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PAST and FUTURE – Revealed by ‘NOW’ memories!

December 18, 2016

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I have been reading much from the Revolutionary War period about a select group of Americans who chose to confront the British political leaders (headed by King George III and his henchmen). The many enslavement policies being imposed (by the British) on the colonies were tolerated by most. Why? Most did not desire to confront the British Authorities who were imposing their will on the many American settlers. How many Americans (back at our founding) actually supported the colonial Revolution and were serious about creating a New Republic called America? What would be your guess?

My various history books from grade school implied that nearly everyone desired that our fighters win this war with Britain. Everyone (mostly) wanted a New nation and freedom from the Crown and the impositions from this ruling body! But was this the reality in 1774 – 1783? Was this reality even up until 1812? It now appears that the history written back in the 1940’s (by my educators) does not reveal what current educators are describing for this historical period. Why does ‘history’ change from generation to generation? Who understands what is actually happening and what the reasons are which lead to change? It appears that NOW thinking continually changes my PAST thinking!

In reality (it NOW appears), there were only some 30 – 40% of settlers within the colonies which seriously desired separation from Britain. A general breakdown supplied by John Adams (when his written thoughts are internalized) was that 1/3 wanted separation (were called Patriots), 1/3 were Loyalists (wanted British rule), and 1/3 were non-committed (Quakers or similar). The estimates vary from 30 -40% being Patriots, 25% – 35% being Loyalists, to 30 – 45% being Non-committed (of a Quaker mentality). Major cities, like New York, were primarily Loyalists and this included most parts of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania.

So what really happened back during our Revolutionary War period. Can any historian actually KNOW with accuracy? What actually happens is that we ALL tend to change our views as we better understand NOW realities. As human beings we do not live as our educators have programmed us (with a ‘past/future’ thinking). In reality, we live continually in the NOW (present moment) with our THINKING and this means that the NOW perceptions are what give us memories and logic about the PAST. This goes equally about the FUTURE. I and you live continually in the ‘now’ and ‘successive moments of now’. Think on this for a minute!

What is the lesson from the above philosophy? What can I learn from this philosophy? To me the lesson is that I live continually in the NOW (and successive moments of ‘now’) ALWAYS…and there is NO ‘past’ or ‘future’ which I experience (directly). I would suggest that YOU also must have this experience. NOW realities reveal what is real (continually) and our ‘memories’ (past/future) are fleeting and deceptive.This is reality and this means that the mindset of a ‘past/future’ is mostly illusory thinking. Those who THINK as if there is a ‘past’ and a ‘future’ think with a mindset that is illusory and delusional. In reality, there is NO ‘past’ or ‘future’ that I/You experience. Think about this for a minute or so!

To discern what is real we need to THINK in the NOW always. The idea of a PAST should be thought of as a ‘now memory’ (which changes with new ‘now’ information). The idea of a ‘future’ should be also viewed as a ‘now memory/expectation’. There is NO real PAST or real FUTURE that any of us experience on this planet (that is my message)! Think about how we actually LIVE our lives. We live and breathe in the NOW (always and forever). So what does all this mean? To me this is extremely important as a thinker. This means that what I observe, see, perceive, and recognize (right NOW) is reality! Any idea or concept which is not present and recognizable NOW could lead me into illusory and/or delusional thinking!

Let’s, for example, take the concept of ‘money’ and our ‘dollar’ to illustrate these realities. What is our ‘dollar’ (right NOW)? What is ‘money’ (right NOW)? Can anyone observe an object or thing (right NOW) which can be identified as a ‘dollar’ (our so-called legal tender unit)? Can anyone on this planet (right NOW) identify or locate this concept which we call ‘money’? Where is it? What is it? Why am I unable to ‘see’ it NOW? Why am I unable to ‘locate’ it NOW? Why does this legal tender unit called the ‘dollar’ ($1) evade my observation (right NOW)? Think on this for a few minutes! If reality is NOW (always…which it is), then why can I not ‘observe’, ‘see’, ‘identify’ this supposed thing called the ‘dollar’ ($1)? Why can not I also identify this so-called thing called ‘money’? Just what is real and what is an illusion?

If reality is NOW then all that can not be specifically identified right NOW could be called illusory to some degree (or delusional). As of NOW, I am unable to find or locate this assumed ‘thing’ called the ‘dollar’ and/or ‘money’…yet I know that most everyone THINKS that the ‘dollar’ and ‘money’ are real and present. So why this deception in our THINKING? Why do most THINK that a ‘dollar’ is real when I (and you) can not find or locate this item anywhere? Why can not anyone find this thing called ‘money’ anywhere? My sense is that most people DO NOT recognize that the NOW is reality! The vast majority of people THINK that there is a PAST and a FUTURE (and this is how they THINK)! This, to me, is delusional and/or illusory!

Our thinking is what leads to our decisions and our thinking is what provides us with our sense of REALITY. Since few actually THINK that the NOW is reality, this leads them to this mindset of a ‘past/future’. This mindset, I propose, is an ILLUSION when understood. Our thinking needs to focus on the NOW (always) as being reflective of reality. If I accept this mindset, then a concept like ‘dollar’ vanishes into my memory (spirit) and disappears immediately. If I accept this mindset, then a concept like ‘money’ vanishes into my memory (spirit) and also disappears. This ILLUSION of a currency unit ($1) which exists and a concept like money which exists VANISHES and disappears (into my spirit). I suggest that this will also happen to YOU!

Think on this ‘thinking’ and see if it makes sense to you. Is reality a NOW experience (always)? Do we live continually in the NOW (and successive moments of NOW)? Is this concept called the PAST (an allusion)? Is this concept called the FUTURE (an allusion)? Can anyone ‘walk’ on water (NOW)? Is Santa Claus a body which we can identify NOW? Think about ‘thinking’ in the NOW! Make this concept called THE NOW the reference point for what is REAL and what is not. If we can not identify a concept like ‘dollar’ within our space/time universe NOW, then what is it? Where is it? Think of the INNER (one’s consciousness) as one’s spirit. Think of the OUTER (the material realm) as that which has substance. That is my missive for today! I am:

Money should be viewed as AN illusion!

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Symbols are not really there (observable)! Think on this!

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The ‘numbers’ engraved on paper are supposedly ‘money’. But are they?

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Symbols/numbers within our computer screens are ‘what’ (in reality)???

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The wisdom of Socrates started with questions! Question what is real and what is an illusion! I do this daily!


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