus and Muhammad,peace and blessing be upon them,are brothers in faith.During Jesus prophethood,mankind followed his teachings.After him,came Muhammad,peace and blessing be upon him,with the same basic command of submission to The One Creator.The best reconciliation is to follow the prophet who came after Jesus.Logically The One Creator would not send another prophet if the teaching of prophet Jesus,peace be upon him,is complete and relevent to mankind until end of time.


    • January 5, 2017 9:58 am

      I agree to some extent. Yeshua did desire the Gospel of our Creator to be primary. Muhammad confirmed the concept of our Creator. His followers, however, have expanded his message beyond the core issue. Shari’a law is not a valid political philosophy. Yeshua would reject this philosophy, as would Muhammad..If living today. D


    • therooster permalink
      January 5, 2017 9:59 am

      I don’t believe that God would ever consolidate the truth in one dimension. The truth was divided in order to protect it. The messenger can be sacrificed. It’s the word that lives.


      • January 5, 2017 10:24 am

        Dan: What do you mean by “consolidating truth in one dimension”. Don’t follow your logic? D

        On Jan 5, 2017 9:59 AM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



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