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Three ‘Concepts’ which “I” created (invented) around 3,000 B.C.E. or thereabouts!

December 26, 2016

Image result for sumerian civilization mapAround 3200 B.C., civilization began in two separate areas. In a location that the world now knows as Iraq, the Sumerians settled to form Mesopotamia. In North Africa, ancient Egypt began to form along the Nile Valley.

Image result for where was the garden of edenThe possible location where our first parents were created (and given ‘consciousness’)! This is now supported by logic, reason, and bio-genesis!

What is man, that thou art mindful of him? Can the physical universe exist without ‘consciousness’? I would suggest NO. How can ‘I’ develop any meaning to reality without first having ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’? Can you or ‘I’ develop any meaning without ‘consciousness’? Consciousness and awareness (it would seem) is required for me/you to see, think, observe objects, and to create word concepts with meaning and nuance. Consciousness is required for verbal communication and for human relationships (also for religion, education, and science).

So when did ‘consciousness’ arise? What precisely is ‘consciousness’? My view is that ‘consciousness’ arose soon after ‘man’ was originally created (let’s assume this occurred around 6,000 {+-} sun revolutions prior to today). Each sun revolution has been defined to mean one (1) year. This definition (of ‘time’) probably started back around 3,000 B.C. {+-} with the Sumerian civilization. The Sumerian civilization probably started concepts like ‘time’, ‘value’, and ‘money’. These folks were ‘conscious’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘aware’ (given what archaeological evidence has produced)!

As I look back at prior human thinking, like that of the Sumerians (around 3,000 to 3,500 B.C.E), I can ‘assume’ that a person similar to me lived on this planet (say Mr. Gilgamesh) and survived much as I do today. Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health care were likely needs which everyone (at that time) focused upon. Conscious man (an ancestor of ‘I’) demonstrated ‘consciousness’ and ‘thinking’ so as to survive via mostly agriculture and hand-made objects for improving economic growth.

With ‘consciousness’developed (assume that ‘I’ is being used as a uni-plural pronoun for purposes of this missive), ‘I’ could reveal what was ‘invented’ some 5,000 revolutions of our sun (years) prior to today. ‘I’ became aware of a need for this concept which we call ‘time’. Time (this concept) did not exist (let’s say) prior to its invention by me. Consciousness and awareness are necessary if this concept called ‘time’ is to have any meaning. So ‘I’ invented this concept around 3,000 B.C.E. (let’s assume) so that ‘I’ could better plant my grain crops and harvest my various agricultural products. Does this make sense?

Around 3,000 B.C.E. when ‘I’ invented this concept called ‘time’ (from my consciousness) planet earth was present and actively revolving around our Sun. ‘I’ was living on this planet at the time. The material planet which ‘I’ now call earth existed (I presume) in 3,000 B.C.E. and was moving through space as it does today. Man (our first parents) were created (I am assuming) some 6,000 [+-} sun revolutions (years) prior to today or some 1,000 years prior to when ‘I’ invented this concept called ‘time’.

Conscious man (the first ‘I’) was created by a ‘conscious’ intelligence which we now call God, The Creator, or the Higher Power. How can ‘consciousness’ arise without a prior SOURCE which is also ‘conscious’ as the giver? Give this some thought. Consciousness can not emerge from a ‘stone’ (matter) IMO. It was our Creator (with his consciousness) who imbued ‘I’ with my ‘consciousness’…at the moment of creation (does this make sense)? The Creator then gave ‘I’ a name…like Adam (or similar). ‘I’ then could observe, think, talk, and invent concepts therefrom. Prior to ‘consciousness’, however’ not even the PLANET (or any other observations) could exist or have meaning (to anyone other than God).

All objects (in the sky above or on the surface of planet earth) would have zero meaning if ‘I’ was not FIRST of all conscious. So what is this aura called ‘consciousness’? Is it a ‘thing’ which exists in space/time as a material item? Is it a ‘tangible’ object to be identified? Is it a ‘substance’ which ‘I’ can see or sense with my five senses? My sense is that my ‘consciousness’ is really ‘no thing’ (nothing with substance or of a material nature) and might best be described as of a ‘spiritual’ nature. Consciousness is like ‘cyberspace’ (today) in that it is not visible or tangible directly.

Consciousness can be thought of as a ‘spiritual’ and/or a ‘metaphysical’ aura which gives ‘I’  (you and me) life and meaning. Without consciousness ‘I’ could not act or live with any meaning or purpose. Consciousness is absolutely fundamental to life and meaning. Where did this ‘aura’ (invisible source) derive from? ‘I’ would personally suggest that a conscious CREATOR (a Higher Conscious Being) was the originator of my/your consciousness. Call this source the ‘Potter’! That would make ‘I’ (the created) the ‘Clay’! The Creator gave ‘I’ consciousness and starting awareness!

So what other concepts did ‘I’ invent back around 3,000 B.C.E. during my life as a Sumerian (let’s continue this mystery). What happened is that ‘I’ also ‘invented’ these concepts called ‘value’ and ‘money’. Why did I do this? I would suggest that ‘I’ did this as ‘I’ owned (occupied) private land and had animals. Others (around me) also owned similar land and animals. This reality led to a conscious relationship with others for survival. Private property, production, land, animals started the marketplace of exchange back in 3,000 B.C.E. over in Sumer (now called Iraq).

What then happened was that trade emerged between people. To trade between people, ‘I’ also invented the idea called ‘value in exchange’ (what we now call price discovery) and then ‘I’ invented money to serve as a physical proxy for this conscious (invisible) concept called ‘value in exchange’. All these concepts were ‘invented’ by a conscious ‘I’ to facilitate relationships between people so that economic progress could develop. The source of all this progress was prior ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’. Consciousness allows meaning/communication to develop and grow over time.

So let’s summarize these three ‘invented’ concepts which ‘I’ invented and implemented some 3,000 to 3,50o revolutions of our sun (years) prior to today! Prior to consciousness their was NO ‘time’, ‘value’, or ‘money’. Concepts require ‘consciousness’. All these concepts (time, value, money) emerged from a ‘conscious’ ‘I’ and then got defined so that these concepts had meaning and relevance. I am assuming (for this missive) that ‘I’ invented and spoke these words back around 3,000 B.C.E. and then these words got defined and promulgated. ‘I’ was the original source of these concepts of the mind.

Time (this concept) was meant to help me and others with seasons and planting of our crops (agricultural needs). In reality, ‘time’ does not exist separate from ‘consciousness’. Time, this name, was associated with a prior observational concept called ‘motion’. I could observe that planet earth moved in space and this ‘motion’ in space helped me discern (and define) ‘time’ as specific ‘units’ of motion. One observed ‘spin’ of planet earth ‘I’ gave the ‘name’ DAY. One observed revolution of the object called Moon ‘I’ gave the ‘name’ MONTH. And one observed revolution of the planet around the Sun I gave the ‘name’ YEAR. The result was that ‘I’ invented this concept (time) for others to comprehend and continue.

Later ‘I’ invented this concept called ‘value in exchange’ and this concept called ‘money. All this was done as ‘I’ observed human behavior within a marketplace. Products were exchanged for (value) and then for (money). A marketplace emerged for economic exchange. I then defined these concepts (value and money) so that economic progress could emerge for everyone. In reality, all perceptions and definitions of reality emerge from prior ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’. And consciousness is absolutely ‘fundamental’ to all reality, meaning, and observations.

Consciousness, to an ‘I’ person, is a ‘spiritual’ aura which derives from a Higher Intelligence which has prior ‘consciousness’ to give. ‘Time’ (this concept) does not actually exist separated from consciousness…neither does ‘value’ and ‘money’. ‘I’ invented these three concepts from my consciousness (let’s assume back in 3,000 B.C.E. while living in the fertile crescent area). All this happened on this planet called ‘earth’ which existed (as a planet) many prior revolutions (years) before intelligent man.

In fact, our material planet could have existed (in the mind of God) for billions of revolutions around the created Sun (called years) prior to any conscious person being present. A planet of rock and matter does not need human consciousness to rotate, spin, and revolve. It does need a Creator God, however. Only the Higher Consciousness (the Creator) knows precisely WHEN all this happened and how. Or maybe the material universe has existed ‘Forever’ (in God’s mind). Consciousness, however, is necessary for any observation to have meaning/relevance! Think on this concept called CONSCIOUSNESS (is it fundamental) to all reality! I am:

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