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Trump says, “it’s Rigged”! Plus much more!

July 4, 2016

Donald J. Trump senses that the primary results in Colorado and Louisiana were ‘rigged’ against him as he won both primaries but lost in the final delegate count. He also senses that corrupt Hillary and her email scandal reveals that this ordeal is also ‘rigged’ so she can run for the Democratic presidency. Yes, the ‘rigging’ within the political establishment is obvious and now the ‘rigging’ within the economic establishment is also obvious. Today, we live with Banksterism (my label) and our Free Enterprise economic system is also mostly ‘rigged’. What has happened to America? Why have our original ideals and values not been achieved? Is a new System now needed?

The Donald’s perspective has merit as real-time evidence is now overwhelming that current trends can not continue ‘as is’! A huge financial event is dawning!

Today, I celebrate Independence Day (July 4th) and after 240 years of our attempting to create the ideals (for our Nation)…from our start in 1776, we now live with more corruption and enslavement than at any prior time in our history. America started out under a Free Enterprise political/economic system called Capitalism. We have since gradually evolved into a Socialistic system with huge entitlement programs and a redistribution of wealth which has impoverished the many…and we now live within a centralized global system which I would call Banksterism. We have evolved from free market Capitalism, to Socialism, to today’s Banksterism (a form of centralized Communism when fully understood). Is this real progress?

Our global ‘Banksterism’ system can be visualized as a centralized system for the few at the expense of the many! All this has evolved these past 240 years!

Central planners have developed and select ‘elites’ now rule this planet!

Those of us who have followed our history these past 240 years sense that Mr. Trump has a point when he espouses the view that ALL IS RIGGED. The establishment has created a ‘rigged’ political and economic system which benefits the few (the 5% let’s say) and enslaves the 95%. Today, we live with some 44 million Americans on EBT cards (also called ‘food stamps’) and another 47 million who are living in poverty and not achieving the ideals for which America was founded. Some 91 million Americans are now enslaved (to varying degrees). Essentially, we could say that real progress over these 240 years has not been realized (fully). Yes, progress has been made in many areas (especially technology) but overall America is now in serious trouble!

Computerization and digitization has changed our political and economic systems significantly! Progress is being made in technology but not within our social/moral relationships!

A review of this website reveals where we are today economically: Take a look at these statistics and ask if these results represent real progress for the many? Some $19.3 trillion national debt, $519 billion annual deficits, $66 trillion total debt, $730 billion annual trade deficit, 162 million receiving benefits from government, 24 million government employees, and a decline to 12 million manufacturing jobs from 19.5 million in 2000. We now live with so much debt that none can be repaid fully. This trend can not continue indefinitely and many think that it can not continue for another year. So where does all this lead for all the Americans who hold unto the founding fathers ideals?

The European Union is now in serious trouble going forward! Politics and Economics are at the core! BREXIT has set a new reference point for current events!

Paul is only ONE of many who envision the above potential events! Why? Do some research on your own to discern why events are now dire!

The coming financial crash will be ‘without’ sound as it all happens within our computer screens (cyberspace)! We live is a Cyber (internet) World!

It all leads to a HUGE financial/political collapse and a NEW system for the nation down the road. My sense is that the election 2016 could be our last (and this event could also not happen if our financial ‘house of cards’ collapses prior to this November). Our current System is balancing on a foundation of ‘sand’ which is unlikely to remain firm for much longer. Sand is not a viable foundation for our 320 million citizens. A sand castle of false ‘ideals’ is unlikely to stand when the storms arrive. And ‘storms’ are likely coming this year and next! My sense is that Trump’s perspective that ALL IS RIGGED is a correct view of reality as of July 4, 2016. Give this some reflection next week! Enjoy! I am:


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