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Two Conflicting ‘Worldviews’ will create serious change!

September 22, 2016

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I just returned from the West Coast Prophecy Conference in San Diego, Ca. Some 500 attendees desired information on what is happening in our world today. Basically, the conclusion of the 500 was that we are now living in the LAST DAYS. This concept called the ‘last days’ has been part of our history since the death of Yeshua in 31 A.D. But we are now in the ‘last’ of the LAST DAYS (according to Prophecy experts). This message was presented at this conference…with hard evidence from history and from current events. I, personally, would agree with the conclusion. Yes, our System is now so ‘corrupt’ that it must change for mankind to survive. The battle for a NEW System is what all current events is about!

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To understand the battle and the real-time conflict between these philosophical forces… which desire change for everyone we need to divide our global population into TWO general groups. One group desires that our Creator God rule over planet earth and the other group desires that enlightened Men (I call these men the ‘elite’) rule over planet earth. These TWO worldviews are in conflict over the coming change…and about WHO will govern over the 7 billion people on this planet. Let’s think further about these two Worldviews which man has watched and lived under for the past 6,000 years (or so)!

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What is the nature of reality is at the core of these TWO worldviews in conflict. The above photo reveals the human conflict! One Worldview ‘assumes’ that matter/energy and the physical forces within our universe govern over this planet and all of reality. The other Worldview ‘assumes’ that a Higher Spiritual Intelligence (called the Creator God) actually rules over this planet and all the people. Two Worldviews make up this serious conflict over reality! All this creates division, questions, and serious philosophical divisions between the thinking and the actions of these TWO groups.

Image result for the image of from Daniel (the gold, silver, beast)

Believers in a Higher Power ‘assume’ that we are now living in the Last Days of the man controlled political system…and what we now witness on planet earth is God’s intervention in human affairs. God, is essentially, intervening in human affairs and creating this ‘change’ that we witness on our planet…so all this change is part of our Creator’s doing. God changes man’s thinking and words and this creates new thinking and actions among those being changed. This is part of the ‘assumptions’ coming from strong spiritual believers (their Worldview). God changes a person and then a World!

Image result for Believers in science reject the Biblical worldview

The Believers who created Science yet today Science mostly rejects Believers! Interesting! I agree that Religion should be rejected, however!

Image result for secular thinkers who do not believe in God

Nietzsche’s logic is difficult to refute! But is it ‘reality’?

Non-believers in a Higher Power (we could call this group the Secular or Humanistic thinkers) ‘assume’ that there is no Creator God/Higher Power and that MAN is supreme and must govern over this planet of evolved human beings. Man must create a NEW System so that select ‘elites’ can govern the 7 billion (soon growing to 10 billion). This group is now promoting this concept called the New World Order and/or Global Governance. Global Governance (similar to the G-20) must integrate the global system into a universal centralized system where select elites govern.

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The above generally support the New World Order agenda! I reject it!

Our current President Barack Obama is essentially a promoter of this type of change. His ‘Hope and Change’ centers on this New World Order of man (now promoted by the United Nations) which many today call Agenda 2030. This new system of change became the official mantra as of January 1, 2016. Global leaders who advocate this type of governance for the 7 billion are: Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ben Bernanke, Mario Draghi, Xi Jinping, the Bush family, most of the thinkers within the Bilderberg group, the CFR group, the Club of Rome group, etc.

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Most spiritual leaders also tend to bow to this mantra of a New World Order established by the elites and administered by the elites. Pope Francis of Rome is behind this United Nations goal called Agenda 2030. The elite leaders of the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the BIS, and their various think tanks are behind this agenda and goal. Basically, most of those (the political leaders) who reject the concept of a Creator God as the real Ruler over this planet would bow to this agenda and philosophy. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and most of the founders of America would REJECT this Worldview, however. I, also, reject the secular Worldview!

Image result for America founded up a Creator God

The concept of a Higher Power was ubiquitous for those who founded America!

Image result for America founded up a Creator God

Ben reveals the mindset of many of our founding Fathers!

So where do I fit into this picture? I fit into the view that our Creator God is real and that his Logos (word) is ruling over our planet. In reality, THE LOGOS, is the ultimate Authority over this planet and this Source has been the ultimate Authority ever since I/You were created (from our mothers womb). History, to me, is a history of our Creator’s actions via his Logos (words). Words create our reality and all our beliefs derive from our WORDS! The ultimate SOURCE of our ‘words’ is THE LOGOS (a Higher Spiritual POWER)! That is my ‘assumption’ and ‘premise’. My philosophy derives from this ‘assumption’.

Image result for the LOGOS (God)

This WORD (Logos) was not a human being or anyone who lives (physically) on our planet! God is invisible and without any IMAGE!

Basically, the West Coast Prophecy Conference, covered this idea that man operates under different ‘assumptions’ of reality. Prophecy speakers (although holding various views of what is happening) generally agree that we are now living in what is called THE LAST DAYS of man’s political systems. God is now intervening in human affairs and this is what is creating all the change, conflicts, divisions, and soon the coming TRIBULATION. Events will continue to play out as these TWO Worldviews of reality (Man vs God) fight over what change must occur.

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Concepts like the coming Anti-Christ play into this scenario. Who is Babylon the Great? All the judgments recorded in the book of Revelation play into this scenario/conflict. All the wars and rumors of war play into this scenario/conflict. The current Middle East situation plays in this scenario/conflict. World leaders are generally not fully aware of all these events as most do not study eschatology or global history from the perspective of those who hold to spiritual beliefs. Who reads Holy scripture today? Few and fewer. Leaders just perpetuate what has been and continue with this mantra of man-made ruler-ship as a forever reality!

Image result for changing world events and the image of Babylon

The general consensus is that our World is now in the Last of the Last Days! I agree!

Image result for the image of from Daniel (the gold, silver, beast)

The above ‘image’ represents Prophecy in a nutshell! Who understands?

If you desire to understand more of these conflicting Worldviews going forward, subscribe to this blog. I sense that major change is happening and that our Creator is ‘behind’ all this change. Who is this Creator? Names are confusing but I like to use the words, THE LOGOS. The Logos is the source of all words and this Source creates all our change. Think on this! Socrates is my model of a person who desired to understand reality. Examine oneself is the starting point! A ‘unexamined life is not worth living’…says Socrates! I agree! Enjoy this overview! I am:





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