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Market ‘change’ creates THREE types of personalities!

December 19, 2016

Image result for patriots, loyalists, and non-committed (during war for independence)

Image result for patriots, loyalists, and non-committed (during war for independence)

Image result for patriots, loyalists, and non-committed (during war for independence)

A review of our founding from 1772 to 1812 will reveal that Americans could be segmented into THREE general types of personalities during this time period. Our desire for independence via the revolutionary war produced these three types of personalities. Human nature is what creates our personalities…and situations tend to produce responses and the various personality types within our marketplace. Some people are (for example) natural fighters who act in a situation, however, the vast majority of people are generally more passive when it comes to challenging an entrenched opponent. So what happened in our new country during this time of  this serious change during our founding?

The Revolutionary War was a battle for liberty and independence from a strong ruling parliament which desired to impose their WILL on the young American marketplace. King George III and his governmental proxies desired to impose taxes, currency regulations, trade regulations, justice and moral codes, and a host of other mandates upon our colonial citizens. At the time Britain ruled the planet (mostly) with their might and rule-making system. Britain, France, Spain, and Germany were all strong actors on the international stage. America was viewed as a colony which must bow (forever) to the dictates and ideologies of these rule-making systems.

This situation back in 1772 to 1812 (especially) produced three personality types among the American populace. We can identify these three as follows:

  1. Patriots – those who desired independence (now), liberty (now), and a new separate nation for the 2.5 million people occupying land on the eastern shores of our country.
  2. Loyalists – those who desired not to rock the boat with Britain and her strong governmental proxies. These people fought against personality type #1 (mostly).
  3. Non-committed – those who simply did not have the stomach for fighting (physically or intellectually) with the status quo establishment which ruled over them. An example of this personality type could be the Quakers and similar religious groups.

John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine all produced evidence from their observations during this time period which suggests that these three personality types could be divided into thirds (approximately). Others have suggested various percentages which vary slightly from John Adams perceptions. But we can certainly identify three different personality types which predominated during our founding. I would suggest that these three personality types are still present in today’s marketplace. I witness them everywhere I go. We might choose different labels to describe these three types but the end result is rather similar.

Patriots are generally those who put liberty, freedom, and independence for the individual as a ‘value’ which is inviolable. The fight on this planet (according to patriots) is for ‘individual’ freedom and liberty… and anyone who imposes their rule-making mandates on these individuals generally will be challenged at some point. Loyalists today are those personality types who desire more governmental hand-outs and entitlements from the rule-making system and her proxies. The governments (according to loyalists) are viewed as supreme and challenging these rule makers and their mandates is viewed as fruitless. The other third personality type are all the non-committed (watchers) who just say ‘don’t rock this boat’. Wait for the 2nd coming of Jesus!

I witness these three personality types today on all our social media websites, our various governmental deliberations within our Congress, and within all the various religious denominations which espouse change but can not get off their church chairs to challenge the current system. The vast majority of religious folks will fall within the third personality group called the non-committed (watchers). They preach change but refuse to act to create meaningful change. The general attitude is that they need to ‘wait’ for the 2nd coming of their messiah for meaningful change. Let this source from above (the spiritual heavens) come and SAVE us (is their mantra)!

It is interesting to witness these three personality types in action. A good website to observe human behavior (human nature) is Facebook. I like to post on this website to see how other personality types will respond to my challenges. I generally find that a few (less than 1/3) could be viewed as Patriots (this personality type). Then there is another 1/3 or so which seem very Loyal to the current democratic governmental system (as is). These folks will not desire to ‘rock the boat’ to upset the status quo seriously. They want positive responses to all their proposals and dogmas. Just be ‘nice’ to everyone and don’t ‘rock the boat’! Then there is the non-committed group (similar to the Quakers at our founding) who want change but not a type of change which will require THEM to change. Change the ‘other’ but NOT me!

I find that most religious groups reveal all these three personality types (rather clearly) and today I would divide these groups into those who see a trial, tribulation, wrath period on the horizon (spiritually), those who do not see any major change on the horizon but more of the same going forward, and those who are confused and non-committed to any type of challenge to the existing corrupt governmental systems. My sense is that 20% of the people fall into the Patriot category (they want immediate serious change), 40% fall into the Loyalist category (don’t ‘rock the boat’), and 40% fall into the non-committed (don’t try to change me) category. Generally, human nature has NOT changed from our founding some 240 years prior to today!

We live as before because HUMAN NATURE tends to remain the same over all history. Think about the above three personality groups and see if you can identify these folks within your venues. Put a percentage on your observations so that you can discern who are ‘patriots’ (challengers), who are ‘loyalists’ (don’t rock the boat types), and who are ‘non-committed’ types (stay positive and don’t try to change me). My sense is that the perception of Adams, Jefferson, and Paine will hold true for today also. My personality type is obviously a Patriot type as I desire serious change NOW! I see the SYSTEM as corrupt and it needs to be abolished! Anyway, put yourself within one of these three personality types! Enjoy! I am:

The mindset of most of our 2 billion religious folks (sitting in the pews and doing nothing):

Image result for church goers in their pews at church


Image result for religious folks sitting in their pews and doing nothing

Image result for religious folks sitting in their pews and doing nothing

Image result for 2nd coming of jesus

Wait for the 2nd coming (sit in my pew)…can’t do anything now! I can’t change myself! Which personality type am ‘I’?

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