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A ‘plan’ for the coming financial collapse!

August 19, 2016

Today, I talked to a female millennial who works at Best Buy in Tucson and who understands cyberspace. She recognized immediately that cyber money is ‘imaginary’ and will vanish with a shut-down of the computer banking system. She said that backing up the cyber digits with ‘paper’ notes is wise and helps with planning when spending and investing. This lady had wisdom beyond her age IMO. I was impressed by this lady’s wisdom. Few of the readers of this missive seem to comprehend cyberspace as well as this lady from Best Buy. She claimed to know about computers and cyberspace as she has grown up with electronic information. So let’s review a plan which we (she and I) briefly discussed for environments such as we have today. The ‘plan’ is for anyone with savings (say $100,000 or more). There are three steps to consider to implement this ‘plan’!

  1. Since our currencies today are ‘imaginary’ digits within cyberspace, it would be wise to ‘back-up’ your digits (to some degree) within all your savings accounts with some ‘paper’ notes. Your ‘digits’ are official legal tender as of now but if the system is temporarily or permanently shut-down, your options are limited without a back-up plan. Digits are ‘imaginary’ but paper notes are not!
  2. Paper notes could represent some 50% of your savings given today’s situation. Store these ‘paper’ notes in a safe venue outside the official banking system (say under your mattress). This would allow for usage (spending) if your cyber digits are shut-down (with no access). A banking holiday is likely and this means that options are necessary when this happens!
  3. Paper notes, however, are not real items with ‘value’ so backing-up the paper with some precious metals would also be wise (say 25% of the total). Most people still view silver and gold coins as having ‘value’ in exchange. All our coin shops will exchange officially minted coins for ‘paper’ notes and/or cyber ‘digits’ (our legal tender currencies). This allows for immediate exchange for other goods and services. In some States silver coins and gold coins are also official legal tender which gives these items additional credence in the ‘minds’ of most people.

So lets’ review the plan for those with $100,000 of savings or more. Put some $50,000 of the total into ‘paper’ notes (paper dollars in the United States or the equivalent in other countries). Store your ‘paper’ notes in a safe venue of your choosing. If you travel or desire to barter with sophisticated counterparties in the marketplace, it would also be wise to have some physical precious metals (say one ounce coins totaling 25%) which you can access for dire situations. These coins must be officially minted and well recognized (say American Silver/Gold Eagles or Equivalent). Store these coins in a safe venue which you can access if necessary. This is my three step plan for anyone with substantial savings (say $100,000 or more). Do this now as no-one knows when the banking holiday might begin!

What is needed for our planet is NEW THINKING and a New Global Economic Model!

At some point down the road we will need a NEW economic model for our planet. Kingdom Economics is one alternative which I promote and which would work globally. Today, however, we live with a failed and corrupt financial system which is collapsing daily. A transition period is coming and this period could involve many years of dire events. If you desire to survive, it may be wise to think of alternatives now which allow options that make sense. The above three step plan is one option which makes sense to me. Think on it and then act if you agree! Enjoy the calm before the coming STORM! I am:


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  1. August 20, 2016 7:16 am

    Financial collapse is only Plan B. Plan A provides for the marketplace (consumers) to enter market gold currency (debt-free) into circulation to support economic activity and the purging of existing debt (fiat currency)

    Everyone wins


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