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Cosmic ‘Powers’ may govern planet Earth! Let’s ‘think’ on this!

December 23, 2016

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Who ultimately controls events on this planet called Earth? We started our human journey on this planet (my assumption) with two created human beings (some 6000 years prior to today + or -) and we now enjoy some 7.4 billion human beings on this planet. The human family has grown these past 6000 years from merely TWO individuals (Adam and Eve) to the vast family which occupies our space ship today. Population projections reveal that we have progressed from ‘less’ to ‘more’. This history is somewhat opaque and clouded as this history must be discerned through ‘eyes’ which are not fully open to all the details. But the broad outline can be discerned if we desire to understand.  Do ‘I’ and ‘You’ or the established elites who seem to rule this planet actually control events and actions (in the ULTIMATE  sense)? Who actually governs over events on this planet? Are ‘we’ each in control or are we ‘out of control’ (but unaware)?

Personally, I don’t think we are in ‘full’ control! It seems obvious, to me, that none of us can fully act out our personal destiny as a FREE principle (one who is in complete control of one’s destiny). I do not really KNOW (precisely) where I came from in detail. I do not KNOW where my ‘ideas’ and my ‘thinking’ derive from. I do not KNOW where my individual ‘talents’ and ‘motivations’ come from fully. I do not KNOW why I am here on this planet or why I am a ‘white’ Caucasian person.  I do not know when events will happen which might lead to my leaving this planet (called dying). I do not KNOW how events will develop from moment to moment (health, etc.) in my life. I do not KNOW where my inner self came from fully. Basically, I do not KNOW anything with absolute assurance. Most everything has some ‘uncertainty’ to it. Socrates also concluded that life on this planet starts with ‘a question’ (?) and ends with various ‘questions’ (???). Not ‘KNOWING’ seems to be our condition! Do you also sense this reality?

Ultimately, I would suggest (my assumption) that COSMIC POWERS which transcend my/your five senses actually are controlling events on this planet. Let’s speculate on the nature of these cosmic powers which RULE over us. This is the SEASON for deep thinking on the spiritual forces and sources which govern this planet. Those of us who think deeply about our human condition recognize that events on this planet (which directly influence our family of 7.4 billion) are primarily derived from metaphysical sources. These powers are ‘unseen’ and ‘invisible’ but, nevertheless, are powerful and they do directly influencing what is happening. To discern the nature of these Cosmic Powers (sources), however, we need to adopt a Dualistic view of reality. Dualism is my philosophy and this mindset means that my ‘consciousness’ (also called my ‘mind’) is spiritual in nature and my flesh and blood ‘body/brain’ is physical (material). Note this dualism!

Dualism also proposes that life can be discerned as a series of opposites. I experience both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ on this planet as I observe events. I experience this ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ everywhere I look. Life is not all peace and happiness for everyone. The human family is involved in behaviors which I can label with ‘opposites’. Black and White, Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, and Friendly and Unfriendly. The human family of 7.4 billion consists of those who act out ‘good’ behaviors and those who act out ‘evil’ behaviors. I witness this Dualism daily as I watch, read, and listen to the NEWS. So are people of TWO core types only? Are some people ‘good’ and some ‘evil’? This appears somewhat valid (on the surface) but I think this view is misplaced when analyzed fully. In reality, ‘I’ and ‘You’ (I propose) are influenced by TWO inner spirits or natures (within us). Let’s explore further this ‘assumption’! Are there TWO ‘self’s’ within each of us?

The idea of a dualistic personality seems absurd at first. But if we think about each person’s behavior on this planet (including mine and yours) we do notice that TWO behaviors tend to emerge over time. Opposites tend to emerge as we live our lives from birth to death. Some of my behaviors (from birth to now) have been less than ‘good’ and some of my behaviors have been mostly ‘good’. I don’t like this word ‘evil’ but this word does convey that human behaviors are not always ‘good’ (totally). If ‘I’ drive my car purposely into a crowd of shoppers and kill a dozen or so (as recently over in Berlin, Germany), this behavior might be viewed as ‘evil’ to many. If ‘I’ kill hundreds of innocent civilians walking on the street over in Syria or similar, this behavior might be viewed as ‘evil’ to many. So I do witness behaviors on this planet which could be categorized into ‘opposites’. Is this reality? Do you also experience these ‘dualities’?

Yes, I do personally think that human behavior can be categorized into TWO boxes or TWO opposites in many situations. So is everyone influenced by TWO inner spirits (Cosmic Forces/Powers) which influence and directly produce these behaviors or are there two types of people with only ONE spirit within? My sense is that ‘good’ people can become ‘bad’ and I also sense that ‘bad’ people can become ‘good’. So what is at the core of all these behaviors? Where do our ‘IDEAS’ (both good and bad) derive from? Ideas produce actions and my/your ‘ideas’ are derived from my/your ‘consciousness’ (Mind). So where might these ‘ideas’ ultimately derive from? Think on this issue! Where do ‘ideas’ (both good and bad) ultimately DERIVE from? Are there COSMIC sources for these derivations? I, personally, tend to THINK so!

Cosmic POWERS (invisible and unseen) may actually RULE this planet and the 7.4 billion human beings ON this planet. This means that ULTIMATELY you and I are NOT in control of events, trends, and happenings on this planet. We are essentially ‘at effect’! Being ‘at effect’ means that we ACT after an ‘idea’ arrives into our ‘consciousness’. Invisible ‘ideas’ arrive into my/your ‘consciousness and then we ACT out the idea. Could this assumption be VALID? What do you think? Is Dualism a reality on this planet? Are we all really ‘at effect’ (unknowingly)? Are these Cosmic Powers both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ (or opposites)? Is this our PROBLEM on this planet? Maybe we are NOT in control of events and this creates the drama on this planet? Maybe dualistic COSMIC POWERS are actually in control. Think on this assumption! It seems ‘valid’ to me! Happy Holidays! Enjoy! I may NOT be in control! I am:


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