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Kingdom Economics: ‘Diversity’ comes first!

August 21, 2016

America’s founders desired that the ‘individual’ prevail over the ‘collective’. The motto was: Life, Liberty, and Happiness (all endowed by our Creator for ‘each’ individual)! Thomas Jefferson desired that no ‘tyranny’ prevail over the mind of man (and he lived this philosophy mostly). T.J. was our example of putting the ‘individual’ prior to the ‘collective’. Tyranny is when another human being exercises control and/or power over another. One’s MIND is enslaved by the ‘other’ who seeks ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’! For the ‘individual’ to prevail I must allow the ‘other’ to express disagreement and separateness. I/You must prevail always (as ‘individuals’)! This was the mindset of America’s founding IMO!

This is what America is all about! The INDIVIDUAL must prevail over the groupthink ‘collective’! T.J. tried to promote a mindset of NO ‘tyranny over anyone’s MIND! I agree with this philosophy of our founding fathers!

Today, however, we have political, religious, and secular leaders who desire to promote ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’. Listen to Hillary as she promotes this concept called ‘unity’ so that she can govern over everyone (America and the World). The Donald does similar. All religions and corporate organizations do similar via their ‘groupthink’ agendas. The ‘collective’ must be allowed to dominate over the ‘individual’. All ‘groupthink’ organizations tend to promote ‘unity’ via their leaders messages at the expense of ‘individuality’ and ‘diversity’. This places the leader who is in control of the ‘group’ in the position of dominating the group and suppressing ‘individuality’. All religions seem to promote this mindset as well as our politicians. Think on this for a few minutes!

All political leaders put the ‘collective’ first’ and then the ‘individual’! This is our problem! The problem today is that our Constitution consists of mere ‘words’ with no agreement on meaning (from the reader of the ‘words’)!

Thomas Jefferson was a ‘cult’ of one (mostly). He recognized human nature and the tendency of a groupthink leader (political or religious) to promote a ‘false’ unity so that the group could prevail as the ultimate solution. I witness this same mindset today within religion, politics, science, and philosophy. A strong groupthink leader promotes ‘unity’ and ‘sameness’ so that the leader’s agenda can dominate over the ‘individual’. I must bow to the group leader when I disagree so that the ‘collective’ can survive and prosper (at the expense of the ‘individual’). All this thinking is anathema to Kingdom Economics! What is needed today is life, liberty, and happiness for ‘each’ individual (first) and then ‘unity’ can emerge from each ‘individual’ person. Think about a world where the ‘individual’ prevails over the groupthink leader! America was founded upon this premise!

Political leaders desire a groupthink agreement (called political correctness) so the leader can ‘impose’ her/his agenda upon the many! This is opposite the mindset of  Thomas Jefferson (as well as other founding fathers)!

The groupthink leader (desires ‘diversity’) as long as his/her agenda is not the issue! Political leaders want ‘political correctness’ so they can achieve their groupthink agenda! Mob rule is what Thomas Jefferson called this mindset!

Unite and/or Unity is what all political leaders desire so their ‘mob rule’ agenda can prevail over the electorate! The end result of this is enslavement for the ‘individual’ who disagrees! Enslavement is what I see developing today!

The System is ‘rigged’ so a leader can impose ‘unity’ via political correctness on everyone! To govern requires agreement with the ‘leaders’ agenda! This creates a form of ‘mob rule’ and more division from those who disagree!

The mindset of a groupthink leader who has a ‘unity’ agenda!

Hillary and The Donald desire Mob Rule for America (the 50.001% governing the whole)! This is because they put ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’…the ‘collective’ prior to the ‘individual’! We now need a different philosophy for our planet IMO!

The above mindset (promotes the leader’s vision) but not the ‘individual’s’. All ‘individual’s’ are unique and different so groupthink (from a leader) is a form of suppression of ‘diverse’ viewpoints! Leaders like to promote ‘unity’ concepts for the purpose of furthering THEIR (politically correct) agenda!

Diversity and Individuality comes first for Kingdom Economics! A leaders ‘unity’ concepts (to promote a given groupthink agenda) must be secondary (it must follow ‘after’ freedom for each individual is achieved)! We need NO tyranny over the MIND of any ‘individual’ (as Thomas Jefferson so admirably expressed)!

Planet Earth consists of 7 billion individuals (all unique and different). This is the model of Kingdom Economics! Equality of ‘individuals’ comes PRIOR to a ‘unity’ agenda. Diversity must come FIRST (as we live in the Now…continually). Think of this model as the model of our future!

One planet under a political King is ‘not’ the vision of Kingdom Economics!

A model where PEOPLE come first (individuality) and rulership is transcendent (the Creator of all is King over our planet)! Think on the concept of eliminating all ‘human’ rulers from our System!

One Planet under God follows from America’s concept of One Nation under God! Who can discern that this is reality as we live it? It has been reality from the beginning IMO!

In conclusion, Kingdom Economics portrays a vision where the ‘individual’ is Supreme and where human rulership is eliminated from our planet. This means that all political, religious, scientific, and secular thinking be given equal standing in the marketplace of ideas. This also means that ‘diversity’ needs to be a mindset that prevails over this concept called ‘unity’. Diversity comes FIRST and then unity is what Kingdom Economics is all about. Freedom for the ‘individual’ must prevail over groupthink within the political ‘collective’. All politics, religion, science, and philosophy must rethink their goals so that ‘diversity’ and ‘individuality’ can grow exponentially and continually. One planet (under our Creator) is the ultimate goal of Kingdom Economics. Enjoy this thinking and talk about putting the ‘individual’ as SUPREME (this means demoting the groupthink agenda’s of all political leaders)! I am:

P.S. Some videos to review for a better understanding of groupthink (and human nature):

  1. (a view of conformity within groups)
  2. (symptoms of groupthink)
  3. (religious groupthink, Jonestown)
  4. (political groupthink, Bay of Pigs)
  5. (science groupthink, Space Shuttle Challenger)



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