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Virtual ‘Money’ is what we experience today!

July 28, 2016

Money is no longer physical or material. Think about this! Our money today is created from one’s consciousness ($) and then entered into cyberspace ($). Cyberspace is the same as ‘virtual’ reality. Today, our Central Bankers create, circulate, buy, sell, and manipulate all of our currencies within the computer screen. This is virtual reality and the currencies being manipulated are VIRTUAL units ($) of consciousness! Think on this for a minute! Where is your ‘money’ ($) located today? What is a unit of consciousness ($)…located within cyberspace? Look at your smart phone screen and then access your investment, IRA, or stock brokerage account. What are you looking at? What world have you entered? What kind of ‘money’ ($) are you looking at? Where is this ‘money’ located? Why can we not access and possess this money? Just what is ‘cyberspace’? What is ‘consciousness’?

Most all finance is now living within a virtual world. This world is metaphysical/spiritual! Who is aware? Who can differentiate between virtual reality and observable reality?

We now live mostly in a cashless society and our credit/debit and smart phone monetary transactions represent today’s economy. I buy and sell using my virtual dollar ($) for nearly all my daily transactions. I invest and trade using my virtual dollar ($). Central Banks create QE and circulate these virtual units ($) within a virtual environment. Yes, we now live mostly within a VIRTUAL environment which does not physically EXIST. Who is aware? Paper money and metal coins are being removed from our markets globally. Sweden is nearly totally cashless. Europe will soon be mostly cashless. Africa, South America, North America, and all other land areas (with people) are becoming cashless! Our world has changed and we now live mostly within our metaphysical consciousness and this is our virtual world!

Our money can not be accessed directly or possessed physically. Money lives in a virtual world! Our consciousness experiences this world as being real (but is it made for finance and money)?

Look outdoors and take a walk in your immediate neighborhood (today). Look up, down, sideways and notice all the material objects in your view. This material world is our historical world of a mostly physical environment. Today, this world is gradually being replaced with a VIRTUAL world. Yes, I now live in TWO worlds. My virtual world is where my money lives and where communication takes place. My walks in my neighborhood and my trips to the clubhouse here in Marana involves mostly my observable/historical world. I take my smart phone wherever I travel as connectivity is necessary for me. I use data and I invest/trade within my virtual/smartphone world. All this depends upon my consciousness/awareness. Thinking and communicating is important to me. Yes, virtual reality is experienced nearly everywhere today.

A walk in the neighborhood represents our material world. This is different from our virtual world of money, finance, and smart phone communication!

The coming crash of our virtual monetary markets is approaching. It is being delayed by our Central Banks, however. But reality will prevail eventually. Our Central Banks have been using their authority to manipulate and rig all our financial markets. But the game of rigging will likely change if Trump gets elected in November. If Hillary gets elected the crash (of our virtual markets) may be delayed for a few weeks (but maybe not). Confidence and banking policies are what move all our markets. Our problems will eventually overwhelm all the rigging and manipulation schemes of our Central Bankers (this is reality). We could experience this virtual CRASH any day now. All depends upon this concept/emotion called CONFIDENCE! Prepare for change whether Trump or Hillary gets elected in November! Capitalism is essentially over and real-time change will make this obvious! Think and learn! Enjoy! I am:

A cashless world is here. Paper is being replaced with cyber digits. This is our virtual world!

It may be wise to prepare for a crash of our virtual currencies (at some point) as all our markets are rigged and manipulated via computer trading gimmicks. Many are prepared and this is wise in today’s unstable world!

P.S. Some wisdom for my readers: Buy some food and store within your venue for coming disruptions. Buy some silver coins and/or gold coins for barter and/or exchange into virtual currencies (when needed). Read and think about this new world called Cyberspace (our virtual world of information). What is it? Where is it? Why is the Mark of the Beast economy emerging rapidly for planet earth. Who rules over this planet (ultimately)? Which human rulers desire to control my/your life and why? CONTROL over another is the game of human rulership. Who will emerge as King/Queen of the Hill this November? Control over the ‘means’ of production and commerce gives special authority and power to the few who rule. Wake-up and think for yourself to discern current issues. Be aware of GROUP THINK and all religions/belief systems which impose conformity on your thinking! Seek wisdom and understanding! That is my message for today!


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