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SWEXIT likely within one year! Why?

June 26, 2016

Sweden is a kissing cousin of Britain and a competitor intellectually of Norway. Now that BREXIT is complete (via the voting) I envision a SWEXIT within one year. My Swedish blood cry’s out for this result! A referendum is highly likely later in 2016 or early in 2017. Personally, I am 100% Swedish (ethnically) as both my parents emigrated from Sweden to America. I think I understand the mentality of most Swedes (but I could also be wrong). These relatives of mine will likely choose another referendum on this issue soon and this will likely result in a SWEXIT within one year. That is my perception!

Sweden and Britain are ‘kissing cousins’ politically and economically! This means a SWEXIT!

When I visited Sweden in 2015 I visited the Kungsholmen bar district which is within central Stockholm. This district is now talking about following the British BREXIT as 90% of the voting within the EU parliament by Swedish representatives tends to agree with the votes of the British. This means that the Swedes and the British are basically ‘kissing cousins’ politically and economically. Also, Norway the neighbor of Sweden to the West did not join this Supranational EU dictatorship and Sweden will also likely desire to call their own shots on political and economic issues going forward. This means an exit for Sweden down the road!

Look at this map and then think about who might follow the BREXIT!

If Sweden initiates a referendum on the issue soon, we could witness this vote going towards a SWEXIT by over 55% (maybe 60%). The Sweden Democrats would likely vote 90% for an exit and the Moderates would likely vote 50% for an exit. This means that the country would exit the EU in 2017 or soon after. Independence is a strong motivation for an exit and if a few other countries follow Britain and Sweden, then the mass exit will be sustained for the entire EU area. Denmark would exit, Spain would exit, Greece would exit, France would exit, and Italy would exit. Watch as events play out over the next 12 months.

Sweden is Britain’s closest ally when it comes to voting on European policies and staying out of the Eurozone. So how might the UK’s Nordic neighbor react to BREXIT? Max Hedgren, 27, a recruitment consultant at a finance company in Stockholm may represent the majority view!

The BREXIT was historic as it sets a new trend in motion for all of Europe. This trend makes sense in our interconnected internet age. There is no need for a Supranational entity which makes decisions behind closed doors and where unelected dictators rule over the people. The message from Britain is that any country desiring freedom and independence must now follow this lead. I sense that Sweden will follow within one year from today! The key is to hold a referendum so all the people have the option to VOTE. My Swedish relatives will spit on these issues but the majority will VOTE for a SWEXIT. Watch and witness! Enjoy! I am:

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