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The Power of WORDS – they reveal reality!

September 4, 2016

Let’s talk about the power of words and how we use words to describe reality. Words and Names can be viewed as units of consciousness which are then applied to what we discern or perceive as we live our lives moment by moment. I and I believe YOU live within two realms of reality daily. The obvious realms are the ‘material’ realm (which is observed) and the ‘mental’ realm (which derives from our consciousness). Words derive from the ‘mental ‘realm and I/You then ‘apply’ a word or name to either some ‘thing’ or ‘object’ which we observe and/or a ‘result’ which emerges from our behavior.

I like the following psychology for describing reality as I live it daily:

  1. the world of ‘thing(s)’
  2. the world of ‘results’

The objects which I observe (say a tree, house, car, etc.) I describe as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’. Each material object is a ‘thing’ composed of matter/energy. Things make up our entire material world, including our objects up in the sky. The moon is a ‘thing’. The Sun is a ‘thing’. Our Galaxy is a ‘thing’. Every object composed of ‘matter’ can be viewed as a ‘thing’. The ‘word’ used to describe a ‘thing’ is actually ‘separate from the ‘thing’, however. Look up at our sky and notice a particular ‘thing’/’object’ (let’s say Mercury). The label (name) we choose for this object near our Sun is chosen to help us describe reality. The ‘label’, however, is not the ‘object’. We live within TWO realms of reality!

The word ‘result’ and/or ‘outcome’ can be used to describe every emotion or behavior which is NOT a ‘thing’ or ‘object’. For example: the following words can be viewed as ‘results’ which emerge from our behavior:

  1. happiness or joy is a ‘result’
  2. success or achievement can be viewed as a ‘result’
  3. anger and fear are emotions which I view as a ‘result’

All words which do NOT describe a ‘thing’ or ‘object’ composed of matter/energy can be viewed as ‘results’. Again, a car, house, tree are ‘objects’ composed of matter/energy but emotions from our behavior can be described as ‘results’ which happened. All reality can be described within these TWO realms (the material realm and the metaphysical realm). What I witness on our planet are ‘things’ and ‘results’…all derived from human beings who live in the NOW and communicate reality to others.

When I think about economics and finance I also think in terms of TWO realms of reality. For example: a gold or silver coin is a ‘thing’ or ‘object’. This thing is dug up from our soil/land and minted into this ‘thing’ which historically was viewed as Money. Human beings attached the word ‘value’ to these precious metals and this emerged as Capitalism after our founding as a nation. The word ‘value’, however, is NOT a ‘thing’. In reality, this word is a ‘result’. Value is calculated as a ‘number’ which is denominated by a currency. Think of ‘value’ as a RESULT not a THING.

What else might be viewed as a ‘result’ and NOT a ‘thing’ within finance? Think of our currency unit called the ‘dollar’. What is our ‘dollar’ in reality? This word/name does NOT denote a ‘thing’. This word, in reality, is derived from my/your consciousness and becomes meaningful as our currency unit when officially adopted by our government. In reality, however, this word describes a unit of our consciousness and it should be viewed as a ‘result’. Our ‘dollar’ (this word/name) was chosen by our founding fathers back in 1785 as our currency unit. The word, however, is mostly meaningless unless defined in terms of some ‘thing’.

Back in 1792 our Congress chose the word, ‘dollar’ as our official currency unit and then it was ‘defined’ in terms of a ‘thing’. The dollar was a ‘result’ (derived from the human mind) and then defined as 371.25 grains of silver (a ‘thing’). Without this definition of the word ‘dollar’ in terms of some ‘thing’, it would be mostly meaningless as a currency unit. Today, the attachment of this word (dollar) to a ‘thing’ (like gold or silver) has been removed. So what we have today is a currency unit that should be viewed as a ‘mental abstraction’ or a ‘result’ derived from our consciousness (a fantasy unit).

Why is our financial system about to collapse and disappear? The primary reason is because our currency unit is NOW a ‘mental abstraction’ and it has no attachment to a ‘thing’ of value. When our ‘dollar’ was defined in terms of a ‘thing’ then it could be exchanged as a ‘thing of value’. Today, there is no attachment of this unit to a ‘thing’ and all is now within our consciousness. This makes our entire financial system a HOUSE of CARDS based upon a mental fantasy! Give this some reflection and recognize that ‘words’ do have meaning when used properly. Wake-up to the misuse of WORDS! Enjoy! I am:


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