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Currency ‘Manipulation’ Necessary! Why?

December 2, 2016

Today, the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) had two articles which mentioned that ‘currency manipulation’ is our chief problem within international trade. Phil Gramm’s article was entitled “Understanding the Trump Trade Agenda” and James Mackintosh’s article was entitled “Beyond the Buck, No Greener Pastures”. Neither pundit seems to comprehend that countries (Central Banks) MUST manipulate their cyber currency as this currency is now a subjective ‘metaphysical’ unit. Paper and metal money is being eliminated (globally). Read my prior mission entitled “The Dollar – Now a Metaphysical Unit”.

International Trade (historically) has been based upon the concept of ‘objective’ currencies which had stability and some objective ‘value’. This is no longer the situation. This all changed gradually after the closing of the gold window back in 1971 – 73. Today, our currency unit is ‘metaphysical’ ($$$$$$$) and the unit emerges from the consciousness of select Central Bankers (operating behind closed doors). This unit called (dollar, yen, pound, euro, krona, peso, etc.) is now created as a ‘number’ (bit) within our computer screen. This so-called ‘bit’ or ‘digit’ is subjective and a ‘no-thing’ unit derived from the human mind.

The unit is circulated within our computer screens and a photon of light attached to this ‘bit’ concept produces this ‘metaphysical’ currency (within our computer screens). How can this be a stable unit for measurement of ‘value’ or ‘anything’? Countries MUST manipulate their unit to survive in today’s greater cyber marketplace. Phil Gramm needs to update his thinking on the ‘nature’ of today’s currency units. So does James Mackintosh who writes about the Dollar and its history. Our money today is gradually being converted to ‘cyber’ digits (bits/bytes) within our computer screen. Note what India is currently doing with their paper note currencies (all is going ‘digital’). Chaos is emerging over in India!

As I review the international currency scene, I note that practically every currency on this planet is rapidly becoming ‘subjective’ and ‘digital’. These past 20+ years our Central Banks have created a global cyber marketplace (an interconnected web of computers) which drive all markets and trade. Today, our currencies are mostly ‘invisible’ and ‘metaphysical’ and our electronic marketplace has replaced the human ‘out-cry’ (open-pit) system for determining ‘prices’. Machines now drive our markets and algorithms determine our ‘prices’. Take a look at your own personal computer screen! So how can this system create ‘stable’ and ‘objective’ trading? It’s not possible!

China now manipulates its currency (the RMB or Yuan) daily. Japan manipulates their currency the Yen daily. Europe manipulates their Euro daily and 24/7. The USA does similar with their Dollar. The entire cyber marketplace is now a rigged and manipulated marketplace of electronic ‘digits’. Computers, algorithms, robots, automated trading, source codes, and HFT computers continually manipulate prices and values everywhere. The process is ‘ubiquitous’ and its all done electronically and via coded algorithms and speed of light trading. This is not a system which promotes ‘stable’ currency values and ‘stable’ international trade relationships.

Our political and economic policymakers need to update their THINKING on what has evolved these past 20+ years. Our markets are now mostly ‘electronic’ and operating within ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace is a subjective (metaphysical) space which gets revealed via the subjective decisions of our policymakers…as they ‘click’ their decisions into reality. Stability is no longer a valid ‘word’ for our markets. The contemporary words that we need to internalize are: subjective, cyber, uncertain, instability, volatility, electronic, virtual, digital, web of interconnected computers, global uncertainty, manipulation, rigging, corruption, Central Bank operations, and dark forces operating behind closed doors.

Yes, our major media pundits continue to promulgate deceptions and myths when it comes to our global trading marketplace. I do not fault them for ‘intentions’ but I do fault them for lack of discernment and understanding. The evidence that our markets, trading, and currencies are now different (from prior markets) is everywhere (for those who desire to learn). Currency manipulation is required today GIVEN the nature of our corrupt SYSTEM. We need to reset the entire global monetary SYSTEM. The markets will eventually force this result upon us. But as of today, all is ‘calm’! Watch and learn as our MARKETS are now ‘subjective’! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to internalize:

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Image result for currency manipulations

Image result for electronic markets

Image result for electronic markets

Image result for electronic markets

Image result for currency manipulations

Image result for currency manipulations

Image result for currency manipulations

Image result for currency manipulations

The Donald needs to get educated on the ‘nature’ of today’s subjective (metaphysical) markets. All currencies are now becoming ‘digital’ and ‘subjective’. The markets are now nearly 100% electronic. This trend can not be changed without some ‘tie’ of all these currencies ($$$$$$$$ and the others) to a stable physical thing (say gold or silver). Study the history of our ‘dollar’ for understanding. The stability of the ‘dollar’ was created by ‘fixing’ this unit to a non-metaphysical commodity via a definition! Think on this!




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  1. December 2, 2016 1:38 pm

    Currency manipulation will continue until such time that the market comes to the economic rescue with the stabilizing and balancing factor of adding bullion directly into circulation (real +or fully backed digital mass) so that the economy can be supported, over-leveraged debt can be safely purged and price discovery can begin to take form based a new found symbiosis between fiat currencies and gold-as-currency with real time values.

    In short, we need some “Yang” with our existing “Yin” . Just add real assets right from the consumer’s spending and stir in


    • December 2, 2016 5:12 pm

      Dan: Currency manipulation will continue until it ends. Ending means ‘fixing’ the unit to something physical via a definition and then convertibility. D

      On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 1:38 PM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



      • December 2, 2016 8:26 pm

        Are you suggesting a fixed peg for convertibility such as the concept we saw during Bretton Woods ???


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