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Three ‘dollars’: Silver, Paper, Virtual! Which do you want?

July 29, 2016

The history of American money/currency reveals that we have lived with three (3) different ‘dollars’. We started our economic journey in 1792 with a Silver dollar (defined in terms of pure silver). Then we dropped the Silver (later gold) in 1934 and this created our Paper dollar. Today, we have dropped the Paper dollar and created our Virtual dollar. We now live in 2016 and almost every financial transaction is settled within cyberspace with virtual money. Cyberspace is our ‘virtual’ environment and the cyber digits (called ‘dollars’) are what we now use as our trade dollar. China receives these virtual units of nothing for their products. Russia receives these virtual units for their products. Every nation on our planet is now converting to ‘VIRTUAL’ currencies for their trade transactions. What deception and illogic I witness today within economics!

Our digital economy lives within ‘cyberspace’. This is a ‘virtual’ environment not meant for economics! Wake-up to Virtual Reality folks!

Virtual dollars (some 67% of foreign reserves globally) are now being used for all trade and currency transactions. Think about this. The purpose of money is to act as a ‘proxy for value’. The core concept of economics is this concept called ‘value’. If I am Russia I trade my oil for American wheat but the transaction is now settled with a ‘virtual’ dollar. Russia gets an increase in their foreign reserves and America creates this ‘virtual’ dollar from the mind of a bankers consciousness. China and all the other trade partners get similar (a ‘virtual’ dollar derived from a bankers consciousness). Is this viable for longer term trade? Can imaginary ‘dollars’ created from a bankers consciousness (mind). work as a ‘proxy’ for value? I don’t think so!

All financial transactions have been converted into this ‘virtual’ environment called ‘cyberspace’! This environment is VIRTUAL!

What we have today for money is ludicrous and grossly unfair to anyone with a speck of logic. Money is supposed to serve as a substitute for ‘value’. VALUE is at the core of any trade transaction. I trade with another country and exchange VALUE for VALUE. Since this concept called ‘value’ is subjective, money is supposed to make the transaction relatively ‘objective’. Money is supposed to ‘measure’ the ‘value’ of the transaction. Weights and measures are at the core of trade logic. Today, we trade with imaginary (phony) fantasy money (a virtual unit). Think on this for a minute. How can international trade continue with fantasy/phony/imaginary/virtual money? Answer: it can not continue much longer. This is why the entire financial system will crash and burn (soon)!

George Washington is ‘sad’ and ‘disappointed’ at America! Virtual digits can not work when trading ‘value’ for ‘value’ between nations. A huge financial crash is built into the current system. PREPARE NOW!

Few people on this planet understand money because they don’t understand the PURPOSE for money (in the first place). MONEY, my friends, is a PROXY for VALUE. Value is a subjective concept within our MIND (consciousness). Today, our proxy for value is a virtual dollar which gets created from the MIND of a banker. Mental abstractions (numbers) get created and this is supposed to represent VALUE. What nonsense and illogic. The entire house of cards will soon collapse for lack of common sense and logic. Watch and pray that you will not suffer huge loses in your virtual financial accounts. Buy some silver coins and gold coins to serve as your insurance during the coming collapse/crash. Do in NOW! Wake-up and learn about the fundamentals of economics (VALUE, VALUE, VALUE) is the core concept. Enjoy this review of economics. I am:


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