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Our ‘Human Family’ is destined for Destruction!

July 20, 2016

The philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ is systematically killing our human family of 7+ billion people (gradually and relentlessly)! Our planet now consists of some 7+ billion people. We started with TWO (man/woman). Look at the BIG PICTURE! Today, these 7+ billion people include all races, cultures, and ethnic groups (red, yellow, black, and white). Each group desires freedom from the oppression and control (of the ‘other’) which results from our Super-Power elites and their military might/control system. To RULE over the 7+ billion, our elites need this philosophy called ‘Might makes Right’. Guns, drones, planes, bombs, satellite surveillance, radar, central control, computers, and imaginary money must prevail so the select FEW can RULE. The above concepts allow human RULERSHIP and CONTROL over all of us!

Civilization started with TWO (my assumption) and I now witness 7+ billion! All this happened within 6,000 years (or so)! Who was the initial Creator? Intelligence started from day one! Ideas emerge from prior intelligence! What are ‘ideas’ and what is an ‘ideology’?

People, places, things, and events (that’s it on planet Earth)!

Overcoming challenges has been the human destiny! What are today’s challenges? The world population was about 2.4 billion at the time of my birth in 1943! Today it is 7+ billion!

People who challenge the elite SYSTEM (those in Control) must be eliminated if they do not conform to the power Hierarchy’s agenda and policies. This is how our World works IMO. Some 6,000 years of domination from Power Brokers has created our current non-functional global SYSTEM. Diversity of viewpoints (real challenges to the ruling Hierarchy) must not be allowed or tolerated. Our World works from the TOP down and those at the TOP control the guns, bombs, satellites, drones, money, super computers, and the ideas which create HEGEMONY over the masses. Global ‘groupthink’ is necessary so those with POWER and MILITARY MIGHT can continue to dominate the 7 billion now living upon this planet called Earth. All this leads to TOTAL destruction of mankind eventually!

The elite RULERS (on planet Earth) desire to create their own reality and impose (this reality) on the many! This is called Political Correctness! To RULE I (you) need ‘political correctness’!

Our World is confronting a situation where only the few survive and the many get destroyed. POWER and elite RULERSHIP is what creates this situation for the masses (the 7 billion). Our human RULERS will not voluntarily give up their positions of POWER and RULERSHIP. Whoever has POWER will attempt to accomplish a FINAL SOLUTION for the planet. As of today, the key POWER BROKERS (those with MIGHT behind their ideas) are just a few individuals. We can call these ‘individuals’ by collective names. AMERICA is a collective ‘name’ for whoever has the computer ‘code’ (control software) which can destroy another enemy which challenges American hegemony. RUSSIA is a collective ‘name’ for the leader who can send a destructive weapon to destroy people and infrastructure so that this leader prevails.

Could this face RULE over planet Earth if given this Authority? Why or why not? Someone MUST be the FINAL SOLUTION! Hitler wanted this role…who wants it today?

CHINA is another collective ‘name’ for a groupthink hierarchy which ultimately allows ONE person to push the computer button which sends bombs and missiles to destroy another groupthink hierarchy (say America). Other collective ‘names’ which can send bombs, missiles, drones, weapons of mass destruction to destroy others (people)are Germany, Great Britain, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Turkey, India, and a few others. The battle on our planet is over WHO (what single Ruler) will emerge to CONTROL the decision-making over this planet so THEIR vision of reality will prevail over all other visions. Rulers must promote THEIR vision so that only ONE ultimate vision prevails over this planet (and the 7 billion people now living upon this planet)! Think on this!

The world works via the philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’! This leads to total destruction of all mankind (eventually)! Eventually, is NOW!

Diversity of viewpoints and subjectivity of thinking (the situation called ‘reality’) must BOW to the political correctness of those in POWER (those with Military Might will create their vision of ‘reality’). Reality is mostly ‘subjective’ and this means that SOMEONE in POWER must make the FINAL decision when ‘push comes to shove’. Who, for example, made the FINAL decision to send a nuclear BOMB to kill thousands of people in Japan on August 6 and 9, 1945? Was it ONE person who ultimately made this FINAL decision? Has this decision (now nearly 71 years after the event) SOLVED any of the real issues of World peace, tranquility, freedom, and justice for our planet? Are the elite still following this philosophy called ‘Might makes Right’ (so as to RULE)?

Putin’s military control center! He pushes the ‘button’ to deploy nuclear destruction upon mankind (it is his call when this might occur)!

Without Military Might America could not RULE this planet! Might makes Right on planet Earth! Control over others depends on Guns, bombs, and Military Might!

Harry Truman (this single decision-maker) made the decision to DROP the Bomb! Who might follow his lead today?

America’s military control center (one of many)! Who is the FINAL decision-maker?

Who can bomb, kill, and destroy this planet and the 7+ billion people living thereon? Let’s name these FEW who currently have this POWER over all of us! Could Vladimir Putin ultimately destroy millions and billions to maintain his hegemony over our planet? What about Xi Jinping operating under the collective ‘name’ called China? What about this President called Barack Hussein Obama operating under the collective ‘name’ called the United States of America? What about Nawaz Sharif, operating under the ‘name’ called Pakistan? What about Narendra Modi of India? What about Kim Jong-un of this nation called North Korea? What about Benjamin Netanyahu of the Zionist nation called Israel? There are a few other leaders but basically only a FEW can destroy the masses (the 7 billion) on planet Earth! Yes, only a ‘few’ can create their reality of destruction so as to continue their global hegemony!

Why does Kim Jong-un hate America? Does he desire to be RULED by Barack, Hillary, or Donald? Does he desire to submit to American hegemony over planet Earth?

Why is our planet on the ‘Road to Destruction’ along with the 7 billion people living thereon? Answer: The SYSTEM which governs this planet operates under a philosophy of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT (basically weapons of mass destruction are the core problem) and this ‘allows’ merely a FEW subjective persons the option to create their ‘reality’ for the entire planet! The trend today is towards ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE with ‘one’ final AUTHORITY over all of us! Who will emerge to RULE planet earth as events play out via this philosophy called ‘Might makes Right’? Who will enjoy the privilege of choosing ‘reality’ (political correctness) for the entire planet after reaching this pedestal called RULERSHIP over planet Earth? Who will be LEFT when this occurs?

Why is Vladimir not likely to back down to another RULER? Does he desire American hegemony over planet Earth? I don’t think so! Watch out as WWIII is coming!

Currently, some 400,000 people have been killed over in Syria and the area called the Middle East. NATO is now building up their arsenal of killing machines based upon ‘fear’ of Russia (Putin’s desire for his hegemony) and America’s ideology of ‘let’s kill ISIS bodies’. The idea is that if ‘bodies’ (human warriors) which challenge the Military Might of the select few are allowed then the global SYSTEM will be threatened. NATO is now preparing for continuing conflict with Putin (called Russia), Assad (called Syria), Abu al-Baghdadi (called ISIS) and anyone else who might desire to escape the elites CONTROL SYSTEM enforced via ‘Might makes Right’ (bombs, drones, weapons of mass destruction). The entire operation of the emerging NATO killing machine is now growing and metastasized from prior conditions.

The war machinery of NATO is growing and causing Vladimir to defend his prior hegemony! But is any of this strategy leading to peace, freedom, and happiness for the people?

The Wall Street Journal (page A15) had a comprehensive article on ‘NATO Muscles UP to Fight ISIS’. Currently, thousands of civilians have been killed in various small villages throughout Syria via American drones and bombs. This is called ‘counterterrorism’ policy! This so-called ‘counterterrorism’ policy is supposed to SOLVE the ISIS issue and prevent this ‘ideology’ from spreading and growing. What a lack of ‘wisdom’ I witness on the global stage. Killing physical ‘bodies’ (civilian or otherwise) can NOT solve a ‘ideological’ issue. The Islamic religion is an ‘ideology’ and the Quran is a Holy Book which can be ‘interpreted’ subjectively by each person. Abu al-Baghdadi has his ‘interpretation’ and this set of ‘ideas’ can not be destroyed by killing his ‘body’. Think about reality! Reality is spiritual at the core! Killing flesh and blood does not ‘kill’ ideas! Think!

Killing thousands of ‘bodies’ does not eliminate an IDEOLOGY! ISIS will not vanish via all the killing of their ‘bodies’ or that or their civilians! ISLAM is an ‘ideology’!

The entire policy of our elites is misplaced and a deception when understood. My BODY is not me! Your BODY is not you! The ‘I am’ within each of us is spiritual! Kill all the bodies in the Middle East or all those associated with this group called ISIS and the ‘ideas’ still prevail among the LIVING. Ideas rule this planet and counter ideas to those of our POWER BROKERS will continue indefinitely. Think! The entire philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ is archaic and without any relevance in today’s world. We now live in a inter-connected INTERNET world where ‘ideas’ spread globally within minutes! ISIS (their ideology) can NOT be destroyed via the weapons of NATO or any other global POWER using bombs, drones, missiles, or weapons of mass destruction! Wake-up leaders and start thinking about the BIG PICTURE!

Does killing all these ‘bodies’ kill the ‘ideology’ which resided within the MINDS of these people?

What is an ‘ideology’? Can ONE view of reality be imposed upon ALL mankind? Who has the ‘ideology’ which everyone must accept? Is ‘democracy’ that ideology?

It is now time to rethink all our operations and philosophy. Guns and such can not solve any human ideological problem. Ideas are metaphysical and/or spiritual. Kill every body on this planet and what remains? The ‘idea’ remains within the spiritual cosmos! Ideas can NOT be destroyed! Wake-up and think about reality! Socrates gave this advise: know thyself (the only wisdom is knowing that you know nothing)! Reality is subjective and killing bodies is ludicrous as a counterterrorism policy. In reality, counterterrorism leads to more TERRORISM. The cycle is endless! World War III is coming and this, to me, is obvious! Get ready for MORE killing of bodies by our deceived leaders who occupy positions of political Authority! Elect Trump or Hillary and the end result will be MORE of the same (needless killing of human ‘bodies’)! That’s my view! Enjoy! I am:

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