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‘Algorithms’ Slam Silver/Gold Again!

December 20, 2016


Image result for price slam of silver and gold via algorithms, promote digital currencies

Algorithms now slam gold/silver prices whenever the riggers desire for this to happen! Free markets (controlled by human beings) have been replaced by trading algorithms and Central Bank manipulations! Wake-up to a new regime!

The mischief of our Central Banks continues within the silver/gold markets. Today, algorithms slammed the prices to new lows so as to promote our digital currencies and our index stock markets. This has now continued for some 5+ years and this creates unsustainable costs for our miners and producers. The ‘value’ of underground deposits decline and the ‘value’ of future benefits from these markets decline. All this happens as real supply/demand no longer is allowed to function in these markets. Is there a ‘reason’ for this price suppression?

Our Globex Electronic Exchange and similar exchanges can be used to SLAM these precious metals prices whenever our Central Bank elites desire for this to happen. Geo-political events also do not change the market conditions as ‘algorithms’ and ‘source codes’ can be used to slam the prices whenever desired. Trading within our Futures Markets (like the Globex) provide the venues for those who desire to promote alternative currencies to grow the NWO and suppress our Constitutional currencies (which were silver/gold and/or paper tied to silver/gold). Our markets have changed and few seem to notice.

Trading today is via algorithms and source codes for most of our trading volume. The estimate is that 70% of all trading is now automated trading. Computers, source codes, algorithms, and High Frequency Trading executions create our prices and our various index markets. All is now within cyberspace and speed of light frequencies create the changes in prices from moment to moment. Supply and Demand functions in very few markets. Manipulation of prices via computer trading has mostly replaced the historical human/emotional trading where supply/demand and human negotiations prevailed. Electronic trading is now ubiquitous and global.

I do not see any change in this situation without a serious rejection of our current system by our trading community. The high level authorities (mostly Central Banks) have chosen this electronic trading system and they now desire that it grow globally to replace all historical paper and metal monies. We see what is happening over in India, Venezuela, Europe, Africa, Australia, and North/South America. Central Banks have assumed control of our markets and their interconnected network of computers (now global) are replacing the historical human trading markets. Central Bank manipulations can now supposedly prevent another down cycle!

Can the historical business cycle also be replaced with machine driven computers so that emotion is removed from our markets? Can trading software and algorithms change all markets so that emotion and cycles are replaced with mechanical price outcomes? This seems to be the mindset of those in control of our markets. They seem to desire the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system for the entire planet. Enslavement to digits and numbers…created artificially by a few elites operating behind closed doors seems to be the NEW system. Elimination of silver/gold as a ‘thermometer’ for revealing global economic health is now the mantra (for our elites who control/manipulate/rig our markets). A DOW of 20,000 is soon here and then what (50,000)?

Our Dow Index is soon at 20,000 and this is accomplished by pumping up all our electronic markets (mostly using source codes and algorithms as the means). Machines drive all the interconnected electronic markets today (now some 45 global electronic exchanges). Trading is done at the speed of light and via HFT computers which enter/exit trades in milliseconds. Is any of this viable for creating economic prosperity for the many on this planet? I don’t think so! Digits in the computer screen are NOT wealth. Imaginary money ($$$$$$$) can not create prosperity for our planet and its people’s (forever).

Prepare for the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system as this is what our elites within our Central Banks desire. Mr. Trump is also playing on this Keynesian theme (more debt and pump-priming) with all his selections for his economic advisers. The system, folks, is totally ‘rigged’ for the benefit of our elites who desire to create a New World Order (under the model promoted by Henry Kissinger). Henry is behind this entire Agenda 2030 system which creates a planet of ENSLAVED human beings. Check out the Trump economic team and discover that he is another Billionaire despot (underneath his posturing to ‘make America great again’ is more financial corruption)! My opinion! Hope I am proven wrong! I am:

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