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America’s Deficits Growing as Economy Slows!

August 24, 2016

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How can I conclude that our economy is slowing rapidly? Answer: Our deficits are growing. We will exceed $500,000,000,000 this year and we could be back over $1,000,000,000,000 next year. The numbers are heading south as our economy slows with a recession now evident. The stock market is being manipulated to hide the current recession but at some point in the near future, all this deception by our corrupt authorities will be revealed to the general public. Hiding the evidence is getting more difficult as objective thinkers are now recognizing all the deceptions and illusions perpetrated by our elite policymakers.

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Notice that the trend of declining deficits has ended. What does this mean going forward?

Today’s Wall Street Journal covered most of the above realities under the heading “Deficit to Widen As Tax Receipts Fall” (see page A2, August 24 Journal). This article reveals that our tax revenues are now declining as corporate profits decline. The article states: “The federal deficit soared following the financial crisis and the recession of 2007-09 as government spending surged and receipts plunged. Annual deficits have steadily fallen since then as the government cut spending and revenues recovered, with last year’s deficit hitting an eight-year low of 2.t% of GDP.” Take the time to read the full article if you have time. Awareness is key to understanding!

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Corporate revenues and profits and now starting their descent downward!

If you visit this site: you can observe that our projected deficit for fiscal year 2016 is likely $534,000,000,000 or more. Look at the top (far right column) and notice that corporate revenues are now declining. This reveals the reality that our economy is slowing rapidly and that our stock markets are hiding this reality. Our Central Bank is obviously pumping up the stock indices even as our economy slows and declines. Now is the time to get out of the stock markets as this game of wealth enhancement is over. Our silver/gold markets are rigged and manipulated to hide the realities of our markets, but at some point these markets will BREAK free from the manipulators as demand for physical silver/gold grows exponentially.

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This chart is ominous as it reveals that most European banks could soon be insolvent!

After receiving an astronomical €661bn since 2008 in public aid, the banks are now low on capital (some of their assets are worth less than declared or, in other words, are toxic) and are having difficulty paying their short-term liabilities.” The banking systems in Italy, Spain, Germany, France are being revealed as insolvent. These banks are being pumped up with hidden liquidity from the Central Banksters (mostly the ECB) to hide this reality. At some point this game will also crash and then the entire superstructure of finance will start its descent into the abyss. I am still sensing that all this will happen within the remainder of 2016. People and investors are starting to sense the reality that all is not well with our global financial system. As awareness grows, the old games will cease to work. It’s all starting now! Prepare for major change between now and the end of 2016. That is my message for today! I am:



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