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Economics/Finance is based upon ‘Dualism’!

December 14, 2016


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Are you aware that the concepts of my mind (including the ‘numbers’ which I use to calculate price/value) are not physical ‘things’ which exist? Are you aware that our legal tender currencies (today) are mere ‘numbers’ (units of consciousness) with no ‘tie’ to matter/mass? We call our ‘dollar’ unit a currency and it gets created from the MIND of our bankers via a decision. We call the ‘pound’ and the ‘euro’ a legal tender unit for trade and valuation. But what are these units (in reality)? Are you aware that these currency units (the dollar, pound, euro) are really ‘imaginary’ units (of our thinking) which do not ‘exist’ within our space/time universe? Give this idea some reflection to discern what I am saying.

I and You live within TWO realms of reality daily and continuously (this is Dualism). Many of us do not think about our ‘thinking’. This is unfortunate! What we need to understand is that we ALL live with a philosophy called ‘Dualism’ (daily) and this mindset is ubiquitous within economics and finance. We ‘value’ our products and services with ‘numbers’ (called legal tender) which technically DO NOT ‘exist’ within our space/time universe. Numbers (in reality) are units of my/your ‘consciousness’ and they derive from our MIND’S. Numbers are now our ‘legal tender’ for price discovery and for the valuations of all our goods/services. Numbers, however, are NOT ‘wealth’!

Today, I and You live within a global economic/financial system which uses mere ‘numbers’ for valuation of goods and services. We can call these ‘numbers’ cyber units. We also use ‘numbers’ for trading, investing, and for our savings. Numbers and symbols ($$$$$$$) are all that we use to represent ‘price’ and ‘value’. All this has evolved gradually from the days when our currency units were ‘tied’ and ‘defined’ in terms of silver and/or gold. When FDR restricted Americans from owning gold and later when silver was removed from our markets (as trading items) we adopted a paper legal tender note as our representation of the ‘dollar’. Paper and engraved ‘numbers’ represented our legal tender units!

As paper notes became our legal tender for valuations and price discovery. Numbers ($1.00) also represented our ‘dollar’ as our bankers created mere ‘numbers’ (denoted as an ‘asset’ and a ‘liability’ on our bookkeeping records) when they made new loans to borrowers. Today, many loans are created on the banking books via merely creating ‘new’ numbers and calling these ‘numbers’ by the name ‘dollars’. Our legal tender unit today is merely a ‘number’ ($1.00) derived from the ‘consciousness’ (mind) of a banker. I like to refer to ‘numbers’ as units of my ‘consciousness’ and our legal tender units as derivations from my ‘mind’. My ‘mind’ is not the same as a ‘thing’ which exists on our planet. My ‘mind’ is the metaphysical source for my thinking! This is Dualism in action (when understood)!

Today, we operate our global monetary system with ‘cyber’ numbers (stored within our computer screens). We buy, sell, trade, and invest with ‘cyber’ numbers and exchange our ‘numbers’ with other ‘cyber’ numbers and call this an exchange of ‘value’. The problem with this logic and system is that it leads to confusion, subjectivity, and misrepresentations of ‘price’ and ‘value’. Today, our cyber valuations are mostly derived via computer trading which derive from ‘source codes’ which then become activated with an ‘algorithm’. Algorithms and private ‘source codes’ can manipulate ‘prices’ within our real-time markets (via HFT). This is not good!

Since ‘numbers’ are NOT ‘wealth’ and since ‘numbers’ which create most of our ‘prices’ are now manipulating ‘prices’ globally (daily), we now have a monetary system which is divorced from material reality. Numbers derive from our ‘consciousness’ and when all Nations create their ‘numbers’ (called their currency unit) via banking operations (say like QE and lending operations) we end up with HUGE distortions in ‘prices’ and ‘price discovery’ becomes manipulated and rigged. This is not healthy for economic growth and for calculations of ‘value’ within our various markets. We need to comprehend our ‘thinking’ (our ‘mind’)!

What we now need to understand is that we live with a system which is mostly divorced from material reality (matter/mass). Numbers are (in reality) ‘metaphysical’ units. Go back to Plato for understanding this logic. Plato showed us that ‘numbers’ are basically ‘forms’ derived from a higher realm of reality called the MIND. Now is the time to start ‘thinking’ about our ‘thinking’. What are we ‘doing’ within economics and finance today? Are we creating markets which are divorced from matter/mass? I think so! Money/currencies are NOT wealth! This is the basic view from our historical philosophers.  Think on this for comprehension. Enjoy! I am:



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  1. December 14, 2016 1:55 pm

    When done properly, the price model is used to compare two debt-free economic widgets so that the two widgets, on the basis of agreement, can trade directly for each other with absolutely no debt involved in the trade. The dollar’s price model application simply acts as a price measurement devise.

    Gold is a widget in the above


    • December 14, 2016 6:19 pm

      Dan: You miss the purpose for money…to value a good with objectivity. When digits are money , objectivity is lost. Digits are created out-of-nothing. Digits are not objective as they have no material REALITY. You seem to miss the purpose for money in the first place. D

      On Dec 14, 2016 1:55 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:


      • December 14, 2016 6:37 pm

        GoldMoney digits, which are denominated in grams, are NOT derived from thin air, Don. Are you making this stuff up because you failed to do your due diligence on the GM business model ? I think so.

        Gold money digits are derived from real bullion where every digital gram is fully backed by real mass that is in Brinks vaults around the world. Grams are the only unit of account and the gold is callable.

        The intrinsic value that goes back to real work and the sweat of the brow is preserved. Market law prevails. The transfer of the legal ownership of the vaulted bullion is the currency, the medium of exchange, fully backed, so I really don’t know where you get this notion that there’s no “material reality” as you put it. The real money is the gold. The convenience of the digital ownership title is the market currency. There’s no creation or use of debt in the transaction.

        If I send the ownership of 25 grams of goldmoney (fully backed) to a merchant in exchange for a new TV or a new suit, where exactly do see a practical problem taking place when he now owes that vaulted gold and I get the economic widget ??? That’s a closed transaction.

        Over to you but please don’t dodge my question.


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