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CFTC votes to access ‘SOURCE’ codes! Good!

November 8, 2016

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The Wall Street Journal published an article today entitled “Another Last-Minute Regulation”. The regulation involves getting access (quickly) to a trader’s Source code. A Source code is the underlying algorithm which creates trading strategies so as to create trader profits. With access to the underlying Source code the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) could ultimately discover a rogue trader who is attempting to manipulate and/or rig our electronic markets. In today’s markets some of the rogue traders which need to be discovered (IMO) are working for and with our corrupt Central Banks.

I have been watching all the algorithmic ‘price manipulations’ within the silver/gold markets for years. My sense is that these price manipulations derive from traders working for or connected with select Central Bank trading facilities. Our New York Federal Reserve, the Bank for International Settlements, the Central bank of England, the Central bank of Japan, the Central bank of Sweden, and the Central bank of China are a few of the central authorities which trade our global cyber markets and which influence our markets with their trading strategies. Price discovery is now within cyberspace and algorithms do most of the trading (some 70%) and this creates our ‘prices’.

Today there are some 45 electronic trading exchanges on our planet…all of which are connected within a network so that trades can be accomplished 24/7. Algorithms are the tool of these markets used for manipulating and rigging ‘prices’ in real-time. Prices are the key to profits and as our cyber prices increase or decrease within the computer screen traders can book their ‘digits’ (called profits) for their account. Corporate fundamentals and good management are not important today in making cyber profits. The key today (for traders) are changes in ‘prices’ within the computer screen. As ‘prices’ go UP and DOWN (within the computer screen) traders book their profits and losses.

The CFTC is supposed to regulate and monitor the trading markets to assure fairness and stability. Unfortunately, there are many more rogue traders operating today due to the nature of our markets. Electronic trading on some 45 exchanges globally is now done via HFT (High Frequency Trading) computers. Algorithms are the Source code (set of software instructions) which effect a trade or a multiple of trades. These Source codes are viewed by traders as proprietary property and they desire to hide these underlying instructions from all other market participants. I understand this concept (of protecting one’s inner plans) when we had the Open Outcry trading system.

Under the Open Outcry system actual traders shouted out their orders and transparency emerged within the trading markets. Today, transparency is hidden with secret Source codes operating to manipulate and rig our markets. This is so obvious in the silver/gold markets. These prices have been controlled, monitored, bracketed, and rigged for some six (6) years. Who is the trader(s) doing this rigging? I would suggest that the motive for rigging derives from our Central Bank trading rooms (operating behind closed doors). The culprits are high level authorities which get their instructions from high level policymakers (who desire to control investor psychology in these markets).

From the point-of-view of our high level policymakers, they desire that DIGITAL money be made ubiquitous globally. They do not want investors, traders, or the public to seek refuge in our historical monies called silver and gold. They want these metals to disappear from our markets so they can create a ‘slave’ mentality within our cyber markets. Enslavement to ‘digits’ and ‘cyber’ currencies is what they desire for their rulership. The game for our high level policymakers is to promote a global hierarchy RUN by the few. This is obvious, to me, as I learn more about our markets and how this cyber market system works.

What everyone needs to understand is that we now live in a global village which is interconnected by computers, electro-magnetic frequencies, and cyber networks. This system is becoming CENTRALIZED globally…with a few elites desiring to control and rule over this new global system. Think of the IMF, the CFR, the BIS, the WTO, the WB, and all the other centralized institutions which control all our markets and information. Where does all this lead? It leads to enslavement of the individual and elevation of the few elites running this system. Think about what is now happening to our World! Hillary will advance this global system if she gets support! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional information for your consideration:

Image result for Source codes for trading our electronic markets

Image result for Source codes for trading our electronic markets

Image result for Source codes for trading our electronic markets

Image result for price manipulation via algorithms

Image result for price manipulation via algorithms

Image result for price manipulation via algorithms

Image result for global network of computers and satellites rule over information

Image result for price manipulation via algorithms

Source codes are the underlying instructions which allow a trader to rig and manipulate prices within our computer screens. The rogue traders can rule our markets (today) if they control the availability of ‘digits’ (called MONEY)! Who are these rogue traders? Think Central BANKS!


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