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An Intelligent ‘Response’ to ISIS!

July 27, 2016

Do NOT carpet bomb, drone, missile bomb, shoot, or use the ‘sword’ (in any form) to deal with ISIS behavior! Think before acting as the PROBLEM is spiritual (theological) not biological. Bombing, killing, or any use of the ‘sword’ will make conditions MUCH worse for everyone. A theological (spiritual) issue within the MIND can not be solved with the sword. ISIS will use ‘revenge’ as the real perpetrator are governments and their military industrial complex. Governments view their actions as benign and acceptable as they supposedly are representing the greater good. In reality, this mindset is fallacious and does not work in real life! WAKE-UP people!

The above are beliefs and these words can be ‘interpreted’ subjectively by each individual!

Beliefs are mostly theological/spiritual! Think on this! Interpretations are subjective!

Governments (such as the USA and Russia) are made up of ‘individuals’ who actually represent themselves. I have NO real-time input into what our government/military industrial complex does with respect to ISIS or any other supposed enemy. You and I are mere pawns in the bigger picture of global politics. But the reality on the ground is that people kill people. Obama kills with his drones and missile policies. Putin kills with similar military policies. Xi Jinping does the same. Hollande of France does the same. Al-Baghdadi of ISIS does the same. Britain (its leaders) do the same. The game of people killing people is the bigger issue and the beliefs which create this killing activity are spiritual at the core. Theology is the issue and this must be resolved with non-violence! The cycle of killing people is the BIGGER issue today and this can not be solved with MORE killing. Wake-up!

Who can speak for the Creator God? Can Barack speak for God? Can anyone know the mindset of the Creator of our Universe? All derives from the spiritual realm (ultimately)! Why is Barack using drones with missiles to kill people (including civilians) whom he thinks are acting as they do? Could the killers (ISIS warriors) have a MINDSET (beliefs) which cause their counter behavior?

Some 6,000 years of people killing people has not solved the human condition. And it will NOT solve this issue of human nature. Human nature desires liberty for each individual and the role of governments is nothing but collective action against select individuals. ISIS has a belief system which derives from the Quran and its history. Mohammad was the prophet which revealed these words from the spiritual realm. His ‘words’ create the beliefs which ISIS portrays. These BELIEFS are what creates the behavior of this group. Beliefs are metaphysical/spiritual and if YOU have beliefs then YOU might understand this reality. What causes YOUR behavior? Think on this for a few minutes!

The Potter comes before the ‘clay’. The Creator acts prior to the ‘servant’! Think on this!

The intelligent response to the issues of ISIS and their killing behavior is NOT to respond in like kind behavior. Response needs to be non-violent and mental. Issues of the MIND are what need to be resolved and the situation with ISIS is that they have a ‘theology’ which causes them to respond to the aggressions of America, France, Britain, Russia, China, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. All these national GOVERNMENTS are really represented by ‘individuals’ (people). America is Obama. Russia is Putin, France is Hollande, etc. People killing people is the ISSUE and the behavior which follows creates REVENGE. Revenge from prior killing creates future killing. Is this so difficult to comprehend. What would YOU do if attacked (personally)!

Behavior is a RESULT of prior BELIEFS! Action follows from prior thinking! Thinking is subjective! Interpretations of ‘words’ are subjective! Theology is subjective!

Put yourself in the CORNER of a room and assume ISIS (or anyone with a sword) attacks YOU. Would you respond with REVENGE? Most would. This is ‘human nature’. Kill or be killed is the end result of behavior which results from an assumed ‘enemy’ who desires to harm. Enemies are the result of US vs THEM and this cycle continues until ALL life on the planet is extinguished. Cain killed Able and this is now a 6,000 year problem which continues indefinitely. To change this cycle WORDS and BELIEFS need to be resolved! Life is mostly a ‘word’ game and this creates our BELIEFS. Beliefs are at the CORE of behavior. Wake-up and think about your own behavior! Why do You or I act? Are not my BELIEFS at the core of my behavior?

Putin says he must fight back after the NICE attack in France! This mindset leads to MORE killing! It does not lead to a SOLUTION! Obama is doing similar! Trump/Hillary propose similar!

Human nature in action! Who ultimately WINS? Did Cain kill Able? What has happened since?

Some 6,000 years prior to today…Cain kills Able! Human nature has NOT changed!

To resolve the ISIS issue and similar issues we need to get to the source of the problem (BELIEFS). Theology is powerful and all theologies create behavior and actions. Who conquered America and why? Were not beliefs at the core? Who started WWI and WWII? Were not BELIEFS at the core? Who votes in November for Hillary and/or Trump without having BELIEFS at the core? Beliefs are metaphysical ideas and IDEAS are spiritual! Think about your own IDEAS. Where do they derive FROM? What is an ‘IDEA’? What is a ‘WORD’? Where do our ‘words’ derive from? Who ultimately inputs these ‘words’ into my/your MIND? Wake-up and think about what CAUSES human action! That’s my message for today! I am:

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  1. Sandra Kafri permalink
    July 30, 2016 7:34 am

    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Wow, what a message.  I hear the message but you’ve never had to defend your family, way of living or your own life. You live in America. My family lives in Israel surrounded by enemies. Defense is a must, for they all want to wipe Israel off the map. The world blames Israel for wanting to survive. You’re right though it is a spiritual warfare. What a problem this is is for a people who have no representation. We cannot fathome their thinking or rationale. Sandra 

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    • July 30, 2016 10:27 am

      It all goes back to Abraham. Ismael and Isaac were brothers. Esau and Jacob were brothers.We must recognize that the real battle is spiritual. Violence derives from the human spirit. Friendship also derives from the human spirit. First principles are key to healing. D


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