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Imaginary money ‘deceives’ nearly everyone!

August 12, 2016

Today, I watched my gold/silver Kitco APP as the prices of silver dropped in milliseconds (minutes for the full drop) from $20.16 to $19.65 (some 3%). Precisely at 12 noon EST the ‘slam’ commenced. All this happened within this ‘imaginary’ space called cyberspace and the full drop was complete in minutes. Our Central Bank traders (evidently) desired to ‘slam’ the price in real-time trading via their uncovered ‘short’ strategy (imaginary digital contracts which are purchased on the Globex electronic market to influence ‘price’). This is done daily to various degrees as trading today is done within ‘cyberspace’ (an imaginary space within our consciousness). Who is aware? Few to none! Why this deception within our markets? Let’s think about WHY?

Notice the red line slam which dropped the cyber ‘price’ of silver within milliseconds! This is now being done daily by our Central Bank traders (who can use ‘uncovered’ shorts on the electronic exchanges)! Who is aware of what is now happening within our real-time cyber markets?

Today’s ‘prices’ for all commodities and metals are determined within this imaginary space called ‘cyberspace’ which we can witness by watching our computer screen. This can now be watched in real-time as the games of ‘price’ manipulations are done by our Central Bank trading desks (electronically). Are you aware that our Fed (at the New York venue) has some 500 day traders working at 33 Liberty Street, New York, to trade our markets. These traders (with unlimited SOMA funds) can rig, manipulate, and enhance/slam whatever ‘prices’ they so choose. Yes, many of our Central Banks on this planet now ‘trade’ our cyber markets with their computer algorithms and all this is done at the speed of light and within this space called ‘cyberspace’. This is a real-time activity!

All our markets are now functioning within ‘cyberspace’ and trading consists of ‘virtual’ digits! This realm is metaphysical/spiritual. Are you aware of this reality?

Why do so few investors, traders, and speculators fail to comprehend what is happening in real-time daily to our markets? Our stock markets are rigged daily, our bond markets are rigged daily, and our commodity markets are rigged daily. All this is now done electronically and within this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace is what you are experiencing as you READ this missive. Look at your screen (in front of your nose) and think about what this space is all about. Where is this space? What is the ‘nature’ of this space? Can anyone ‘access’ this space directly? Why is this space ‘imaginary’? Who can discern what is happening with today’s markets? Few to none is my perception! Everyone needs to get informed on this new realm of reality called ‘cyberspace’!

Being ‘born again’ is now necessary if one is to understand today’s cyber markets! Are you aware of the ‘nature’ of today’s markets? How are ‘prices’ determined? Who is in control over ‘price discovery’? Wake-up to your own ‘consciousness’ (the human ‘mind’)!

Have you heard about this spiritual concept called being ‘born again’? Today, this concept applies to traders, investors, and speculators who play our cyber markets with their money. Yes, our markets are now ‘metaphysical’ (spiritual) and few comprehend this reality. Maybe each person who trades our markets needs to be ‘born again’ to understand these markets. ‘Born again’ means understanding my/your consciousness (which is metaphysical). We now live in a spiritual realm with our thinking, cyber money, and investing. Wake-up to this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. You are within this space at this moment (but likely ‘unaware’). Words, symbols, and money concepts are all now mostly within this netherworld. This world is ‘spiritual’! Think about getting ‘born again’ so this space becomes real. That is my suggestion for all those who read this missive. Enjoy! I am:

Comprehending ‘imaginary’ objects vs. real ‘physical’ objects:

Notice the real ‘physical’ object in the hand of this person! Now ‘notice’ the ‘virtual’ object (augmented) of this item within the computer screen! Augmented Reality (AR) refers to a technology that mixes a ‘tangible object’ with its information seamlessly in real time so that users can be involved in ‘virtual reality’ deeply. Our cyber money is now living within this ‘augmented’ and/or ‘virtual’ space called ‘cyberspace’. We see the ‘image’ within our computed screen (cyber ‘numbers’) but the ‘image’ is really ‘imaginary’ (has no matter/mass/tangibility). This deceives and fools many who lack discernment. Today, our cyber ‘prices’ are created within this ‘virtual’ space called ‘cyberspace’. Who can differentiate between the world of ‘imagination’ and the world of ‘tangibility’? Deception is everywhere today! Our Central Bankers are masters of deceit!




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