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The ‘Rapture’ hoax’! A popular concept of Eschatology!

August 26, 2016

Today, there are so many views on end-time events (called eschatology)…and few are aware of what is real and what is fantasy! The concept called The Rapture is my focus for this missive. The concept is rather deceptive as those who espouse this concept have a view of history which is mostly fantasy (when compared to reality as we live it). The concept called The Rapture assumes that ‘I’ or ‘You’ will be caught up (bodily) into the clouds above and then we are changed during this ‘fly away’ event into new metaphysical persons (also called ‘glorified’ bodies). All this is based on an interpretation of history which goes back some 2,000 years to the person called Yeshua/Jesus. Let’s explore this history and why this concept called The Rapture is a huge ‘hoax’ upon believers!

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Let’s all ‘Fly Away’ bodily into the clouds so we can ‘escape’ the tribulation which is coming!

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The belief that ‘select’ persons will be Raptured UP into the clouds to meet Yeshua/Jesus is the belief that is espoused by the Christian religion! Why this belief and concept?

Yeshua was a real human being who lived around 4 B.C. to 31 A.D. This rabbi from Nazareth (province of Galilee) who later became Christ (the anointed one) to most believers has been worshipped and honored as God to many believers on this planet for nearly 2,000 years. When this person completed his ministry (which he developed from his epiphany after his baptism in the Jordan River) he had a following of disciples who viewed him as their Messiah (King). The Jewish authorities at the Temple in Jerusalem, however, viewed this person as a blasphemer and a false rabbi of Judaism. These authorities schemed to kill this false rabbi via the Roman legal system. This happened around 31 A.D. at Golgotha (near Jerusalem)

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The most likely ‘image’ of the real Yeshua while living on planet Earth (4 B.C. to 31 A.D.)! Yeshua was an Aramaic Jew from the tribe of Judah! He called his God by the ‘name’ Eloah (in Aramaic)!

Some time around 31 A.D., Yeshua was sentenced to death by crucifixion…he died just outside of Jerusalem (called Gulgaltha in Aramaic or Golgotha in Greek). After his death and burial a NEW dimension of reality emerged from some of his disciples. Visions were experienced and virtual experiences of a real body (walking and talking) were experienced by various believers. The assumption was that Yeshua had risen from the dead. Then some 40 days after his ‘appearances’ to these various disciples, Yeshua ‘ascended’ bodily and physically (from our planet Earth) up into the clouds. This became known as The Ascension and/or ‘fly away’ into the heavens (our clouds above) where he proceeded (at light speed or greater) to the Throne Room of God Almighty (the Jewish God called Yahweh or Elohim or Eloah). This is the mindset of most theologians and pastors who espouse Christian theology!

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The ‘assumption’ (belief) is that Yeshua ‘ascended’ up into the clouds from his bodily position on our planet! He conquered ‘gravity’! All this happened some 40 days after his ‘death’ at Golgotha!

Image result for ascension of jesus in 31 A.D.

Another ‘image’ of Yeshua’s bodily ‘ascension’ into the clouds above planet Earth! Theologians envision a bodily ‘fly away’ into the clouds above us!

Gradually, more visions and metaphysical ‘appearances’ were experienced by other followers (James and Paul) and all this led to a belief that Yeshua was alive in the heavens (next to God Almighty) and gradually this belief system emerged into orthodox Christianity some 300-400 years later. Then the Roman Catholic belief system emerged and codified all these experiences and beliefs into a religion which has dominated Western history for some 2,000 years. The mindset of the strong believers and the theological doctrines which emerged (mostly since 325 A.D.) have now been codified into an end-time belief system or eschatology which has various nuances and fantasies for today’s believers. This Rapture concept is one of these beliefs which is now popular among strong believers!

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Paul and the historical ‘brother’ of Yeshua (James) had mental ‘visions’ of the risen Yeshua (after his physical death at Golgotha)! All these ‘visions’ were internal experiences within one’s MIND (not physical experiences with observation and eye contact)!

The strong believers in this history and eschatology have concocted this concept called The Rapture and the End-time Tribulation chronology which emerges just prior to the 2nd coming. These strong believers and select theologians ‘assume’ that since this person ‘ascended’ bodily and physically into the clouds back in 31 A.D. (after his ‘rising’ from the dead) that this same situation will be experienced at his 2nd coming (any day now). Yeshua/Jesus will ‘descend’ bodily from his ‘perch’ next to God Almighty in the heavens and ‘hover’ some distance (no one knows precisely) above our planet (in the air/clouds above us) and then command that all his committed followers bodily ‘ascend’ UP to his position (just above our planet and within our cloud system). All this is called The Rapture!

Image result for the appearance of Jesus in the clouds as he descends from heaven

The ‘assumption’ is that Yeshua/Jesus will ‘descend’ from his position next to God Almighty (our Creator) and ‘appear’ in our clouds (above planet Earth) and then Rapture ‘select’ believers UP into these clouds! All this will happen (any day now) and many ‘assume’ that they will FLY bodily into the heavens soon (to escape the coming time of Jacobs Trouble)! What a hoax upon thinking persons!

The concept is that this ‘Rapture’ or catching away will happen suddenly (any day now) and all this is because these ‘select’ believers are SAVED and WORTHY of this ‘escape’…from the ‘unsaved’ remnant (called the Tribulation demons). All this will transpire here on planet Earth soon. The question today within all the Prophecy Conferences which I have attended is ‘when’ this Escape (for believers) will happen. Will it be today? Later in the Tribulation? At the last Trumpet? or will it be when Yeshua/Jesus ‘lands’ upon our planet (on the Mount of Olives) from his ‘ascended’ position in the heavens? Prophecy speakers have various scenarios and visions which they ‘assume’ are sound thinking and objective ‘reality’. Is any of this thinking based on sound logic and reason? Is this thinking reality or fantasy? Is it a ‘hoax’ upon every thinking person?

Image result for Christian concept of being SAVED

This concept called being SAVED is what creates all the escape psychology within Christianity! Those that are SAVED are supposedly WORTHY of this escape into the clouds (heavens) and uniting (bodily) with the descending Yeshua/Jesus! I would suggest that all this mentality is mostly FANTASY! A huge ‘hoax’!

My personal sense is that much of this thinking is fantasy and based on an ‘invalid’ understanding of reality. First of all, Yeshua was a real human being who lived upon this planet IMO. He experienced reality identically as we experience reality today. He was born, lived, and died. During his lifetime he experienced life much as we do today. Reality (in reality) is a NOW experience. The NOW realities have not changed since our original parents were ‘created’ some 6,000 years prior to today. Reality does not CHANGE but each of us is limited in our ‘interpretation’ of reality (my view). This means that various persons (let’s say Believers) can ‘interpret’ reality differently. Those of us who ‘live’ in the NOW tend to experience reality in a similar manner (mostly)…and we accept what can be experienced in the NOW!

Image result for Jesus walking on water on the sea of Galilee

This imagery is what many believe (Yeshua is walking on ‘water’). Is this reality or fantasy? I say it is fantasy…as reality is a NOW experience and The NOW does not change over time periods! Who can ‘walk’ on water today?

For example: Can I ‘walk’ on water? I don’t think so! Can You ‘walk’ on water? I don’t think so! Can any human being ‘walk’ on water? I don’t think so! This means that Yeshua also did not ‘walk’ on water (the sea of Galilee). The writings which ‘assume’ that he did ‘walk’ on water must, therefore, be ‘invalid’ representations of objective reality. People can ‘assume’ anything they desire, but most of us ‘assume’ that human beings can not ‘walk’ on water (say a river, lake, or ocean). Fantasies emerge from strong believers who indoctrinate other believers with their ‘assumptions’ and invalid  ‘interpretations’. All these ‘invalid’ assumptions and interpretations, however, lead to all these ‘invalid’ concepts such as The Rapture! I witness all these ‘invalid’ assumptions as I listen to all these so-called experts (pastors, etc.) at these Prophecy Conferences and within select church congregations. Deception is rampant within Christianity!

Image result for John on the Island Patmos in 96 A.D.

The disciple John lived bodily on the Island called Patmos and never was ‘Raptured’ bodily into the clouds! His message in Revelation 4:1-2 reveals what I believe! The Rapture is an ‘internal’/’spiritual’/’mental’ experience! I or You do NOT bodily ‘ascend’ into the clouds!!! We internalize this imagery within our consciousness!

Image result for John on the Island Patmos in 96 A.D.

John was exiled to the Island Patmos and died physically on planet Earth! He was not Raptured as many ‘assume’! His spiritual experience was ‘internal’ (within consciousness)!

Image result for John on the Island Patmos in 96 A.D.

The Greek Island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea (today’s image)! The Apostle John lived and wrote his message called Revelation on this Greek island (around 96 A.D.)!

Image result for the Kingdom of God does not appear with observation

Think on the above words! The Kingdom of our Creator is within (internal)! There is no bodily ascension into the clouds above! Is it time to discover one’s MIND?

My personal perspective on this concept called The Rapture is based on Revelation 4:1-2. Being ‘caught up’ via a conscious experience (within my mind) does not mean that I leave (fly away) into the clouds above as all these Prophecy speakers ‘assume’. I can experience visions, spiritual concepts, spiritual images without ‘leaving’ planet Earth. This concept of ‘flying away’ into the clouds and the idea that Yeshua will ‘descend (any day now) from his perch next to God Almighty (also a belief of my/your consciousness) is totally ‘invalid’ IMO. In reality, this concept called The Rapture is a ‘spiritual’ and/or ‘conscious’ experience within one’s MIND. The Kingdom does not appear with ‘observation’ (Luke 17: 20-21). Rather The Kingdom arrives within one’s MIND (internally)! Think on this! Enjoy my subjective perspective! I am:

Some definitions to ponder:

  1. Fantasy: the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.
  2. Hoax: practical joke, joke, jest, prank, trick; More
    ruse, deception, fraud, bluff, confidence trick;
    spoof, scam, setup

3. Rapture: transporting (a believer) from earth to heaven (our clouds above) at the Second Coming (some say the 2nd Coming happens AFTER the Tribulation (called Jacob’s Trouble).

4. Yeshua: “Jesus” is an Anglicized form of the Greek name Yesous found in the New   Testament. Yesous represents the Hebrew Bible name Yeshua, which occurs as “Jeshua” in English Bibles (Ezra 2:2; Neh 7:7). Yeshua was fully human (as You/I).

5. Eloah/Elohim: is the generic name of God Almighty, used of the transcendent Creator who dwells outside and above the universe. ’Elohim is the sovereign God, the supernatural One. In contrast, Yahweh is the personal name of God. This was the God of Yeshua/Jesus!

6. Kingdom of God: The Kingdom of God (and its related form Kingdom of Heaven in the Gospel of Matthew) is one of the key elements of The Gospel of Jesus/Yeshua in the New Testament. The false Gospel of Paul is generally proclaimed by Evangelical Christianity! This false Gospel of Salvation (being ‘saved’) was not the Gospel of the living Yeshua IMO!

7. Saved: Acknowledgment and belief that Jesus is the One Savior who can take away my sin (because of His deity, and His death and resurrection). Proclaimed by the Apostle Paul and adopted as The Gospel by Evangelical Christianity!


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