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We are ALL living in the MATRIX – financially! Unknowingly!

October 5, 2016


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Who is aware that most all of our global financial system is now located in a cyber MATRIX. This Netherworld called Cyberspace is really part of the spiritual matrix which holds all our financial digits and information.  Algorithms are within this matrix. Our cyber money is within this matrix. All our debt, deficits, borrowings, and daily trades/speculations are within this matrix. All our savings and investments are within this world called The Cyber Matrix. Who is aware that the photons of light and the shadows of numbers and virtual images (witnessed within our computer screens) are ALL part of this spiritual matrix and/or netherworld. It seems real but what is it really? Who can discern what has happened in just the past 20 years? Reality has changed and FEW are aware of this change! We are living within a Cyber Matrix – unknowingly!

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Our financial system has evolved from material reality into this netherworld called cyberspace. All our paper notes and metal coins are being replaced with ‘matrix’ money (now nearly 100% within cyberspace) which technically does not EXIST. Banksters now create this matrix money from their spiritual consciousness (out-of-nothing). Look all around you for any of this matrix money. It is nowhere to be found. Trillions of currency units are now living in this netherworld which we should call The Cyber Matrix. It’s all a mirage and a fantasy within our minds and most everyone can not discern what is happening. People are living within this cyber matrix when on Facebook and when communicating on all the other social network sites. This is good for social relationships but it is bad for any financial system. International trade can not survive within this Cyber Fantasy World of mental abstractions!

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Our entire financial system (including all the trillions of currency units) are now mostly within this matrix called cyberspace. The matrix includes the 1’s and 0’s (bits/bytes) which allow all our algorithms to rule over us via trading, investing, price manipulation, and price discovery. It’s ALL part of the spiritual MATRIX and nearly EVERYONE is deceived about its ‘nature’ and its existence. Reality has changed for all of us who now take part in this financial netherworld/matrix world. We are living an illusion/delusion with our finances and we all are mostly unaware of what has happened to us. Cyberspace (virtual reality) is so deceptive as our MINDS see images which SEEM real and physical. In reality, however, this is similar to Plato’s Cave of the bound soul! Who comprehends?

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We are living with ‘shadows’ of reality and we assume this reality is lasting and real. It is real in the sense that it works for communication and sending information. But it is unreal when it comes to our money, savings, and finances. We now have matrix money (which does not exist physically). We now trade and invest within a cyber matrix which is mostly an illusion of our minds (imaginary). We are deceived but unaware of our deception. It all SEEMS real to our consciousness/awareness (that which we live within – inwardly) but it is unreal as to its NATURE. Few can discern what is real and what is unreal today. When it comes to money and investing we should view this matrix as UNREAL. Why? because it is an ‘imaginary’ shadow of material reality. We are living with ‘shadows’ (created by photons and cyber digits). Who can discern? Who understands? Study the world of Plato’s Cave for understanding!

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The best image for understanding this matrix is Plato’s metaphorical cave analogy. People watch ‘shadows’ of reality on the wall (now our smart phone screen) and don’t seem to understand that this behavior is a life of shadows (illusions) when it comes to money, savings, finance, debt, and investing. Algorithms create our prices. Algorithms create our trades. Algorithms enter and exit trades at the speed of light to manipulate prices/values. Our money is really ‘nothing’ or ‘no thing’ of substance. We live within our consciousness and are unaware of this cyber matrix as being a ‘shadow’ or an ‘illusion’. Money, today, does not EXIST…yet nearly everyone ASSUMES that its ‘shadow’ (cyber digits) are REAL. What a deceptive world we live within for our finances, investments, savings, and debt!

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In reality, we could DELETE this entire world with the click of a computer mouse. It’s all unreal and ephemeral. All our debt could be extinguished with the click of a computer mouse. Trillions of currency units (now units of nothing) living within this Cyber Matrix could be deleted from material reality. All our debt, savings, investments, derivatives, virtual obligations (like mortgages) could be extinguished by merely deleting these ‘shadows’ (digits) from our computer clouds (servers). We live in a world of cyber units/images/numbers. Who can discern what has happened? Few to none. Our financial pundits act and behave like they understand reality. In reality, they are mostly deceived and living with illusions and fantasies! Who wants to wake-up and enter the sunlight? Not many!

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The concept of ‘value’ is subjective and personal! Think about this concept for the coming time of TRANSITION! Get out of cyber money and into a ‘THING’!

Now is the time to buy some physical objects (things) which can be viewed as containing ‘value’ (in exchange) for the transition period which is soon here. This entire HOUSE OF CARDS (this cyber matrix) is coming DOWN. It could start soon and happen ‘suddenly’. Few will notice and it will be a ‘silent’ crash of cyber digits and shadow values…all within our computer screens. What happened will be the cry of all these cybernauts who live within this cyber matrix. What happened to all my MONEY? What happened to all my savings? What happened to all my VALUE? It’s all a huge mental illusion…which will gradually emerge mentally to those with wisdom. The vast majority, however, will not UNDERSTAND or comprehend! Cyberspace will continue on Facebook, etc. but not within finance! Enjoy this philosophy/reality! To me this is reality! I am:

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  1. October 5, 2016 12:47 pm

    bought anything using your GoldMoney gold currency yet Don , or are you content to just talk to yourself ?


    • October 5, 2016 12:50 pm

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