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Reality 101: Concepts like ‘Past’ and ‘Future’ deceive us all!

November 28, 2016

Today, I listened to a biblical scholar who reviewed the many myths which fundamentalist believers accept without questioning or thinking. Hard evidence does not sway a fundamentalist believer who refuses to think independently on their own. Fundamentalist’s (including most Evangelical Christians who I know) hold to beliefs about their God which have zero support…from those of us who live with a ‘NOW’ view of reality. These concepts called ‘past’ and ‘future’ deceive the many who refuse to think independently. For example: a fundamentalist believer will hold to the view that a human being can be 100% God and also 100% human at the same time (a paradoxical absurdity). Is this sound thinking or is this mere acceptance of some historical guru’s dogmatism (illogic)?

Fundamentalist’s will also use math in a manner which is totally illogical and yet their mindset does not change (after being informed) with real-time evidence. For example: Can 1 + 1 + 1 = 1? A fundamentalist will say ‘yes’ when it comes to their concept called THE TRINITY. Three persons (who all are different and unique) are still viewed as ONE God. This logic is accepted mostly because a fundamentalist will not think independently on their own to reject absurdities. Some ‘past’ religious guru or some historical ‘book’ will be accepted as gospel in lieu of common sense math and sound logic. Why do so many fundamentalist believers refuse to THINK for themselves? My sense is that these believers refuse to live in the ‘NOW’. Their MIND’S waver from ‘past’ to ‘future’ and the ‘NOW’ is avoided. These persons need to rethink their beliefs so as to be productive citizens!

NOW realities are what convince most people about reality and logic. The concepts of ‘past’ and ‘future’ are really NOW realities when understood, however. The ‘past’ is a NOW memory. The ‘future’ is a NOW expectation. As human beings we can not escape this reality called the ‘NOW’ (and successive moments of ‘NOW’). So why do so many thinkers live (mentally) within this mythical realm called the ‘past’ and/or the ‘future’ (without discerning that these concepts are actually experienced in the ‘NOW’)? And why do our politicians, educators, and media promote these false/mythical concepts to the public? My sense is that these elite thinkers mostly desire to promote an agenda which is illusionary/mythical so that their followers will BOW to their desires/agenda (and self-interest). Living in the ‘NOW’ would reveal these myths and illusions!

Let’s briefly think about this concept called Darwinian Evolution as an example of mythical thinking. Darwin (and his prodigies) propose that all human beings emerged from some ‘past’ event and some material substance which science calls ‘matter’ (millions/billions of time periods prior to ‘NOW’). These believers (who accept a ‘past’ as real) assume that over millions/billions of time periods species can evolve from ‘inorganic’ matter and then continue to evolve into a new species by mere changes within the organism. Evolution starts with an ‘assumption’ which has never been proven (with evidence) and then images are portrayed so as to convince a deceived believer that all this happens spontaneously and continuously. What is the flaw (deception) in this type of thinking? Can you discern this flaw? Think about the ‘starting point’!

Anyone living in the ‘NOW’ would immediately observe that ‘inorganic’ matter has NEVER created a new living organism. Rather, all life emerges only from ‘prior’ life. The ‘NOW’ reality called bio-genesis is a reality which we all recognize if we are living in the ‘NOW’. And if the ‘NOW’ is reality, then the starting premise of Evolution is a pure myth/fantasy of the mind. We would ALL reject this theory of Evolution (immediately) if we lived in the real-time ‘NOW’…and successive moments of ‘NOW’. This ubiquitous theory called Darwinian Evolution would fade into the myths of history if people actually lived and thought in the ‘NOW’. Think about this. Why is the ‘NOW’ so important for discerning reality? Why is this theory called Darwinian Evolution false?

Did Jesus ‘walk’ on water back in 30 A.D.? The immediate question becomes…can anyone ‘NOW’ (today) walk on water (say the Pacific ocean)? If a person is living in the ‘NOW’ and thinking in the ‘NOW’ then the obvious response would be NO. A human being living on planet earth (NOW) can NOT ‘walk’ on water. This mindset of our fundamentalist’s would disappear into the history of myth/fantasy if people actually lived and thought in the ‘NOW’ (present moment). A fundamentalist, however, accepts this myth/falsity primarily because they REFUSE to think independently as a person (in the ‘NOW’). A fundamentalist will hold to myths and illogic merely to appease their guru who needs this acceptance to continue with their self interest/rulership…which is mostly based upon ego/pride!

What about rising from a grave plot (prior burial) after a person has been dead for some three days? Can any person today (NOW) rise from a grave plot after being buried/dead for three days? I don’t think so! It is obvious that dead person’s can not rise from a casket or similar after physical death. This does not happen in a ‘NOW’ reality…or successive moments of ‘NOW’. Death is final for everyone when real death has occurred. So the myth of Yeshua’s resurrection (from a burial after being dead) back in 30 A.D. can not be real. People do not rise from a burial if a person is actually dead. Resurrection is not the correct explanation for the situation of Yeshua’s continuance after his body/brain died. So what might be a plausible explanation of this event? What caused Christianity to flourish?

The reality of Yeshua and his life is historical and real. This person did live here on planet earth. He did die via crucifixion back around 30 A.D. So what might have happened to create this growing belief system called Christianity? Think on this word called ‘glorification’ after the spirit leaves the body. As a human being I (You) do have a spirit/mind within us. This spirit within does NOT actually die when our body/brain ceases to function. This spirit is eternal/invisible/continual. When I (You) cease to live physically we can be ‘glorified’ (made virtual) by our Creator God (YHWH). Virtual reality is now everywhere on this planet. So the reality of continuing as a ‘virtual’ being is very possible/likely. Yeshua did live after his crucifixion IMO. I expect the same when my body/brain ceases to function (my physical death). I will become ‘virtual’!

So is the metaphysical realm a reality for all of us? I think so! We are all spiritual beings (living in the ‘NOW’)…and this continues after the body/brain ceases to function. After our body/brain ceases to live (function) we could continue as ‘virtual’ beings within this metaphysical realm called ‘consciousness’. We all witness this ‘virtual’ realm today with all our cyber communications and virtual experiences. Cyberspace is a ‘virtual’ experience which appears real to many of us. So we need to think about these concepts called the ‘past’ and ‘future’ (and eliminate these concepts as real events). These concepts are not real outside of the ‘NOW’ moment. The ‘past’ is actually a ‘NOW’ memory and the ‘future’ is a ‘NOW’ expectation. Think about living in the ‘NOW” and interpreting reality based on the ‘NOW’. I think you will appreciate this experience going forward! I am:

Some additional information and evidence for your consideration:

See this website for the biblical scholar who is trying to reach the public (secular and religious) on issues of reality:

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Image result for how jesus became god

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The concepts of reality differ from scholar to scholar. Is it now time to start rethinking all the false myths and illogic which permeates science/religion/education? Can fundamentalist’s discern reality if educated on ‘NOW’ realities? A scholar like Bart Ehrman helps us discern some realities more clearly. Bart is now an agnostic/atheist but teaches religion and history for public consumption. His views are mostly sound IMO. I differ with him as I believe that the ‘NOW’ is reality. The ‘NOW’ reveals that there is likely a God (Higher Power). Bart has not adopted this obvious mindset of thinking totally in the ‘NOW’. To discern reality, we need to forget the ‘past/future’ mindset and THINK continually in the ‘NOW’. Try it and see if your discernment improves! Enjoy!

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