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Exclude California and Trump wins POPULAR vote!

December 18, 2016

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Based on current numbers (excluding the Left coast, California) Hillary’s final popular vote is: 56,992,756. Trump’s final popular vote is: 58,420,872. This means that Trump wins the popular vote within the 49 States of America (excluding California) by 1,428,116. This is amazing as many would suggest that the voters within California are heavily biased to Democrats (due mostly to demographics). Only some 7.4 million voters (56%) of the total vote count of 13.2 million were white voters. Most of the non-white voters were Spanish-speaking. Some 39% of voters in California are Spanish-speaking (with most voting for Hillary). This reveals that the demographics in California are very unique compared to the other 49 states.

It appears that approximately 71% of all the Latino’s voted for Hillary. This makes sense as many of these voters need government entitlements to support their incomes. This means that approximately 3.6 million extra votes went to Hillary as compared to Trump among just Latino’s (in California). This demonstrates that non-whites (who speak Spanish) were huge supporters of Hillary and non-supporters of Trump. If we exclude California from the 50 state union (because of its special demographics) and focus on the 49 states (for a sense of America’s historical values) then Trump is the overwhelming winner for our 45th President of the United States of America.

Our media, however, play up the win in the 50 state popular vote without differentiating between the various states. California is a special state in many respects with some 38 -43% of all residents being of Spanish origin. As of 2015, California has the largest minority population in the United States. Non-Hispanic whites decreased from about 76.3 – 78% of the state’s population in 1970[15] to 38.0% in 2015. This is huge.  California also has the largest populations of Hispanics/Latinos in the country. Most of the state’s Latinos have Mexican ancestry, having the largest Mexican population in the United States, making up about 31 percent of the state population. These voters are natural for a candidate like Hillary who advocates entitlements and dependency issues for voters.

The final count on states gives Hillary 20 states and the Donald 30 states. Donald ends up with 306 electoral votes and Hillary ends up with 252. It appears from all the statistics now available that our 45th President is Donald J. Trump. California is now calling for a Calexit from the U.S. This reveals their mindset. There is no clear path for this to happen but it does reveal that the demographics in California are not Trump fans. It does make sense, to me, that California should be separated when it comes to the ‘overall’ popularity of our TWO candidates to be President. The 49 states reveal that the Donald is representing America more completely than would Hillary. Enjoy these nuances! I am:


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