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Trumponomics: Ideas which can not work! Why?

December 22, 2016

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Donald Trump has business ideas which are good and sound (if our markets were FREE). His ideas, however, can not work in a Keynesian environment which permeates global finance. Trumponomics is currently popular as the psychology is what people think is sound. Our Keynesian economic system, however, is not based upon his type of psychology. Trump desires to spend, spend, and spend without recognizing that America’s cyber bookkeeping system is totally bankrupt. Look at our bookkeeping system at this website: Can our debt based excess continue under Trump? Our debt system has maxed out and this means that Keynesian policies are now unworkable going forward. Trump seems to ignore this reality with his new policy choices.

Trump spending consists of building the WALL, eliminating Obamacare, spending a trillion(s) $ on infrastructure (roads, bridges, airports, etc.), re-negotiating trade agreements to favor America, increasing tariffs, reducing personal and corporate taxes by billions, creating new manufacturing jobs by penalizing companies from moving to lower cost venues, creating a psychology among his advisers of putting America FIRST, and spending more billions on America’s military machinery. Are these policies which will actually work in a cycle of global collapsing debt, global cyber currencies which have no substance, banking systems which are imploding due to value destruction, and Central Bank trading activities which distort, rig, and manipulate prices via electronic gimmickry and fake money operations. I don’t think so!

As I write this missive, the media markets are pumping up all the Trumponomic policies as if utopia is around the corner. But reality is based upon how our economic system is structured. Changing the psychology is good and sound as this is needed. But we also need to recognize that changing the psychology from Keynesianism to Keynesianism on steroids is totally unworkable given the evolution which has occurred since 1934. Keynesianism started with the FDR administration and has continued for some 82 years. This cycle of spending, debt, and deficits is now mostly OVER. The derivative bubble is now some 1.5 quadrillion (globally). This bubble has limits and I would suggest that we are now at the upper limits. The game of Keynesianism is essentially OVER and even though Trumponomics sounds sound psychologically, it is unworkable as a global financial prescription when implemented.

Making America Great Again and putting America FIRST sounds good to those who lack wisdom and discernment. But for those who have lived under our Keynesian debt system (now some 82 years) Trumponomics can not work. It’s a set of policies which will collapse Keynesianism and collapse our global debt/banking bubble. Today, we have a global cyber financial system run, controlled, and rigged by our Central Banks (and their trading desks). Trumponomics will attempt to change this model with NO PAIN and mere psychological gains. When he actually tries to IMPLEMENT his economic scheme, then we will witness the financial collapse of all history. Keynesianism has evolved into a serious disease which must first collapse before a NEW scheme can be implemented. I am pleased that Mr. Trump has grandiose ideas about fixing our system, but he seems totally UNAWARE of the consequences which must first emerge.

The issues of prior excess must first be recognized and internalized if one is to understand what needs to change. The excesses of prior Keynesian policies can be witnessed at this website: Check out the $20 trillion of National Debt. Check out the current deficits of nearly $600 billion. Check out the total national and consumer debt of some $67 trillion. Check out the number of workers on Food Stamps, in Poverty, and Dependent upon government hand-out policies. Check out the derivative bubble and the Central Bank QE gimmicks. Check out the history of our Central Banks and their current policies of cyber money creations. Look at economics from a GLOBAL perspective which now reveals our interconnectedness. The game of Keynesianism is now OVER for those who comprehend our HISTORY. Trumponomics sounds good but it is unworkable if implemented. My opinion/viewpoint! Think for yourself! I am:

Additional data for your consideration:

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It all sounds good and it pumps up psychology prior to implementation! But the consequences will be much different!





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  1. December 22, 2016 11:33 am

    Trump’s knowledge of the liquidity system that uses gold in the real economy would allow for all his perceived spending plans , with the only variable being whether there would come about quite as a quickly as he might like.

    Fortunately , Trump has the business and marketing background to gently bring people toward gold-as-currency where market gold is entering into real economy by way of grass roots spending. The grass roots connect well with DT and it’s the grass roots that will solve the financial problems of overwhelming debt levels by continually entering debt-free gold currency into circulation and safely allowing debt based fiat currency (USD’s) to leave circulation and have that debt destroyed.

    These answers cannot come from the apex of power but must come from the market.


    • December 22, 2016 11:38 am

      Agree. They can’t come from the Apex of power. D

      On Dec 22, 2016 11:33 AM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



      • December 22, 2016 11:46 am

        We must be as wise as serpents, yet as gentle as doves….. especially when we have markets with real-time pricing to consider.


  2. December 22, 2016 11:57 am

    And based on this timely announcement that integrates goldmoney with the Royal Canadian Mint’s willingness to partner by holding customers’ personal sovereign gold property, don’t think for a moment that the powers-that-be are against the idea of grass roots market gold currency. They may despise static gold that sits in hoards and contributes nothing to real economy, but they love it when it supports economic activity. Gold currency completes the long awaited “economic circuit.”.

    Note the date :

    Merry Christmas. 🙂


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