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Wake UP – there is no such ‘thing’ as MONEY!

November 2, 2016

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In reality, money is a concept of our imagination and does NOT exist within our space/time universe. Wow! Who comprehends? Who understands? Money is a deception of the human mind and it is now time to recognize that our monetary system is a Fantasy/Ponzi/Casino system (based on NOTHING). Select power brokers (mostly since 1913) have created a system which has evolved into a mental deception within our consciousness. Where is this ‘thing’ called MONEY? Who can find or discover this ‘thing’ within our universe? Who originally ‘invented’ this concept of our mind? The entire game of money (when understood) is based on deceptions, imaginations, illusions, and fantasies.

Let’s think about this concept called MONEY. Where did it come from? Are you aware that this concept has no existence (as a ‘thing’) within our observable reality? Money is nowhere to be found…anywhere! The concept is ‘derived’ from our minds. It is based upon another imaginary concept! Have you heard of this concept called VALUE? What is this? Where is this concept called ‘value’…within our observable space/time universe? There is NO such ‘thing’ in our entire material universe as VALUE. It’s a concept of my/your mind which derives from our inner imagination. I/you ‘invented’ this concept as we trade or exchange products. It is subjective and ‘invented’! This concept does NOT exist anywhere and never has existed!

Today, we live in a fantasy world of our MIND and hardly anyone is AWARE of any of this. Today, our currencies are mere units of our consciousness and we visualize mere cardinal ‘numbers’ (called money) in our computer screens. Wow! Who comprehends that we live in a fantasy world within our inner imagination? There is NO such ‘thing’ as MONEY and there is No such ‘thing’ as VALUE. We act in the physical marketplace and buy/sell/invest/trade but it is ALL done within our MIND’S (when it comes to ‘value’ and ‘money’). The Ponzi system works for a season because of all the deceptions and fantasies which are not recognized.

Today, all our $300 trillion of global debt is stored within cyberspace (the internet cloud) which is really a ‘extension’ of our mind or consciousness. Wow! All this $300 trillion (in various imaginary currencies around our planet) could be deleted with the ‘click’ of a computer mouse. Wow! The entire game of money is nothing but a game of imagination where two subjective concepts predominate (‘value’ and ‘money’). Currencies derive from money. Money derives from value. Value derives from the subjective human mind. Who comprehends? Who understands? Select bankster criminals (who understand human psychology) and who operate behind closed doors administer this imaginary/Ponzi/Casino system…so our MINDS can not discern the realities! Wow!

Could our economic system work without any of these subjective/imaginary concepts? Absolutely! Value, Money, Currencies, Debt, and Bankster Administrators are NOT needed (in reality). A system without any VALUE, MONEY, CURRENCIES, DEBT could be realized IF people wake-up to the above realities. Rather than money ruling over human psychology…real production and wealth (natural resources) could be administered by PEOPLE directly. People could come first and wealth would follow as PEOPLE produce, consume, distribute, and enjoy! These imaginary concepts called ‘value’ and ‘money’ could be eliminated from this planet and the global society (forever).

Well, well, so isn’t silver money? Isn’t gold money? Are not digits money? As Bill Clinton said during the Monica Lewinsky saga…it all boils down to the word ‘IS’. In reality, silver is silver (not money). Gold is gold (not money). Paper is paper (not money). Digits are digits (not money). These commodities were chosen (by our authorities) to serve as money (temporarily) because of this deceptive concept called VALUE. Value emerged from the philosophy of Capitalism. It all started back in 1620 with the Pilgrims (who desired a system of exchange/trade for our emerging country) and later philosophers built a theory of economics around this subjective concept called VALUE.

In reality, there is NO such ‘thing’ as money or value within our entire observable universe. All of today’s currencies are now digits (cyber units stored within the internet cloud and within cyberspace). All is within our IMAGINATION and stored in our CONSCIOUSNESS and our extended consciousness. The current DEBT (Keynesian economic system) is stored within cyberspace and all can be ‘deleted’ with the click of a computer key. Our banksters operate behind closed doors to deceive and fool the public about all these concepts. Why do they manipulate and rig events ‘behind closed doors’? Think! We live with a PONZI/Casino system of deception! Who comprehends? Who understands? Few to none!

Wake-up people! The entire cyber financial system is now a fantasy casino which has NO existence within our material reality! Look all around you. Where is MONEY? Where is VALUE? It’s all an ILLUSION and a DECEPTION (which works until it ends). The game will be over when people WAKE-UP. Let’s ‘delete’ the entire cyber monetary system! This needs to be done NOW! Reality is always NOW. Think on the above ideas and internalize the deceptions NOW. A better alternative is possible! People must come FIRST. Money must be eliminated from planet Earth! Kingdom Economics is our best solution going FORWARD. Read and re-read the above for understanding! I am:

Some images to internalize for further understanding (click on the image for more details):

Image result for is money an illusion?

Image result for is money an illusion?

Image result for is money an illusion?

Image result for is money an illusion?

Image result for is money an illusion?

Image result for is money an illusion?

Image result for is money an illusion?

Image result for is money an illusion?


Image result for is money an illusion?

The above inverted pyramid will collapse (totally) into our ‘imagination’ when people wake-up to the money illusion! It’s a game for criminals and deceivers who operate BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!

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