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Today’s Reality: ‘symbols/bookkeeping entries’ are MONEY!

December 8, 2016

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What has evolved in recent years is a financial system which has no ‘tie’ to physical reality. We now live with merely a ‘bookkeeping’ system for our financial transactions and our trading operations. This is absurd on the surface as this means that our entire ‘fiat’ system is all within us (our mind). There is NO external reality to these ‘symbols’ which we use as our money. We are now living within our ‘inner’ consciousness (for our valuations and for our financial transactions) and playing ‘bookkeeping’ games to settle our trading accounts. Russia buys from America and sends us ‘bookkeeping symbols’ (called legal tender money) and we buy from Russia and send them ‘bookkeeping symbols’ for their products.

There is no exchange of any ‘thing’ (that serves as ‘value’) for most trading today. Symbols within the computer ‘screen’ serve as legal tender and representations of ‘value’ and every country has their particular ‘symbol’ (called a currency unit) which is supposedly exchanged. This reveals itself as an ‘inner’ system where consciousness (the mind) is all that serves as our money system. What this means is that ‘symbols’ typed into our computer screens become the exchange system between counterparties (international nations). Is this a valid long-term system? I don’t think so! Check out America’s bookkeeping system at:

The above site reveals that the logic of  ‘numbers’ and categories is our representation of our financial system. This is a computer ‘bookkeeping’ system (without any ‘outer’ reality). Our historical ‘physical’ money (which represented ‘value’) has disappeared and our new logic is that ‘symbols’ and ‘numbers’ can serve the same role within economics. Look again at your computer screen for evidence of what has evolved in recent years. The entire edifice is nothing more that ‘cyber numbers’ and special accounting ‘symbols’ (mental abstractions) that serve as our representations for trade. I give you my $$$$$$$ (symbols) and you give me yours RRRRRRR (symbols)…

Trading between nations is now an ‘internal’ operation (within the mind) and mental abstractions (metaphysical ‘numbers’) serve as what is being traded. These ‘numbers’ are not ‘tied’ to anything physical (like silver or gold) and this means that we are trading within our ‘consciousness’ and ‘symbols’ serve as our legal tender. Today, we can call these units of nothing by the name ‘cyber money’. Cyber money are ‘numbers’ and ‘symbols’ ($1.00 and multiples thereof) which get recorded as a bookkeeping entry. America has some $20 trillion of debt ‘symbols/numbers’ and $732 billion in our trade deficit that we can visit at: Our national deficit ‘symbols/numbers’ now exceed $590 billion.

Our deficit symbols/numbers are now increasing daily as we refuse to change our national behavior and deal with any of these absurdities. Every country has their own ‘symbols/numbers’ (called legal tender) and trading is nothing more than the trading of ‘symbols/numbers’ between counterparties. All physical money (representing historical ‘value’) has disappeared and the computer and digital numbers ($$$$$$$) now have replaced all prior physical money. What a subjective outcome I now witness! The entire global financial system is now mostly an ‘inner’ system which derives from the ‘consciousness’ of each counter-party. This subjective ‘symbol’ system allows for unlimited ‘symbol’ creations by any Central banking operator (administrator).

What I witness today is a ‘Command’ system where ‘symbols/numbers’ have replaced our historical monies (silver/gold) and everyone is living with ‘inner’ mental abstractions as their money unit. Central Banks are now the ‘symbol/number’ creators who merely ‘type’ new ‘numbers’ into the computer screen for their legal tender. Is this a viable system for international trade and prosperity…going forward? I don’t think so! This entire edifice is nothing more that a fantasy system of ‘mental’ deception. How can money created from ‘nothing’ (one’s consciousness) serve as a viable trading unit (and also represent ‘value’)? Can my ‘mental’ symbols/numbers survive a loss of ‘confidence’ within this system?

Since all is now an ‘inner’ system (all within cyberspace) we can conclude that this non-system is destined for total collapse WHEN ‘confidence’ collapses. Confidence is also an ‘inner’ emotion’ which changes with ‘circumstances’. The situation determines ‘confidence’. What I witness today is nothing more than a ‘fantasy’ monetary/financial system which is based upon NOTHING. This is not a viable SYSTEM for international trade and commerce. Wake-up people to what has evolved in recent years. The entire edifice will collapse with this key emotion called ‘confidence’. It’s starting NOW! Wake-up! I am:


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  1. December 8, 2016 2:02 pm

    Digital symbols can be an accounting tool and a currency on the basis of how much gold is in one’s account or how much gold (by mass) was sent to them or how much they sent to someone else.

    Digital can be a very proactive and useful tool if used correctly ….. but God forbid that you should ever talk about it, right Don ?


    • December 8, 2016 3:45 pm

      Dan: Wake up. Symbols disappear, vanish with a loss in confidence. D

      On Dec 8, 2016 2:02 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



      • December 8, 2016 4:08 pm

        For currency created from thin air , which is where “you live”, I agree . When those symbols are mass (grams) and the grams are fully backed by real gold bullion, gram for gram, 100% , the symbols exude tremendous confidence and those symbols won’t be disappearing any more than the gold bullion could be printed from a printing press.

        Maybe you should wake. Look at what the symbols actually mean. I can define a gram for you if you need help.


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