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Some ‘Theology’ for you to consider and ponder!

July 25, 2016

I, personally, was brought up with a Christian religious worldview or belief system. Swedish Lutheran was my belief system and I accepted this worldview during my youth and early adulthood. Since then, I have done my research on this religion (and others) and I now find that much of this Christian doctrine (so-called ‘truth’) is inaccurate and false. This worldview, however, has also changed significantly over the past 2000 years and is now mostly a deception IMO (with respect to the details and the Big Picture). Yeshua, IMO, would reject today’s Christian message/Gospel (as presented) if he were here today. Televangelists and pastors proclaim a Gospel which is now mostly false and not representative of this founder’s thinking. Let’s review some of this history to understand why the Gospel being preached today is false…and a message which would be rejected by its founder if here today.

The Aramaic ‘name’ for Jesus whom Christians worship as God Almighty!

Yeshua was Aramaic and he lived from around 4 B.C. to 31 A.D. in the province of Galilee. His mother was Mary and his father was Joseph! Which photo is more realistic?

Yeshua (his Aramaic name during his lifetime) was born around 4 B.C. in the province called Galilee. Yeshua did not know anything about this ‘name’ which we use today (called Jesus) as this ‘name’ actually derived from the Greek writings (which became our New Testament) some 200-300 years after his death. This should be important IMO when comprehending this person and his message/Gospel. Yeshua lived most of his 36 year life within close proximity to the village called Nazareth and his friends and followers most likely called him Yeshua…not Jesus (as he was ethnically Aramaic and the ‘lingua franca’ at that time was the language called Aramaic). Aramaic was the ‘lingua franca’ of this area of Judea/Samaria/Galilee (during the 1st century) according to our biblical scholars. And ‘words’ from his time period (within our Holy scriptures) reveal this reality.

Baby Yeshua was circumcised on day 8 and then dedicated to his God, Elohim/Yahweh/Abba/Creator! The God of Yeshua’s parents was the God of Abraham, Moses, and Noah, Adam, Eve! They did not view their baby son as their God or God for anyone!

At the age of 8 days old his mother, Mary, and father, Joseph, had him circumcised per Jewish custom and then dedicated to their God, Elohim (God’s name in Aramaic was Elohim, Elaha, or El). The ‘names’ for God, which Yeshua likely spoke, were El, Elah, Eloi, Elaha, or Abba (all words of the Aramaic language). These spoken words during the 1st century reveal that this Aramaic Jew, Yeshua, was Aramaic with respect to his nationality. He may also have been familiar with the ‘name’ Yahweh or YHWH as this is an equivalent ‘name’ in the Hebrew language for God or Creator. Hebrew, however, was likely not spoken by Yeshua or his immediate followers/friends during his lifetime. Hebrew, according to our biblical scholars, emerged much later during the Bar Kochba era (say 135 to 200 A.D.). To fully understand this person we call Yeshua we need to think like he likely thought!

Yeshua was baptised by his cousin, John, around 29 A.D. After this he experienced the spirit from his Abba/Father/Elohim! His Gospel developed after this event/experience! Many viewed him as the Jewish Messiah! Messiah, however, is a human being…not God!

Yeshua spoke Aramaic and his ‘name’ for God was Elohim, Abba, El, Eloi, Elaha! Few are aware of this! He was less than ‘perfect’ and his words prior to death were ‘why has’t thou forsaken me’!

The God of Yeshua had no ‘image’ which we can visualize! This makes this God invisible within one’s consciousness! The LOGOS (word) also has no ‘image’! This makes our Creator God difficult to discern (consciously)! God works ‘within’ one’s inner consciousness!

Some ‘words’ in the New Testament which reveal the Aramaic language which Yeshua spoke are: Talitha kum, Abba, Raca, Mammon, Rabbuni, Maranatha, Eli Eli lema sabachthani, Hosanna, Cephas, Boanerges, Simon bar-Jona, Bartimaeus, Barabbas, Gethsemane, Golgotha, and Akeldama. There are many other Aramaic words which also reveal that Yeshua (falsely called Jesus) by most English-speaking people was of this ‘lingua franca’. For more info see: During his 36 year life he wrote no books or left us no written communication. All his gospel and messages were oral and later written down by followers. This means that most of his thinking is second-hand and certainly some errors are recorded in our Holy Books.

Yeshua preached against the Temple in Jerusalem and the doctrines of the Scribes and Chief Priests who controlled this Temple and tradition! His message was the Kingdom of his God (in heaven)!

Yeshua (looked somewhat like an ISIS leader of today). His followers were Aramaic Jews from mostly Galilee and close-by venues! He desired that God reign/rule over planet Earth!

During his lifetime, however, he practiced his religion, orthodox Judaism, at the Temple complex in Jerusalem and in various synagogues within his general venue. He probably was of the Jewish sect called the Pharisees but this is also uncertain. His thinking, however, was that his God (called El, Elaha, Elohim or Abba) was the God of our universe and the Creator of mankind. He certainly DID NOT view himself as this Creator God and his behavior revealed this reality rather clearly. Sometime around 29 A.D. he desired to get serious about his beliefs and he requested that his cousin, John, baptise him in the Jordan river. He obviously viewed himself as ‘less’ than perfect and the message of his cousin was that repentance and baptism were a reflection of a changed spiritual mindset.

The Gospel/Message of Yeshua during his lifetime! He preached the Kingdom of his God! This Kingdom can not be seen or visualized as it is an ‘inner’ perception!

Shortly AFTER his baptism in the Jordan river (by his cousin, John) he apparently received his spiritual message from Elohim/El/YHWH/Abba which motivated him to preach his Gospel to the people of his area (mostly religious Jews). His Gospel revealed that he desired to promote the KINGDOM of his God, Elohim/Abba, as the solution to mankind’s problems of corruption and enslavement. His message was basically to REPENT and be BORN (again) of the Spirit…similar to what he had experienced during and after his baptism in the Jordan. Yeshua gained some close followers and his message/Gospel grew over some three years time and many viewed him as the Jewish Messiah just prior to his demise. Messiah does not mean GOD, but it does mean a person ‘anointed’ by God.

Jewish leaders reject the claims/doctrines of Yeshua and seek his death via the Roman legal system! These leaders did not want Yeshua’s message of the Kingdom from Heaven!

After presenting his Gospel and thinking to the Jewish authorities at the Temple Complex in Jerusalem the leaders of this religion listened to his thinking and words…but they then rejected his claims and doctrines. It appears that they may have misunderstood his core message as these religious leaders assumed that he wanted to be a secular KING over them and also the sole spokesperson for the historical Jewish doctrines derived from their prophet Moses. Their public rejection resulted in Yeshua’s eventual sentence to death by the Roman authorities under the leadership of Pontius Pilate (at the request of these religious Scribes and chief priests). The Jewish authorities accused Yeshua of desiring to replace the Temple system with his doctrines and replace the existing leaders with his God (Elohim)…under the doctrine called the Kingdom of God. This was viewed as ‘blasphemy’ and unacceptable to these elite/chosen religious authorities.

Death of Yeshua in 31 A.D. for blasphemy, false doctrines, and claiming to be King of the Jews! He ‘gave up his spirit’ and then was immediately ‘glorified’ by Abba/Father!

Death was the sentence for Yeshua and this occurred around 31 A.D. via hanging on a tree (cross). Immediately after his spirit left his body (he ‘gave up his spirit’ were the words in scripture) he was apparently ‘glorified’ by his Abba/Father/Elohim. This ‘glorification’ was then revealed to many of his followers as a visionary experience within their consciousness (similar to a ‘virtual’ experience as we now think of this). This ‘glorified’ person (who had died on the tree just prior) was now apparently alive and well and many followers viewed Yeshua as ‘resurrected’ from the dead. Some two to three years later (after his ‘glorification’) the renegade religious person called Saul of Tarsus had another ‘virtual’ experience within his consciousness (called a vision) and this resulted in him desiring to adopt a new belief system which he eventually promoted as Christianity.

After Yeshua’s death he ‘appeared’ to many (virtually/glorified). This seemed real to those who experienced this within their consciousness! This is similar to cyberspace/virtual reality of today! Images seem real! Most people assume that the ‘glorified’ images within cyberspace are real!

Christianity was mostly promoted and realized as a result of Apostle Paul’s efforts and beliefs! After Paul died in 67 A.D. the message of Christianity became confused but after 325 A.D. (Nicaea conference) Roman Catholicism resurrected a revised Gospel!

Saul (after his virtual experience) changed his name to Paul and promoted himself as Apostle Paul to the Gentile nationalities. He accrued a group of missionaries who help him promote this new religion until he died around 67 A.D. During his missionary experience Paul wrote some 15 or so letters which became Gospel messages for this new religion called Christianity. Today, the Gospel of Paul (primarily a gospel of being saved/salvation) is mostly promoted by our televangelists as THE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ and the final Gospel for this planet. Every person is a sinner (at the core) and needs to be ‘saved’. Saved is viewed as being clean and righteous from all prior ‘sin’ (a Saint rather than a Sinner). The meaning is that I/You (if ‘saved’) enter the Kingdom of Christ! Christ is God and a ‘saved’ person is a member of this Kingdom called the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!

The ‘glorified’ Yeshua has ‘appeared’ (in consciousness) to many Christians! This seems real! Yeshua became ‘Christ’ after his ‘glorification’ (after death on the tree)!

Salvation is the Gospel of today’s Christianity and the original GOSPEL of Yeshua (prior to his death) has been abandoned. Yeshua’s GOSPEL was the Kingdom of his God (Elohim/Abba/YHWH) who lived in the spiritual realm called ‘Heaven’. Yeshua preached his Gospel prior to his death and his followers viewed him as the Jewish Messiah (the ‘anointed’ one) as his Gospel was the KINGDOM of his GOD (the Creator of our Universe).  The Apostle Paul and today’s Christianity have abandoned this Gospel of Yeshua and promoted a ‘false’ Gospel called being ‘saved’ from sin and becoming a SAINT within this realm called the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. These ‘saved’ SAINTS eventually ‘inherit’ the planet Earth as their future Jerusalem and millennial heaven.

The Kingdom of Christ (according to Christianity)! Glorified Saints RULE planet earth with Yeshua/Jesus! Saints are ‘raptured’ at the Last Trumpet then return to planet Earth! This is called Eschatology or End Times doctrine!

Planet Earth during Kingdom Age which follows (prophetically) AFTER the coming Tribulation!

So what is happening within our world today and where are events going? According to Christianity, we are now at the End Times and soon the planet will experience the 2nd Coming of Jesus (from his current residence in the spiritual heaven above). This will result in the RAPTURE and/or RESURRECTION of all true Christian believers and everyone else will experience the WRATH of Satan and God. All this is happening now and as events play out this will become reality for everyone. Christians will be ‘saved’ from all this WRATH and the others will experience this wrath, death, destruction, and hell. This is my understanding of today’s Christianity and there are some 2.2 billion people who partially buy into this set of doctrines. Is any of this REAL or TRUE? You will need to think for yourself and then decide. The above is my perspective of the Christian Gospel (as I perceive it as of today)! There appear to be many deceptions and inaccuracies within this religion! I am:



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