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Don’t Blame Russia – Blame this American!

December 17, 2016

Image result for james comey hillary clinton

Image result for james comey says new evidence may have surfaced with Huma Abedin

Image result for james comey says new evidence may have surfaced with Huma Abedin

If our politicians and democratic operatives desire to ‘blame’ anyone for Hillary’s loss they should ‘blame’ James Comey. This Director of the FBI formally (but unofficially) ‘indicted’ (but didn’t) Hillary Clinton for serious wrong doings with her emails and then started a 2nd procedure which appeared to be based on additional evidence with her various proxies (such as Huma Abedin). It was this American, James Comey, who had some psychological influence on the election events (not Russia or Putin). Give this some consideration in your thinking!

Our politicians, however, like to ‘blame’ a supposed enemy with scarce if no evidence rather than ‘blaming’ an American who had obvious impact. This mindset of Hillary/Obama and numerous democratic operatives is now leading to serious negative relations with Russia (with no hard evidence) and this is very dangerous. Russia is another ‘false flag’ which our politicians like to insert into the arena when ‘blaming’ themselves is not allowed. The real culprit in all this mess is Hillary and her many email escapades which everyone felt were her personal problem (along with many additional issues with her behavior).

Personally, many of my coffee group thinkers at the clubhouse recognized that it was James Comey and his doings which exposed the many flaws within the Hillary political camp. Hillary has no-one to blame but herself IMO. Her behavior for years was being revealed by our public media sources and most of this occurred after James Comey had publicly ‘indicted’ her (it seemed) for serious wrong doings with her email situation. The legal situation never was allowed to surface…as ‘intent’ was the legal concept which Comey could not prove. Intent, however, seemed obvious to many of us!

We now wait for what is going to happen with the electoral college this coming Monday, December 19. Trump appears to have won some 306 electoral votes and Hillary some 252. The Donald appears to have won 37 states and Hillary 13. Hillary has some 2 million more popular votes (due to her huge win in the state of California). But our Constitution does not allow the popular vote to count as this result does not reflect ‘fairly’ on all the various sections of our country which are rural in nature and where voters have different inclinations about life and the American way. Huge cities have different political issues to evaluate!

It is now time to stop all the banter about Russia being the problem as it really was James Comey who had some influence (maybe a major influence) on this election. Overall, however, I did not vote based on the Comey comedy as I could not support Hillary irrespective of Comey’s actions. I also know many others at my venue who viewed the Comey comedy as a significant event when push comes to shove. It is now time to allow the Donald to assume the Presidency and implement his various policies. My sense is that our country is extremely polarized and this means that governing will be next to impossible going forward. Think on this! I am:


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