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The ‘Russians’ are coming! The ‘Russians’ are coming!

December 15, 2016

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Hillary lost to the American voters (306 to 252) but now the mantra is: The Russians are responsible for her loss! It is the Russians (like Mr. Putin) who has hacked emails and other sensitive information so as to publicize the various corruptions of Hillary and the Obama administration. This then led to Hillary’s rejection at the polls on November 8. So now the response from the Hillary supporters is to try cancel the electoral votes (December 19) so that the Donald can not serve as American’s President. Is this revealing of politicians and their ilk? I think so! What we have in America is a blame game going where corrupt politicians and their proxies desire to create their own election ‘truth’ (ignoring the citizens and their voices which rejected the current establishment).

What a shame on all these political rulers and their proxies. Politics is all about achieving a position of Authority so as to ‘impose’ one’s WILL upon the many. The entire SYSTEM is now so corrupt that it is becoming impossible to support this corruption further (for those of us who have internalized all the prior debasement). Whoever ends up ruling over the 320 million Americans in 2017 will likely continue this corruption and intrigue. I don’t believe that the Donald and his administration will improve (significantly) the serious corruptions within our governmental SYSTEM. Why? Because ‘money’ rules over this system and our monetary corruptions are at the core of all this corruption and criminality.

To change our situation, the American people would need to get to the ‘root’ of our many problems (money and all the corruptions within our financial operations). We would need to understand why our corrupt financial administrators are in cahoots with select political operatives who benefit from these factors. We would need to understand why real change begins at the TOP. Those who rule at the TOP have created our current situation IMO. Follow the ‘money’ and one will discover that this ‘tool’ (money) allows all this corruption to continue. I predict that ‘nothing’ meaningful will change in 2017 as the ‘root’ of our problems are not being dealt with.

If you desire to understand what is happening at the macro-level, you would need to comprehend the history of our Federal Reserve and their corrupt operation and then the select operatives who work with these manipulators. Our problem is not people (although people are part of the issue), the bigger problem is our corrupt SYSTEM. It is the SYSTEM which allows all the corruptions and shenanigans. The starting point in all this is to put media attention on the SOURCE of our corrupt financial system…namely the Federal Reserve Bankster operations. Money does rule over this planet and Central Banks are at the CORE of our problems. Think on this! I am:

P.S. Start with a review of our current financial situation:

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