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Putin’s mentor/philosopher is Aleksander Dugin!

October 8, 2016

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Aleksander Dugin and Vladimir Putin have a philosophy which is Absolute and rejects America and the West! This means WWIII unless the West backs off!

The philosophy of Aleksander Dugin determines the strategy of Russia’s Vladimir Putin! I just finished a book by James D. Heiser, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Diosee of North American and also Pastor of Salem Lutheran Church, Malone, Texas. Heiser earned his political science degree from George Washington University, Washington D.C. His book was entitled “The American Empire Should Be Destroyed”. Vladimir Putin’s mentor, Mr. Dugin, is a spiritual eschatologist as well as a philosopher of history and Russian political thinking. He has convinced Vladimir that Russia must reject American political hegemony as America is corrupt and has the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

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Dugin sees America as the Anti-Christ and this is called “Immanentized Eschatology”!

Mr. Heiser is convinced that it is necessary for American politicians to comprehend the nature of Dugin’s thought and the ideas which he has developed to counter American interests in our world. Dugan believes that America is essentially the Anti-Christ and America is attempting to develop a One World Government so they can control the entire planet with their policies. Dugan and Putin have concluded that this mindset (of America and the West) must be rejected and resisted with military force (as necessary) so that this sinister goal is not achieved. Putin and Dugin have developed a Worldview which promotes a Eurasian Union which started in 2015 and will grow and continue to prevent The American Anti-Christ from gaining control over Russia and her interests.

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America’s view of the world is totally rejected by Dugin. Putin now accepts this philosophy!

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The West’s philosophy leads to a philosophy of ‘individualism’ which must be rejected!

Recent articles in the National Review by Robert Zubrin have focused attention on Dugin and his ideology. The nations slated for membership in the Eurasian Union are Belarus, Kazakstan, Ukraine, and possibly others. You can find out more on this from an article by Leon Neyfakh, called “Putin’s long game” at dated May 15, 2014. Basically, my reading of this book has convinced me that Putin will not bow to the dictates of American politicians or the Agenda of those who desire to create a New World Order under Agenda 2030. Putin has acquired a metaphysical view of reality and his mentor is a mad philosopher called Aleksander Dugin.

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My reading of this book has led me to conclude that Dugin and Putin now view the world as mostly a End Time set of events (called immanent eschatology) where America is playing the role of the Anti-Christ (a symbol of an individual who desires to rule the entire planet, including Russia). This means that Putin and Dugin reject the concept of Western ‘individualism’ where modernity is promoted via political thought. To resist this ‘individualism’ Russia will now resist Western military advancements and if WWIII is necessary this will happen. Russia will NOT bow to any Western leader or their concepts of a New World Order under Western hegemonic control. That game is over for Russia…and Putin and Dugin have concluded that a New Eurasian Union is the only counter to Western hegemony over the planet. This Union has already started and is destined to grow!

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 The Eurasian Economic Union has begun! Western hegemonic growth will not penetrate this Union!

The other concept which Russia has adopted is an old philosophy called Traditionalism. This concept is meant to reject Western concepts of modernity/change which leads to ‘individualism’. Dugin’s words are “The hand is stretching for the holster…implying that Russia must adopt a philosophy of aggression and war to accomplish their own political/societal goals. Dugin’s philosophy sees no rapprochement with the West. Civilizations are cultural and religious communities and not Western democracies where the ‘individual’ is supreme. According to Dugin, tradition is a primeval world outlook that has been with societies for millennia…where the ‘individual’ is never the center of the universe.

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The leaders within the Eurasian Economic Union has started to meld as of 2015!

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Traditionalism is part of the philosophy that Putin and Dugin desire to promote!

The West, according to Dugin, has the opposite symbolic meaning. It is the “country of death”, the “lifeless word”, the “green country”. The West is “the empire of exile”, the “pit of the rejected”. The West is the centre of “material” and “technological” development where “individualistic and humanist world views are prevailing”. Dugin views Russia as part of the North (historically) and this North must remain separate from the West. The North has a long history which must be preserved. He sees no compromise with the vision and goals of the West. All this mean confrontation and war with the West and their goals. Compromise is not possible as the visions of these groups are mutually exclusive.

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The West’s Agenda 2030 and similar ideas will be rejected by Vladimir Putin and Aleksander Dugin!

Basically, the philosophy of Vladimir Putin and Aleksander Dugin will frustrate Western policies, plans, and goals. The main issue is that Putin now views his destiny as separate (mutually exclusive) from that of the West’s destiny. We can witness the beginning of Putin’s philosophy over in the Middle East. He will prevail in Syria or he will resort to WWIII to protect his vision of reality. America must either back down from their plans, goals, and hegemony or war is inevitable. All this must happen NOW as the philosophy of Dugin and Putin is an ‘immanent eschatology’ based on NOW. Get ready for WWIII unless America and the West backs off their Agenda 2030 and similar plans. Do Hillary and the Donald understand what has emerged over in Russia and these environs? The above is my reading of the philosophy now adopted by Russia. Do your own thinking on this issue to gain insight! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional ideas for consideration on this issue!

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All cultures can live together under Putin’s and Dugin’s vision of reality!

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Don’t expect Russia to return Crimea to the West. They also desire the Ukraine territory!

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Dugin prefers Trump to Hillary as the continuation of Obama’s agenda is anathema!

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The philosophy of Aleksander Dugin!

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