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Entering the Kingdom (‘difficult’…but doable/realizable)!

August 15, 2016

The goal of humanity is: Life, Liberty, and Happiness! This was also the motto or belief of America’s founding fathers. Life is precious and liberty is essential for happiness. These three concepts are what Kingdom Economics is all about. To live within Kingdom Economics is my goal and the goal of this website. But few are currently supporting this goal as our current System has not collapsed…as yet. Until the collapse of our current System I don’t expect many to seek the wisdom of Kingdom Economics or the Kingdom of our Creator as the ultimate Source (government). People do not change their thinking until the PROBLEM has emerged full-blown. My sense is that the PROBLEM will get revealed AFTER the coming financial holocaust which is now emerging globally! Economics is at the core of survival and at the core of behavior/beliefs!

The goal of all Americans and most everyone on planet Earth are the above concepts!

The goal of Kingdom Economics is the above! To achieve this goal requires NEW thinking!

Entering the Kingdom is a mindset (set down by our Creator) which few recognize as yet. Our Creator has provided the steps which are required, however. These steps (in thinking) can be reviewed in our scripture by reading the following texts: Luke 14: 25-33; Matthew 10: 34-29; Mark 8: 34-38. These words from our Creator do not change over time. They are ‘absolute’ IMO. I must ‘deny’ or ‘reject’ everyone FIRST to become an ‘individual’ and then simultaneously ‘accept’ all contrary viewpoints as valid (my enemies viewpoint must be accepted as ‘right’ for them even though I ‘reject’ this view for myself). Reality is ‘relative’ and every person has a unique view of reality. None can play God and survive in the Kingdom. Denying ‘self’ is required! ‘I’ am the problem is my mantra! I would suggest that the word ‘I’ can be assumed as ‘Uni-plural’ (applying to all)!

The word ‘hate’ might better be interpreted as ‘reject’! Life is paradoxical and our ‘words’ can confuse the meaning of reality! Denying ‘self’ can also be viewed as ‘rejecting’ self…as being THE SOLUTION! I must ‘reject’ the absoluteness of everyone’s viewpoint…to achieve individuality!

These ‘words’ originally were revealed to Yeshua (a messenger) but they came from our Creator! The Logos is ultimately The CREATOR GOD (not a human being on our planet)!

What does it mean to ‘deny’ self? Let’s think on this for this missive. Following are some of my interpretations from reading the above reference (words revealed some 2000 years prior to today):

  1. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my Father and Mother (as being valid for me).
  2. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my Sister and/or Brother (as being valid for me).
  3. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my wife (spouse) as being valid for me.
  4. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my pastor, teacher, theologian, or mentor (as being valid for me).
  5. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of science and/or philosophy (as being valid for me).
  6. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of educators/economists/media experts (as being valid for me).
  7. I must ‘reject’ (finally) myself (the rightness of my ‘self’) so that all becomes relative globally.

What all the above means is that SELF must be denied (hated) and SELF must become the ‘problem’ (not the solution as is now promulgated by all of mankind on this planet). Our current System advocates a ‘mindset’ of the OTHER (called YOU) being the ‘problem’ and not ME, MYSELF, and I. Listen to all the preachers, teachers, media experts on this planet now. What do they enunciate as ‘the problem’? They enunciate a mindset of the ‘other’ (also called ‘you’) as being the problem! This is often expressed as ‘you’ being the problem and ‘I’ being the solution. This mindset is anathema if one is to ENTER the Kingdom of our Creator. These are NOT my admonitions, but the direct admonitions from our Creator God (IMO). Read the ‘words’ from scripture above and think on these words. Who ‘revealed’ these words to the human speaker called Yeshua? Who was the SOURCE?

Yeshua’s words (on the ‘self’) and the Law were ‘different’ from that of Saul of Tarsus (who via a vision became the Apostle Paul). Paul’s Gospel was only partially valid and NOT identical with that of the Prophet/Rabbi Yeshua! Deny ‘self’ is the core of Yeshua’s Gospel and he preached the Kingdom of (his) God…who we call the Creator or the Most High God (Elohim, YHWH, Most High)!

False Christianity (derived mostly from the writings of the Apostle Paul) who had much right but not all (IMO) created this mindset that Christians are the ‘solution’ and not the ‘problem’. The Gospel of Paul can be viewed as partially a ‘false’ Gospel as it promotes the idea that being SAVED (creates a completely ‘new’ person with all the past ‘sin’ abdicated from one’s personal history and abolished). This mindset is called SALVATION from sin and those who buy into this mindset ‘assume’ that they are SAVED from the wrath/judgment of our Creator God (YHWH, Elohim, El, Eloah)…now emerging! In reality (IMO) JUDGMENT is coming for all these believers in Paul’s salvation gospel. Jacob’s Trouble is meant for all those who descend from Abraham and salvation occurs ONLY from YHWH…not the Gospel of Paul whom most Evangelicals follow!

Image result for Apostle Paul gospel of salvation is a false gospel

The concept of being ‘saved’ (eternally) assumes what is not happening in the NOW! Reality is a NOW experience and everyone following Paul’s Gospel is under this ‘false’ assumption that they are SAVED (absolutely)! Wake-up to the NOW realities!

All the above have some ‘truth’ and some ‘false’ teachings! Are they ‘the problem’ or ‘the solution’? I would suggest that they are THE PROBLEM (they have not ‘denied’ self)!
The goal of Kingdom Economics is THE KINGDOM of our CREATOR! The MOST HIGH SOURCE! Then the goals of ‘Life, Liberty, and Happiness’ will emerge!
Additional ‘false prophets’ who have NOT denied their ‘self’! They are NOT saved IMO!
The prayer of Yeshua (Jesus) during his lifetime! The Father (in heaven) is also our Creator God! No human being was or is God (IMO)!

Evangelical Christianity is promulgating a ‘false’ gospel message to their group-think followers (under the assumption that THEY are the SOLUTION and the ‘other’ is the PROBLEM. This mindset must change if one is to ENTER the KINGDOM of our CREATOR. That is my view of the GOSPEL and we will need to witness whether this view is valid AFTER the coming financial crash/collapse and a turn to reality. In reality, I AM THE PROBLEM (not the solution) and this is the message of Kingdom Economics for everyone! I stand on this mindset and ONLY our CREATOR can change this mindset (if it needs change). My sense is that it does NOT need change! Think on this for a few minutes and READ the above scripture ABOVE for a reference point! Enjoy! I am:

What is now emerging is the following:

The Wrath of the Most High is primarily for the descendants of Jacob (America and the Western Nations are included IMO)!

The END of our current SYSTEM (does not mean the end of our planet or all the people)! What is emerging is the ‘Transition’ from one System to a better System!

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