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HUMAN NATURE – ‘Dualism’ Revealed (at the core)?

October 16, 2016

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I live within TWO realms of reality (this is often called Dualism)!

To understand today’s American political candidates it is necessary to understand the ‘nature’ of Human Nature IMO. Both Hillary and the Donald have revealed much about their past history (prior behaviors and experiences) and also their current visions for America (going forward). Both these candidates have revealed (to me) that their core ‘nature’ is composed of TWO (dual) aspects which we can label The Light and The Dark. These TWO natures, I believe, are within each of us (that includes myself) and these TWO natures control our thinking (to a degree) and also our behavior (to a degree). I live within TWO realms of reality and with TWO natures! Let’s explore these TWO natures more fully!

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We can call these TWO natures with various labels (I prefer the words LIGHT and DARK)! Some religions have ‘labels’ which vary but the idea of ‘opposites’ is generally accepted as valid!

My personal view of reality is called Dualism. This is a historic view which started way back in our history with mostly Socrates and Plato. The idea is that I live within TWO realms or world’s (the spiritual and the material). The spiritual world covers my thinking and perceptions of reality. The material world is what I observe within my conscious inner self and which I perceive generally as the OUTER. We could say that my mental world is INNER but my material world (that which I observe) is OUTER. This is usually called Dualism and/or Two Realms of Reality. Socrates probably initiated this thinking back in 450 B.C. and his student, Plato, expanded this view for all of us to discern (philosophically). Later many thinkers (including Yeshua) expanded upon these realities!

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Human nature follows this dualist view of reality as it proposes that I/You live within our inner/outer world and experience reality via opposites. Opposites can be described as the world of Light and Dark, Saint and Sinner, Good and Evil, Righteous and Unrighteous, Positive and Negative. All these labels are basically saying the same thing. I live within TWO worlds and TWO natures affect my thinking and behavior. While a bartender for some 20 years, I learned much about the human nature (of my customers) and the human behavior of people (all types of people). Many confided in me (as their bartender) as people trusted their private actions with me as a bartender/psychologist/thinker (I call this the human real-time soap opera situation).

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The Dark Side of Human Nature is generally not revealed to the public! It is hidden and secret!

The behavior of most business and professional men often was governed by their desire to appeal to the opposite sex. This desire is what then led to behaviors which often were regretted later. I, as their bartender, would listen to all these soap operas and try to help each person deal with these behaviors and the consequences of these behaviors. Personally, I had no problem with this as I also learned from all these escapades/dramas/behaviors. After listening to many incidents and soap operas from clients/customers from many ‘walks of life’, I understood that people have TWO natures within themselves and these TWO natures govern over their actions/thinking/behavior.

Image result for the outer realm of reality and the inner realm

The above reality is called Dualism and to me this is reality as I live it! What do you think? Do we all experience opposites within real-time reality?

Image result for living between two trees, tree of life and tree of the knowledge of good/evil

The ‘tree of life’ vs. the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’! Opposites!

Are actions derived from these TWO natures determined? Do I/You have the free will to discern the nature of these TWO natures (within us) in real-time situations (and differentiate)? My original sense was YES (absolutely). My sense today is, probably NO. Situations present themselves and if a person is not well grounded in understanding their own behavior, then they can not differentiate between the Dark and Light spirits. They fall for Dark when they intended Light. This happens suddenly and each person then responds later with reflection. Bartenders often must listen to all these reflections and controversies (especially if the bar is empty and the customer desires to talk). I listened to countless soap operas which were occurring in real-time situations while a bartender.

Image result for lesser of two evils art, Hillary Clinton and Obama

Two flawed candidates for President (watch the debate this Wednesday evening, Oct. 19, for new revelations on the Dark side and the Light side)! Should be revealing!

Today, we are being inundated with all types of soap opera dramas which our two candidates for President have experienced during their recent lifetime. Hillary has 30 years of public service which is now being exposed (publicly) as confusing and derived from her experiences as a public servant. The Donald is getting the same scrutiny from our public media and this creates additional confusion and drama. What do I think is being revealed by all this scrutiny and media revelation? My sense is that these two individuals have lived their lives within these two realms of reality called The Light and The Dark. The Dark side of their prior behavior is generally being denied even though this side is relevant for Americans to understand (if this new leader is to gender confidence among the people).

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How does one vote for the ‘lesser’ of two evils when both of these candidates desire to ‘cover-up’ much of their DARK side history? Who desires to reveal secrets from the DARK side which occurred many years prior (or even recently)? Who desires to be exposed as a dual natured person? Who desires to have their personal life exposed to all the public… who must then vote for only one person as Commander-in-Chief and leader of the Western World? Who wants a DARK side leader which could do more damage to our Nation and the World community? All this must be part of the drama which is now being played out around the entire planet! Personally, I have already voted via mail. Who did I vote for? Will reveal later (after the November 8 election)!

Image result for lesser of two evils

I have many relatives and friends who desire to choose the ‘lesser’ of two evils for their leader. But this is becoming more difficult as all the Dark side issues (of each of these flawed individuals) is being revealed daily in our public media. But we all know that these TWO individuals are similar in KIND to each of us. We all have these TWO sides to our nature and we all know it (upon reflection). I as your bartender can state this view with confidence! We live within TWO realms of reality and we experience TWO divergent natures (within). This, to me, is obvious and I think the reader of this missive will generally agree (upon reflection)! Watch the coming debate this Wednesday, October 19, to learn more on these issues from the real-time media event (the Last Debate)! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to consider as you vote your conscience!

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Image result for lesser of two evils art, Hillary Clinton and Obama

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Image result for lesser of two evils art

Image result for lesser of two evils art

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Image result for lesser of two evils art, Hillary Clinton

Image result for lesser of two evils art, Hillary Clinton

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Image result for lesser of two evils art, Hillary Clinton and Obama

Can you discern TWO natures within each? Watch the debate for more!

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