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Relevant Education: ‘Life’ does not have an ‘Origin’ or ‘Expiration’!

September 2, 2016

Our esteemed educational system and our esteemed scientists have the view that there is an ‘origin’ for my/your LIFE. Their question is presented as: what is the ‘origin’ of LIFE. How did we all ‘evolve’ into the species which I now witness on planet Earth? Is there ‘life’ on Mars (now), etc. Currently, the big news within science is the possible ‘life’ on a newly discovered planet called Proxima b (why this ‘name’) out in space. Could I not pick a more interesting ‘name’ (say Sugar or Sweetness). CNN reports, 8/24/2016: “In a discovery that has been years in the making, researchers have confirmed the existence of a rocky planet named ‘Proxima b’ orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, according to a new study. It is the closest exoplanet to us in the universe.” Some scientists are now suggesting that ‘life’ might be discovered upon this planet. Let’s think about this conjecture!

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An object out in space can NOT evolve ‘life’ from its inorganic substance IMO! What is ‘Life’? Can ‘life’ evolve from ‘non-life’? I would suggest, NO!

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Will we discover ‘life’ there (on Proxima b), and more importantly – how long until we are able to travel to its solar system? How can ‘life’ be discovered given the definition that is used by our scientists? Think on this ‘word’ called LIFE! What does this ‘word’ describe?

How do our esteemed scientists define ‘life’? What they do is ‘assume’ that a living thing (which already has ‘life’ within itself) is their definition of ‘life’. This is an invalid definition (and reasoning), philosophically. If an organism displays movement and sentience then this means ‘life’ has been discovered (so say our educators). Is this logic sound and relevant? I would suggest, NO. Life, in reality, is my inner non-physical ‘spirit’ and this means that my ‘life’ has NO origin or beginning (neither does ‘yours’). In reality, ‘life’ is eternal/immortal (continues forever). When my ‘spirit’ passes from my body it enters another realm. Life continues! There is NO ‘origin’ (or expiration) as ‘life’ continues for each of us eternally. Socrates was one of my sources for this reality as well as my examination of ‘myself’. Socrates said his ‘life’ was immortal (this means it continues after the life ‘spirit’ leaves one’s body/brain). I agree! Why does science not recognize this reality which most everyone ‘assumes’ internally? Where is the evidence that ‘life’ emerges from ‘non-life’? Do our esteemed ‘scientists’ not KNOW themselves?

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The above picture reveals that ‘life’ is revealed by plants, animals, humans but it is NOT the flesh/body thing! Life is non-physical! Life does NOT evolve (over time) from dead matter (non-life)!

Science has bought into this myth that ‘life’ is some ‘thing’ which emerges from inorganic matter (non-life). What a silly idea. Has there been ONE demonstration that ‘life’ can emerge from a stone/rock/dirt/dead matter? There has been none, yet our esteemed educators of science continue with this deception/myth. The word ‘life’ describes my inner spirit/consciousness/mind. I am alive and sentient because I have consciousness and mental activity within my consciousness (so do you). Consciousness does not ‘originate’ from my neurons or from any part of my body of matter. What science needs to do is look within themselves and examine their INNER self (maybe they might discover what Socrates discovered). Our education system is corrupt because select educators perpetuate deceptions/myths/illusions to further their agenda of misinformation. Is it time to re-think all our education on this issue?

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Can ‘life’ emerge or evolve from matter/energy? Never! Our educators are mostly deceived IMO!

The origin of ‘life’ should start with a clear definition of ‘life’. What does this ‘word’ describe (in the now)? The opposite of ‘life’ is dead matter (atoms in motion). To discern the meaning of ‘life’ think of the NAME given to the above discovered (assumed) exoplanet. Science (some person) has given this object (yet to be confirmed) the ‘name’ Proxima b. Where did this ‘name’ come from? Which person within the establishment of science gave this ‘object’ the NAME, Proxima b. My NAME would have been Sugar. Where did I get my NAME? I got it from my consciousness/mind (my animated ‘life’). I merely thought it up via my thinking. What does this imply? To me, this implies that my ‘life’ spirit created a ‘living’ NAME (‘names’ are also part of ‘life’) for this inanimate object floating out in space. What would be a better ‘definition’ for this word called ‘life’?

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Science likes to assume that ‘life’ can be defined as a single cell (like bacteria). Is this valid? I say, NO! Life is a ‘word’ which implies animation via the ‘spirit’!

Reality suggests that ‘names’ derive from a living person and then I ‘place’ this ‘name’ upon a dead/inorganic object. The dead object (this exoplanet) has NO ‘life’ within itself and ‘life’ can not evolve on this planet from all the ‘dead’ inorganic material within this planet. Think about how ‘life’ is experienced NOW! Life does not emerge from NON-LIFE. Wake-up scientists, what evidence is there that ‘life’ can evolve from NON-LIFE? There is ZERO evidence and all the billions ($$$) being spent upon a search for the ‘origin’ of LIFE is pure waste of time/effort/money. Life does not ‘originate’ (or expire) as the word means ‘spirit’! SPIRIT is eternal and it does not have any BEGINNING or END. I live forever and so do you! WE are ‘spirit’ beings housed within a body of matter (called our ‘flesh’). Consciousness is my EVIDENCE! Is it time for a new definition of this word called ‘life’?

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What is now needed is a ‘re-thinking’ of all our assumptions about REALITY! Let’s start with the definition of LIFE! What does this ‘word’ describe (now)? Reality is NOW and successive moments of NOW!

What we need to do is re-think all our philosophy on ‘life’ and ‘non-life’. We also need to recognize that living in the NOW is the best reference point for REALITY. Can I ‘evolve’ into some new species NOW? Can YOU? Can any living organism? What governs my ‘life’ (right now)? Where do my ‘ideas’ come from? Where do ‘words’ derive from (ultimately)? Who is the ultimate SOURCE of our ‘words’, ‘talents’, and ‘ideas’? Who is the ultimate LOGOS (the intelligence which gives me and you our intelligence)? Think of ‘living in the NOW’ and most of reality will clear up. The vast majority of mankind lives (it appears to me) in their consciousness with false/deceptive/illusionary misconceptions. Most assume a ‘past’ and a ‘future’ and avoid the reality of NOW! Our education system is part of the problem! That is my view which I have derived from my personal experience on this planet. Take my challenge and the challenge of Socrates…KNOW oneself! I am:

Some definitions to ponder:

  1. The Now: the realities that I/You experience as we live our lives moment by moment. I live my life as ‘successive moments of now’. The Now is the best reference point for discerning ‘reality’!
  2. Life: the animated experience which I/You observe within each living organism on planet Earth.
  3. Spirit: the non-physical substance which does the ‘animation’ which we experience as ‘life’.
  4. Non-life: all the matter which ‘lacks’ this ‘spirit’ substance which does the animation (example: rocks, stones, dirt, exoplanets, asteroids, comets, atoms, sub-atomic particles, etc.).
  5. Consciousness: that which reveals our life within and which continues eternally.
  6. Immortal: one’s ‘life’ continues after the ‘spirit’ leaves the flesh/body/matter substance. Evidence is everywhere for those with discernment. Socrates, Yeshua, Thomas Jefferson are examples.
  7. Bacteria: a living organism which displays ‘life’. Bacteria are NOT ‘life’ per se. Science is misrepresenting reality with their definitions and wasting billions ($$$) with their programs on trying to ‘find’ life.

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Each person lives within the Greater Consciousness of our Creator God. This is why each person lives eternally with no final death or expiration. Evidence is our ‘individual’ consciousness! The human consciousness/mind is the evidence which refutes SCIENCE!



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