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Some suggested ‘Wisdom’ for 2017 and after!

December 25, 2016

Image result for Seek Wisdom and Understanding

Image result for Seek Wisdom and Understanding

I would like to share some points of ‘wisdom’ which I have recognized as reality for some time. These bullet points will be presented in brief so each of us can ponder their meaning. Wisdom IMO is needed going forward as the world is becoming more confused and diverse each day. This is meant to be. Our global internet society is allowing billions of subjective opinions to be expressed. These opinions cover all the various beliefs which people hold as their core views of reality. Our world is now global as communication is now global. I can now talk and converse with nearly anyone on this planet via a smart phone or via all the social media websites. This is NEW and it is changing everything. Religion, Politics, Education, Science, and Philosophy are all changing daily as new points-of-view get exposed. There are NO absolute beliefs (exclusive to any culture/religion/system) which prevail over the WHOLE.  All is now ‘subjective’ and ‘changing’ with our new global situation. What does all this mean going forward? Let’s think on this for today!

Following are some of the bullet points of reality which I think are relevant for today’s world. Review and see if you agree or disagree:

  1. As human beings we ALL live in the NOW moment…and successive moments of NOW. This is fundamental to ALL reality!
  2. The PAST (this concept) is currently viewed as a NOW memory (a present moment of reflection on prior moments of NOW).
  3. The FUTURE (this concept) is viewed as a NOW expectation (an uncertain event which is mostly speculation).
  4. The TRUTH (this concept) is revealed as a ‘point-of-view’ or opinion which is uncertain at the core.
  5. Each UNIQUE person enunciates a ‘point-of-view’ and espouses a belief about what is real and what is happening.
  6. Final or absolute TRUTH, however, is impossible to express as ALL human beings are ‘subjective’ at the core with their beliefs.
  7. What is real and relevant CHANGES with perspective, understanding, knowledge, comprehension, and wisdom.
  8. Our global community now consists of some 7.4 billion points-of-view/opinions and NONE is final or absolute (in real-time).
  9. Ultimate TRUTH is beyond the ken of any human being or belief system…revealing ‘relative’ perspectives everywhere.
  10. Each life ‘situation’ reveals a ‘problem’ which then creates one’s POINT-OF-VIEW (on this ‘now’ situation).
  11. SUBJECTIVITY is our reality in 2017 as NONE can produce absolute ‘objectivity’ with their thinking or beliefs.
  12. DIFFERENT perspectives, beliefs, opinions, and points-of-view create division, confusion, and separation within society.
  13. Ultimately, human beings are ‘at effect’ on this planet as we all ‘DISCOVER’ reality as we live life in the NOW.
  14. Discoveries are continual and unique revealing a need for decision-makers to THINK in the NOW continually.
  15. All decisions must CHANGE depending on the NOW situation and the NOW problem which emerges.
  16. Being ‘at effect’ means that a HIGHER SOURCE is ‘at cause’. This Higher Source transcends our planet and senses.
  17. This means that human beings are not in ‘ultimate’ CONTROL over events. Every person is an ‘agent’ or ‘servant’.
  18. To assert a self-righteous attitude of absolute correctness in one’s BELIEFS is now foolish and unwise.
  19. Our planet is occupied with people (7.4 billion as of today)…none of which can assert an EXCLUSIVE view of reality!
  20. Our current global SYSTEM is collapsing due to the above realities and this will continue into 2017 and after.
  21. An attempt to impose one’s POLITICAL beliefs upon the marketplace can not work going forward…due to above.
  22. Political leaders (who lack the above wisdom) will create total FOLLY with their decisions and actions going forward.
  23. Making America FIRST is not a realistic policy going forward as exclusivity can not be mandated in a subjective marketplace.
  24. Making America GREAT again is also foolish as America is a mere PART of a global interconnected society.
  25. The philosophy of MIGHT makes RIGHT is another foolish policy in today’s subjective (global) world of change.
  26. Promoting a WORLD of diversity (individuality) is a WISE policy as all reality is ‘subjective’ at the core.
  27. Extending the American dream of global ‘equality’ and ‘individuality’ (at the person level) is also wise in today’s world.
  28. Promoting the Kingdom of God (this transcendent source) is also wise as this works given the above realities.
  29. Recognizing that each person is a created being, unique and different, with a transcendent mission/destiny is also wise.
  30. Creating a NEW GLOBAL SYSTEM which reflects the above realities is my WISDOM for those with ‘ears’ to hear.

Our world is now much different from any prior period in our history. Everyone is now connected globally via a web of communications and social media websites. Solving global problems must now change so that each unique person has input into this global communication network of change. Old ways of imposing mandates on others can not work going forward. Transparency is now necessary as keeping political secrets over a nation or global society is unrealistic. Political leaders need to gradually step down from power and recognize that their mission of CONTROL and MANIPULATION is mostly over (the policy of controlling events so a select vision of politicians can be implemented is total FOLLY going forward). The idea of MAN ruling this planet is FOLLY and will only lead to chaos, war, killing, and death for everyone. Think on the above principles and points of wisdom for 2017. Change is now the operative concept for 2017 and after! Enjoy! I am:


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  1. therooster permalink
    December 25, 2016 12:11 pm

    What’s NOW available , NOW that we have real-time valuation capabilities, is debt-free transactions, but debt-free without any decay or hampering of global liquidity.

    Never forget the gifts of the Magi on this Christmas day and all Christmas days to come.


    • December 25, 2016 9:09 pm

      Thanks. D

      On Dec 25, 2016 12:11 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



    • December 26, 2016 12:26 pm

      Dan: What % of monetary transactions are done using debt free money? You can give me the USA number and the global number. Thanks. D

      On Sun, Dec 25, 2016 at 12:11 PM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



      • therooster permalink
        December 26, 2016 12:49 pm

        No idea, Don, other than it is very very small as the thin edge of the wedge, but growing. The USA’s individual access to the debt-free P2P gold transfers (by mass) only started to open up in October of 2016 as seen in this news release. Since the press release, OH , TX and CO are 3 states that have granted debt-free P2P bullion transfer capabilities for the GoldMoney accounts for their residents.

        The people of the world are now adding the “Yang” to the “Yin” like light coming our of darkness in the order of creation. The full monetary model is not so flawed as it is incomplete.


      • December 26, 2016 5:11 pm

        Dan: I don’t think your model can work until the percentage of usage gets above 50%. It’s meaningless today. D On Dec 26, 2016 12:49 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



      • therooster permalink
        December 26, 2016 7:18 pm

        I disagree . You’re not being process oriented, IMO. You have to consider every new member and every new contribution to liquidity when bullion gets spent…… and then there’s the added effect of a rising gold price as the banks make recognition of their gold currency ally finding its niche. Banks will change directions by supporting gold prices when they see this market traction. They only wish they could be the introductory point, but as you have already seen, the shift and the introduction has to led by the market and must be bottom-up. Keep thinking along those lines of introduction and the truth will arrive for you. Don’t forget, there are necessary evils in “the script”.

        If you think banks don’t want gold as a currency, you’re gravely mistaken. They despise gold as a static form of savings or as an investment but fully appreciate gold’s movement and will stand ready to support the movement once they see traction in the economy. We are all looking for that elusive “kick-point support price” for market monetization and circulation. Banks will not allow gold prices to run away to the upside until they see gold’s rightful application come about in the greasing of economic wheels.

        We learn by the carrot or we learn by the stick.


      • December 27, 2016 10:02 am

        Dan: Banksters dislike gold. They like digital currencies. It’s all right in front of our eyes. The Mark of the beast economy is emerging. D

        On Dec 26, 2016 7:18 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



      • therooster permalink
        December 27, 2016 10:31 am

        Bankers like liquidity. You’re simply calling it “digital” . They make their earnings from liquidity , which is exactly why they dislike static gold when it just sits. Your reference to “digital” is fine as long as you realize that debt can be digitized like fiat currencies are, but so can assets like gold be digitized , where the mass is digitized as the unit of account.

        The MoB is God’s plan B in the event that the market does now wake up to Plan A and Plan A is a market choice to digitize and distribute asset based currency like gold.

        Are you going to tell me now that gold currency offered by GoldMoney is something that is forced on people ? It’s a market choice ! If God offers a carrot and that carrot is not received with the Grace that it is given with, God may just feel it’s time to release the stick.

        The stick has a Plan B and it won’t be by choice Don.

        Don’t confuse your marks. Time for you to hit the books again. 🙂


      • December 27, 2016 1:07 pm

        Dan: The MoB is God’s plan B in the event that the market does now wake up to Plan A and Plan A is a market choice to digitize and distribute asset based currency like gold.

        Comment: God, IMO, has only a plan A. Plan B is ‘man’s’ attempt to avoid what is determined. According to God’s plan A, money ends up being a concept of the ‘mind’ (digital) and then gets mandated upon the public to enforce a system of control over man. Gold was God’s plan when we started economics back in 3000 BCE. Today, man has abandoned this historical metal for a ‘mental abstraction’ (a digital unit within cyberspace). This ‘mental abstraction’ becomes the Mark of the Beast system. It is here NOW and will grow (if God’s plan A is authentic). I think God rules not Dan or I. D

        On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 10:31 AM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



      • therooster permalink
        December 27, 2016 2:08 pm

        Gee , Don … that’s quite a secular explanation for the MoB. Care to state what the Mark of the Lamb may look like in secular context as well ??? You’re missing a good show !

        We’re going back to gold, based on Plan A …. if we abide by our free choice as given to us by the Grace of God.

        What’s in your wallet Don … ? Tell the truth. Are you still an exclusive debt dealer in league with Satan …. a dark side dweller ? Even the elect will be fooled, Don.

        I can give many a reasons why God wants a return to gold currency, but I suspect it’s going to fall on deaf ears. You appear to be more interested in being right that being happy and in congruence with God at the same time. He does not want you to suffer, nor me.


      • December 27, 2016 6:08 pm

        Dan: My message is eventual elimination of money. Who needs money in a world of instant messaging. You and I can solve economic problems directly. D

        On Dec 27, 2016 2:08 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



      • therooster permalink
        December 27, 2016 6:24 pm

        That’s where this goes … but in steps, not in a total leap. How would trade be conducted on a market basis without some measure of value to make relative comparisons ??? You’re fantasizing now.

        The world has a price model now that can be used for debt-free trades, by using the price model for a relative comparison of values between debt-free widgets. Gold is simply a “starter” widget in this evolution, but any colored widget can be traded for any other widget. Gold is the thin end of the wedge. Follow the process because you just made a leap on that last post. Nice idea but you need a map, a compass and a vehicle. You only have a map. Goldmoney has all 3. SAME MAP ! You getting there slowly. 🙂

        In the process of creation, is it not light that emerges from darkness toward completion ?


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