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Hillary wins in five cities in California by 2 million votes!

December 16, 2016

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The current count of our popular vote in America is 64.2 million for Hillary and 62.2 million for the Donald. But let’s think about where Hillary received her votes. If we look only at California (one of 50 states) we can count some 4.2 million extra votes for Hillary in California. Hillary received 8,753,788 total votes in California. Trump received 4,483,810. The difference is 4,269,978. So California and their voters are what gave Hillary her lead in the popular vote. She claimed the voters in California (mostly Latinos and similar) and this is what gave her the popular vote.

If we were to exclude five cities in California then Trump would also win the total popular vote nationally. This is amazing. Who are these voters in California who voted for Hillary? The five cities in California which gave Hillary most of the popular vote excess were: Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara, Contra Costa (county), and San Francisco. The voters in just these five cities provided Hillary with the win in our popular vote. And California, as a State, is what provided Hillary the 2.0 million excess votes overall.

The Hillary crowd is now trying to cancel our election by getting select electors (some 37 electors) to vote for someone other than Trump. This happens on December 19 (Monday). Is this a game of corruption or what? Trump won fairly by winning 37 states with Hillary winning 13 states. This win of Mr. Trump is now in doubt as the Hillary proxies are out to cancel this election result. Is this the America I grew up in? It appears that America has changed from a Republic founded by our founders to a mixture of people who desire to abolish our history and destiny.

We now need to think about what is happening to America (the U.S.A.) and ask if the END of America is here. My sense is that America is now over and chaos is what is emerging rapidly. Chaos is what I sense coming in 2017. Once our financial markets crash (coming soon) then the game of America is OVER. We will need to create a NEW system for our country. Think about what is now happening and the consequences which are developing. America is mostly OVER and a new system must now emerge! Get ready for some Chaos! I am:


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